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OROCHIMARU : The ones who know everything....THE PREVIOUS HOKAGE....
(The Four Hokages in attendance)
(All the Hokages watching at the themselves standing inside a seal and then looks at the Four men in front of them)
(Orochimaru licks out his tongue lying on the ground)
NIIDAIME : Edo Tensei?!! How did we again..?
SANDAIME : (looks at half Orochimaru and half Zetsu) You?!!
YONDAIME : ......
SHODAIME : Some one used Edo Tensei once again. Its a Forbidden Jutsu.
NIIDAIME : Also the user learned how to release the sealed souls out of the Shinigami's belly.
SANDAIME : (lowers his head) I apologize Shodaime Hokage, Niidaime Hokage. It was my mistake that I allowed this man to live with the Forbidden Jutsus.
(Orochimaru smirks)
SASUKE : .......
(The two hokages looks at Hiruzen and then at Orochimaru)
(Minato lowers his head)
SANDAIME : Orochimaru knows the Edo Tensei Jutsu. Last time, he used you two to kill me and tried to destroy the village.
OROCHIMARU : Sarutobi Sensei. There are lots of unsolved topics remained to be discussed here. That's why you all are resurrected.
YONDAIME : You are an Uchiha, right?
SASUKE : (looks at Minato).....
SANDAIME : (looks at Sasuke and remembers the only member of the Uchiha clan in the village) Uchiha Sasuke?!!
SHODAIME : And where are we?
SASUKE : You all are resurrected in the secret place of the Uchihas...
NIIDAIME : (In a strict voice)And what for?
SASUKE : (looks at Hiruzen) Itachi and the mask man told me everything.
SANDAIME : Itachi?!! (remembers)
ANBU ITACHI : Sandaime Hokage, I want you to look after Sasuke. After this mission.....(breeze of wind) I won't be able to look after him. I want him to preserve the Uchiha pride in the village.
SANDAIME : .......
YONDAIME : The masked man?!! (remembers nine-tails attack on the village)
NIIDAIME : Who is Itachi? And the mask man?
SHODAIME : ......
SASUKE : Uchiha Itachi...(remembers Itachi's face)...the one who slaughtered the Uchiha clan in a single night except me... to save the village.
SANDAIME : The Uchihas had set a coup de tat to take over the village. And to stop them, Danzo suggested to annihilate them. I couldn't stop it. Sasuke's brother, Uchiha Itachi, was a spy we set into the Uchihas and later he was ordered to assassinate the clan in return of his brother's life.
SASUKE : ......
NIIDAIME : And who is this mask man?
YONDAIME : He called himself Madara Uchiha.
SHODAIME : Madara?!!
YONDAIME : He was able to use space time ninjutsu when I fought him. He was the one who attacked the village with the Nine-tails.
OROCHIMARU : He is not Madara Uchiha. He call himself Tobi. And...(looks at Minato) you know him Yondaime Hokage.
YONDAIME : I know him?
OROCHIMARU : He is that naiive student of yours. That Uchiha brat.
YONDAIME : Obito? But why? (remembers the mission at Kannabi bridge and then the mission where Rin dies and unconscious Kakashi) [ could it be? ]
(remembers Kakashi telling him that Rin was killed by his Chidori and do not know what happened later about the massacre around the battlefield)
SASUKE : Don't know. But I want to know.... (looks at Shodaime) I want to know how the Uchihas behaved during your time. I want to know (looks at Niidaime) why you appointed them to Konoha's Police Force. I want to know (Looks at Sandaime) what made the Uchihas to set coup against the village. Why did you suggested to talk to the Uchihas? I want to know what was my clan, my village, the people.
SHODAIME : .......
NIIDAIME : .....
SANDAIME : So you decided to destroy the village. (sighs)
(Other Hokages stares at Hiruzen with a shock and then looks at Sasuke for the answer)
SASUKE : ......Yes...
SASUKE : ..... after learning Itachi's truth, I decided to destroy the village because they used my brother. But I want to know what made my brother choose the village instead of the clan.
OROCHIMARU : There is a war going out there. Tobi waged war on the Five Great Nations.
OROCHIMARU : He used living clones made from Shodaime's cells in thousands. Kabuto used the dead to support Tobi against the Great Nations.
OROCHIMARU : Obito wants to gather all the nine bijuus and revive the Juubi. The Akatsuki wanted to maintain peace among the nations through the bijuus. But the leader wanted to project the strong genjutsu over the moon so as to put every being on the earth into endless sleep.
NIIDAIME : [ Infinite Tsukuyomi!! So he is fol-]
SASUKE : The Juubi is revived and the one controlling it is Uchiha Madara.
YONDAIME : [ Naruto. ]
SHODAIME : How is that possible? He died during our battle.
OROCHIMARU : He fought you just for your DNA. I found it from his body when I was an Akatsuki member.
OROCHIMARU : He was resurrected by my apprentice through Edo Tensei but it seems he freed himself from the binds and now he is immortal.
SHODAIME : He must be dealt before its too late. And only I am capable of fighting him.
OROCHIMARU : He is a Sage now. He has activated the Rinnegan.
YONDAIME : Is Naruto dead?
