Saturday, 2 February 2013

Naruto 619: Begins

Sasuke: ...So these are the ones who know everything...

Edo- Hiruzen: *In his mind* It seems to be Edo-Tensei.. just like before.. that Orochimaru....

Orochimaru: Yes.. these 4 men are the ones who can answer all you're questions, Sasuke.

Edo- Hiruzen: Sasuke? Sasuke... Uchiha?

Sasuke: The 4 past Hokage's? .....

Edo- Minato: *In his mind*: Somehow the man on the floor managed to reverse the Reaper Death Seal.. how could he possibly know how to do that? Only the Uzumaki know of such jutsu to be able to do this.. and he also was able to use the Edo- Tensei. Isn't this Lord Seconds Jutsu? How could this man possibly know it.. I cannot take him lightly.. Though I am not able to move my body..?! I just have to stay calm and think of an Solution.
(I'm not sure if Minato knew Orochimaru at the time. Hence me saying, "The man on the floor.")

Edo- Hashirama: Tobirama, isn't this you're Jutsu?

Edo- Tobirama: Yes.. but what seems to be on an extraordinary level.. that even surpasses my own.

Edo- Hashirama: I see...

Sasuke: Enough talking.. I have a few questions for you..

Edo- Hiruzen: Sasuke.. you had the potential to be a magnificent Shinobi.. why.. why did you just give it all up just for revenge?!

Sasuke: That.. doesn't concern you.. and... I know the truth about Itachi...

-Edo Hiruzen: ...?! How..?! Who told you?

Sasuke: Madara Uchiha..

Edo- Hashirama: !?! Madara.. Uchiha?! He is alive?? That can't be...

Sasuke: Yes... he is alive and right now there is an on going war that he has started.. and I'm sure Naruto is probably fighting him right now.. but that's not what I came here to talk about..

Edo- Hashirama: Tsk..

Edo- Minato: Naruto.. I must see him..

Orochimaru: Oh, well that's not gonna happen as of right now.. Sasuke has some questions for you four, and you guys are gonna answer them.

Edo- Hiruzen: Alright Sasuke.. let's hear it.


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