Saturday, 2 February 2013


Sasuke: are they ready for my own usage

Oro: I just have to give them the freedom to talk and they will be Sasuke-kun

Oro gives them the power to talk

Minato: Naruto....

Sasuke: the 4th knows Naruto

Minato: hes my son

Sasuke: ??????!!!!!!!!

Hiruzen: Orochimaru how were you able to...

Oro: by breaking the bond that the RDS held on you, and my arms

Hashi: Hiruzen, who is this

Hiruzen: my old student Orochimaru

Tobimaru: so it seems that my Edo Tensie is still being used, and to a greater degree

Hiruzen: we must stop Orochimaru

Hiruzen tries to move but Oro tightens the grip he has on him

Oro: dont worry old man, im not here to hurt anyone, I'm here for the Uchiha's sake

Hashi: what does he need that is so important to revive me from internal slumber

Sasuke: my clan, the elders of the village ordered my brother to kill the Uchiha, I want to know why you all despised the Uchiha

Hiruzen: so Itachi told everything in his last moments

Sasuke: no an Madara impostor told me

Hashi: so even today "Madara" poses a threat to the shinobi world

Sasuke: Even as we speak Naruto is fighting him

Minato: Naruto!!!, fighting Madara

Hashi: MADARA!!!!! we have to stop him

Hashi tries to move but Oro tightens the grip he has on him

Oro: calm down 1st-sama, this child is not done yet

Minato: Naruto... are you prepared??

Sasuke: all i want to know is why, why did you order Itachi to kill the Uchiha

Hiruzen: I guess this up to me to tell.... the day that the 4th Hokage sealed the 9-tails inside Naruto... Madara attacked the village, us believing that he was dead, and the only clan able to take that strong control over the 9-tails is the Uchiha, If they were to have lived who knows what would have happened, If only Minato would have relayed the information to me before he died... everything... everyone would still be alive

Sasuke: so it was all Madara... Madaras the true reason I grew up only having the faint memory of my family

Minato: Naruto

Minato tries to run to Naruto but Oro tightens the grip on him

Minato: Naruto, I cant leave him to die out there

Minato destroys the seal of the RDS seal he had for the 9-tails

Minato: now 9-tails chakra find your true host

cut to Naruto

Naruto: ughhh!!!

Naruto's chakra dampins and gains strength

Next time what will Sasuke choose the light or the dark, what will Naruto find out,,,, FIND OUT NEXT TIME

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