SASUKE : No. He's fighting against Madara. But-
NIIDAIME : We must deal with them sooner. I'll take you there.
YONDAIME : [ Hold on Naruto. ]
SASUKE : (activates Susano'o) I want to know about the Uchihas.
NIIDAIME : Susano'o. And quite an attitude you have kid.
SASUKE : I want to hear the truth. Besides I'm not interested in the war.
NIIDAIME : You will get your every answer on the Battlefield. Your every question relates to Uchiha Madara.
SASUKE : ?!!
(Niidaime slams his hand on the ground and a seal spreads across the room covering everyone inside the seal and a light flashes towards the ceiling)
---------------SCENE CHANGE---------------
MADARA : The Juubi is set free. It will be hard to get it under control once again.
OBITO : Yes.
NARUTO : We won't let you control the Juubi anymore.
KURAMA : ?!!
(Juubi growls violently and releases a wave of Shinra Tensei across the battlefield)
(A sphere is created around the Juubi holding everyone on the surface of the sphere and throws everyone miles away)
(A huge crate is formed around the Juubi)
(Juubi growls louder)
SHINOBIS : Gyyyahhhh!!
NARUTO : Gahhhh!!!
OBITO : Gahhh!!
MADARA : (shattered in pieces) [ Its hard to control it now. ]
KURAMA : Naruto!! switch over. I must...
NARUTO : What's the matter?
KURAMA : Hurry up!!
(Kurama and Naruto switches)
(while being thrown Naruto extends chakra hands towards the gorund and leaps back)
(Naruto goes in Kyuubi Chakra Mode taking the Kyuubi's shape)
(The Kyuubi runs towards the Juubi in a hurry dodging every attack of its tails)
(A huge blue aura is shown approaching the Juubi with high speed like a shooting star)
KURAMA : (notices) ****!!
(Kyuubi reaches near the Juubi)
(Juubi activates Bansho Tenin)
KURAMA : This is the time!!
(Kyuubi makes his way up toward the Juubi's head)
(On its way)
(Kyuubi's chakra covered body covers with orange fur)
(While approaching, his sharp nails started slicing Juubi's skin)
(In a moment, Kyuubi completely transforms into the Demon Fox)
(Grabs the neck of the Juubi with some of the tails and covers its mouth with the remaining tails)
(The blue aura hits both of them)
(But Kyuubi absorbs all of the aura before the Juubi eats away)
KURAMA : I got it back.
NARUTO : What?!!
KURAMA : I got my sealed chakra back.
NARUTO : But how did you knew it?
KURAMA : The natural energy and the free chakra in the surrounding gets absorbed by the Juubi. The free chakra of mine approached the Juubi. Before it was eaten up by the Juubi, I had to regain it. That's why I had to hurry to approach the Juubi.
NARUTO : Where did that chakra came from?
KURAMA : Yondaime had sealed half of my chakra into the death god using the Death reaper seal. That huge amount of chakra was released.
NARUTO : But dad died when he sealed half of your chakra inside him and remaining inside me, didn't he?
KURAMA : ?!!
(Kurama starts growing bigger and bigger to its original size)
(He jumps off the Juubi)
OBITO : ?!! The Kyuubi has regained its original size.
MADARA : What do you mean original size?
OBITO : Yondaime Hokage had sealed half of Kyuubi's chakra inside himself using the Reaper Seal. Does that mean someone broke the seal. But Who? How? and Why?
SHINOBIS : (looking at huge Kyuubi standing in the battlefield) ?!!
(The Juubi and the Kyuubi are facing each other in the crate formed before)
(Wind blows away the dust)
(Juubi creates another Bijuudama towards the Kyuubi)
KURAMA : [ That amount of chakra. It will be difficult. ]
(Juubi shoots the Bijuudama)
KURAMA : ?!!
(Kurama covers his body with the tails to block it)
(Suddenly several woods grow out of the ground holding the Kyuubi's tails, legs, head intact)
(And a giant forest grows out rapidly towards the Juubi blocking the Bijuudama and pushing it back towards the Juubi)
(The Bijuudama is thrown up high in the air by the forest and grabs the Juubi)
(Several branches holds the horns of the Juubi and pulls down such that the mouth of the Juubi is directed towards the sky and the eye of the Juubi is blindfolded)
(Every tail of the Juubi is held under control by the trees)
(The battlefield is covered with the dust from the chaos)
(And Juubi and Kyuubi are shown unmovable in the binds of the Mokuton Jutsu)
OBITO : ?!!
(Madara is shown with hands clenched together to activate a seal)
MADARA : ?!! Obito... is there any one else capable of using Mokuton.
OBITO : (remembers Yamato) There is one person who had Hashirama's cells in him.
MADARA : [ A jutsu of such huge scale. No. ] Something is wrong.
OBITO : ?!!
(The dust clears out)
(Kyuubi is trying hard to look down who is standing below his feet since the wood binds around his neck is making it hard for him)
(The Four Hokages are shown standing on a branch of tree along with Orochimaru, Sasuke, Juugo, Suigetsu and the Zetsu)
(Hashirama is shown with a handseal surrounded by the leaves of the trees in the surrounding)
(The battle of the ages for the truth hidden deep starts)

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