Saturday, 2 February 2013

Naruto 620: You are his friend.

Scene is Sasuke alone with the previous kage]

Sasuke:"Hmmm I have alot more to ask but Orochimaru could turn them on me at any given moment and try to steal my body.. The 4th has space time jutsu.. I could use him to take me to Madara and get his side of the story"

Hashirama: Tell me boy have you awakened the Mangekyo?

Sasuke: I'm aware of the consequences.. My brother passed away and left me his eyes.. I have yet to discover what they can do but I feel his power.

Minato: It would be truely astounding to witness a fight between you and my son.. Both of you are immensely powerful shinobi..

Hiruzen: Did Itachi tell you about everything?

-Sasuke turns to Hiruzen-

Sasuke: Yes..

Hashirama: Tell me what became of Madara?

Minato: Apparently he died at the Final valley but then re-emerged as the 'Masked Man' claiming to be Madara and possessing a wealth of knowledge be it he is Madara or not it was clear he had contact with him to gain the information he did.

Tobirama: How do you know all of this?

Minato: The day of my sons birth he re-emerged and attempted to take the nine tails from Kushina who was at the time the beasts jinchuuriki.. That was another thing Sasuke.. Because Kushina had come into contact with your mother Mikoto whilst on the way to give birth Danzo and those two used their friendship as a weapon against your clan..


Minato: Whilst all this happened the masked man took Kushina whilst I removed Naruto from the situation.. and extracted the nine tails from her before summoning it and controlling it with his sharingan..

Sasuke: How can you tell when the Kyuubi is being controlled?

Hiruzen: your sharingan tomoe appear around its iris..

Sasuke: I see.. continue..

Minato: Sasuke as much as I'd like to answer your questions you must be aware of the implications that come with resurrecting Orochimaru?

Sasuke: Yes I am fully aware...

Hiruzen: Good so you'll know what to do when the time comes.

Sasuke: Hmph.

-Minato moves closer to sasuke who seems aware but doesn't react-

-Minato leans into Sasuke's ear so that only he can hear him-

Minato: I can take you to where Madara & the masked man Tobi are but having Orochimaru around means he can stop us at any given moment.. as much as I want to protect the leaf I see that you deserve answers..

-Sasuke calls out to Orochimaru-

-Orochimaru walks in-

Sasuke: Orochimaru I give you two options.. Run and leave control of these 4 to me or die.

Orochimaru: Heh' Sasuke.. Did you think it would be that ea-

-Suddenly an arm of Susanoo appears piercing orochimaru from above with the sword of totsuka-

Sasuke: I don't have time for a lengthy anecdote on how you will come back again..

-Juugo and Suigetsu look at Sasuke in shock-

Juugo: I thought you would have kept him alive a bit longer..

Sasuke: Minato, How many people can you teleport?

Minato: Considering I'm an edo tensei my chakra is pretty much unlimited..

Sasuke: Suigetsu.. I want you to go to the Mist and await further instructions.. Jugo you are coming with me.

Suigetsu:..Awwww man I don't wanna go home

-Sasuke stares blankly at Suigetsu with his EMS activated-

Suigetsu: Okay Okay I'll go.. Jeez Sasuke your more scarier then ever before.

Hashirama: So where are we heading?

Minato: To the masked man.. Though given recent events it's likely he is with Madara so we'll be needing your assistance..

Tobirama: It'll be good to see Madara after all these years even given the events before his death.. He was always up for sparring.

-They all come together and place there hands on Minato's back-

Hiruzen: Are you ready Sasuke?

Sasuke: Yes..

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