Saturday, 2 February 2013

Naruto 619: Shadows Of The Leaf..

[Scene is Sasuke & Co infront of the revived hokage]

Hiruzen: Sasuke.. You've grown!.. -Hiruzen turns and notices Orochimaru- You're always up to no good Orochimaru.
Tobirama: It would appear we've been revived with my jutsu.. Hashirama, Hiruzen.. Who is he?
Hiruzen: Ahh Tobirama-Sensei that is Minato Namikaze the 4th hokage..
Tobirama: I see...
Hashirama: You.. Uchiha boy what business do you have waking the dead?
Sasuke: I'd like to ask you some questions about Konoha & The Leaf..
Minato: I can feel a strong chakra emanating from far away it feels familiar..
Orochimaru: That would be the kyuubi fighting against the Juubi & Madara
Tobirama, Hashirama & Hiruzen: !!!!!

-Minato looks around before turning to Sasuke-

Minato: Sasuke I'd be happy to answer any questions

Orochimaru: "Intriguing.. I'll let them continue"

Sasuke: Fine.. as long as I get my answers -Signals Orochimaru & co to leave..

Hashirama: I see you have the sharingan.. The uchiha lives on..

-Sasuke turns to Hashirama with a blank stare-

Sasuke: At any point during the past did the Senju plan on eliminating or controlling the Uchiha clan.. Hashirama, Tobirama?

Hashirama: No.. Myself along with my brother and Madara intended on creating a place were shinobi could call home and grow together ensuring future generations had peace and stability..

Tobirama: Yes.. I worked with them to make the Police Force.. The Uchiha and Senju are one in the same.. Together we thrived.. Until..

Minato: Sasuke there is something you must know.. The Uchiha did feel exiled that was not our intention however the masked man orchestrated everything and because of that the relationship our ancestors built turned to dust..

It was never mine or my predecessors intention to control your clan..

Sasuke:... Hiruzen.

-The third is shown with tears dripping down his face-

Hiruzen: Sasuke.. I am so sorry for doing this.. your life has been nothing but difficult.. I intended to speak with your father and the clan and establish a line of communication however Danzo, Koharu & Homura acted behind my back and gave me no choice.. Danzo had establish connections beyond the leaf with Hanzo and I knew if I faltered he would use the opportunity to provoke a war and cause unnecessary casualties.

Sasuke: So you were forced into a situation were the option was the whole village got potentially wiped out or just my clan..

Hiruzen: Yes.. Sasuke to this day and in the afterlife I regret the decision with every fiber of my being.. I should have talked to Danzo more.. The shinobi world can not thrive and grow together as long as hatred in any form exists.

Sasuke: Hashirama & Tobirama what was the reason for creating the Leaf?

Hashirama: In our time.. War was normal.. constant bloodshed and vengeance are no way to live.. Myself and my brother often avenged fallen comrades to find a feeling of emptiness but this was the only life we had known.. So we cultivated some land and begun establishing the leaf.. A rival of mine your ancestor Madara had agreed that the bloodshed must stop however he wanted power.. As did we.. but our desire for peace was what united us.. We had enough of seeing members of our clan die because of this accursed old system.


Minato: What do you intend to do after we've spoken..

Sasuke: Well I'm going to seek out someone.. kill them and then destroy the leaf..

Minato: That old friend would be Naruto?

Sasuke:!! How do you know?!

Minato: I'm his father.. Up until a certain point as of late I had sealed away some of my consciousness and some chakra in his seal.. Your his friend..


Minato: Well I can imagine you wanting to destroy his home would take a bit of a toll on your friendship

-Minato smiles-

Hashirama: You want revenge against the Leaf?

Sasuke: Yes.. They sullied my brothers name and those 3 made him kill of his own clan..

Hashirama: I can see why your angry but ask yourself this Sasuke.. there are people in the Leaf even to this day even the young who are unaware and have not had an impact on history at all do you intend to make them suffer?


Hashirama:"There is still hope for him and his clan"

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