Monday, 4 February 2013

Naruto 619

Madara: bonds, the only bond this world holds is the bond of hatred

Naruto: only because your hear!!!

Naruto starts to run but Kakashi puts his arm in his way

Kakashi: don't run off like that Naruto, you cant let your fleeting emotions take control of you like that

Obito glares at Kakashi

Obito: back to those words I see, always trying to tell people what to do, when you yourself dont know what to do

Madara: enough talk Obito, the Juubi is still not in its final form, its still unstable. it can still revert

Obito: then take care of it, while I finish things here

Madara: if you kill them all... there will be no project

Obito: they can live on through what I see, but it may be a little too dark

Madara: remember "I'M" at your mercy, they will see only red with yours

Shikamaru: Naruto, when they were talking they said that the Juubi is unstable and can invert back to the other bijuu, I bet they were on it too help stabilize it with the Rinnegan

Naruto: that means we have to keep Madara and Obito off at all costs

Kakashi: I'll take care of Obito

Naruto: right, and I'll get Madara, but first

Naruto walks up and touches Kakashi giving him more bigger and denser Chakra cloak

Kakashi: hmm, seems Naruto is even able to give out huge amounts of chakra


Shikamaru: we need you guys to fight off the Juubi and get it away, Naruto and Kakashi should have it here


Shikaku: after you sever the link from the 2 and the Juubi, keep them away at all costs, if you can't do this make more strategies your my son you know what to do

FlashBack end

Shikamaru: Naruto needs a couple of sealers ready

Naruto: no... me and Kurama have this

Madara: seems their coming around to the right strategy, seems I didn't destroy the mind he was here the whole time

Madara jumps on the Juubi

Madara: as soon as the Juubi is mine you will never get close

???: wood style cutting technique

the spear stabs Madara throwing him off the Juubi

Madara: the only one with wood style is Zetsu, Obito, and me

Madara turns around and his eyes widen

1st Hokage: Madara Uchiha... so what the Uchiha told me was true

Madara: a Uchiha told you I was here

2nd through 4th: he told us all you were here!!!

they stand with Sasuke between them

Naruto: DAD!!!! SASUKE!!!!

Minato: Naruto, it seems I was right that you were the only one capable of controlling the 9-tails like this

Naruto and Kurama voice fused: No one is controlling no one, were friends fighting side by side

Minato: you have good friends Naruto.

Sasuke: After all I learned from them, I came to this resolve, to exterminate what started the Uchiha's demise... YOU MADARA AND TOBI, Orochimaru gave me the power to do so


Hokages: and thats the past from the start

Sasuke: then it all started when Madara attacked the village

3rd: as far as I know the Uchiha were not planning to attack us

Sasuke: then Madara must pay

Oro: if you want I can lend you the edos in exchange for your body

Sasuke: deal

Oro: fine they are all yours, for now

Sasuke walks out with the Kage with blood splattered on the walls

Sasuke: even if the user of the Jutsu dies this jutsu won't stop



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