Thursday, 31 January 2013


Juugo : Life is coming back to them.....

Suigethsu moving from the position of orochimaru....Orochimaru uses some handseals and zethsus's half portion which is not covered by orochimaru's face also covered by orochimaru's face.

Orochimaru : Edo tensei is completed

Juugo : What we should do with last zethsu

Orochimaru : Just bind him

Sasuke : I have some questions to ask them...

Orochimaru walks and come behind the hokages and he brought out 4 tags...

Sasuke : Orochimaru, I will place tags in them...

Orochimaru : You know the intel about edo tensei after you met your brother again?..It looks like you still not believe me.

Sasuke walks and come near Orochimaru.Orochimaru handed the tags to Sasauke.Sasuke placed the tags one by one in their heads
and all the hokages fully came back to life.

Orochimaru : (in mind) When I have the time I will re write the tags....I will wait for my time

Hashirma : This place.....isn't it the uchiha hide out

Tobirama : Edo tensei again....That guy ( looking at Orochimaru )

Hiruzen : You did you summoned us in this place and sasuke

Minato : Sasuke ? So you are my son's friend...

Sasuke : son's friend ? Hokages I have some questions to ask you..If you don't answer to my questions I will make you to talk th truth.


Sasuke : first of all to you first hokage How senju and Uchiha became enemy and who is Madara? A masked man with sharingan he himself call him as Madara and an edotensei of Madara is still in the war

Hashirama : Who is Madara? You summoned us to talk about Madara ? Well he was my friend and at the same time a powerful enemy.Why don't you ask this for your members....

Sassuke : Hmph thanks to you senju people..uchiha is no more and I will brought vengance on you

Tobirama : These uchiha ara alwayas like this...

Hiruzen : so Itachi failed

Minato : so this is edo tensei It seem I can't move my body according to my wish.

Hashirama : you said some thing about Edo Madara don't you? That man must have been resurrrected by some one..Mark my words he will break every jutsu.He will not do anything for good

Sasuke : Hokage tell me about Madara more

End Next time Hashirama's memmory about Madara

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