Saturday, 2 February 2013

Naruto 619 prediction The One's Who Know Everything Part 2

Orochimaru- There you go Sasuke the one's who know everything

Sarutobi- Orochimaru?, bu...but how and your hand's?

Sasuke- Shut up old man

Sarutobi- Sasu..Sasuke?!

Tobirama- Hiruzen, who is this brat?

Sarutobi- He is the last Uchiha

(Tobirama/Hashirama shocked)

Hashirama- Hiruzen explain your self what do you mean the last uchiha?

Sarutobi- The Uchiha clan is no more they were wiped out

Tobirama- By who Hiruzen?

Sarutobi- By Itachi Uchiha

Sasuke- NEVER SAY HIS NAME!!! you made him do it old man, you let Dazno get into his head

Tobirama- Danzo?, Saru you have a lot of explaining to do

Sarutobi- i do,(Hiruzen takes a deep breath) it all began sixteen years ago when the nine tails attacked the village

Hashirama- WHAT??? again but how?

Minato- i will take it from here lord Hiruzen

Hashirama- So your the fourth hokage huh?

Sasuke- SHUT IT, don't change the subject

Minato- when my wife the jinchuriki was giving birth to are child, a man wearing a mask knew this was the right time to attack and try to take over the kyuubi
(Sasuke in shock/ image of Tobi/Madara/Obito)

Minato- when i fought with him i thought he was Madara Uchiha but he couldn't be since he was dead long ago

Sasuke- well your wrong, Madara still lives on and he has caused another shinobi war

Hashirama- WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT BOY!!! i killed him, he is no more, how can he still be alive?? impossible

Sasuke- well he's still alive, and you did a pretty bad job at killing him
(Hashirama in shock/jaw dropped)

Minato- as i was saying, i had managed to beat him, but i knew he wasn't done and he would be a threat to the village again, unfortunately he got away and i had to seal that Kyuubi again.

Sarutobi- after the attack, and also with the fourth gone, Danzo knew only one person had ever unleashed the kyuubi and attacked the village before and that person was from the Uchiha

Sasuke- Fourth Hokage, tell me when you sealed the kyuubi, exactly who did you put the beast into?

Orochimaru- "why would Sasuke changed the topic of his brother and the Uchiha clan, for the information of the kyuubi ?, what is he trying to find out?"

Minato- Unfortunately i did not have any choice, and had to seal it in to my own flesh and blood, my son Naruto
(Sasuke in shock/ eyes wide open/ jaw dropped)

Sasuke- Naru....Naruto?

Sasuke finds out who Naruto's dad is.

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