Monday, 21 January 2013

Naruto 617. Reuninions.

Naruto: Neji is more alive then ever inside me! Just like my master, just like my parents!

Obito: Naruto.. You do know that i was the one who spurred everything to let them all die??!! And you are still trying to convince me that what im doing is wrong and trying to stop me. Its a pity, if u would be on the path of your dear beloved friend named Uchi..(naruto stepped in) Naruto: We are all here to save the world.
Obito: Uzumaki Naruto why are u so stubb..(interrupted)

Narutokurama: Plus Its not possible to face Sasuke if we cant defeat you too sharingan users.
Kurama: You two damned sharingringan users are nothing against those eyes of Uchiha Sasuke.

Obito: I know that! Stupid Kyuubi. You think i was something that stupid? You truly are just an animal. Everything is just going according plan.

Madara: This Sasuke you two are speaking of.. Who is this boy Obito? (Turns head to obito) where do you need him for?
Obito: The... last surviver of the uchiha clan. He has something precious inside him.

Madara: what do you mean with last.. ?! (Gets a kick in the face from Naruto)
Obito: ?!?!?!
Naruto: Shut the hell up its none of a concern to you. Your allready dead!

Madara was send flying to the ground.

????? :Sand coffin!
Madara: you.. ?!!

Three kages are standing in front of Uchiha Madara laying on the ground.
Gaara: It ends here for you Uchiha Madara.

scene changes

Sasuke and co are seen walking through the village of Konoha.

Suigetsu: hehe.. Ive never been in the leaf. Looks nice.
Suigetsu: Sasuke you felt it too right? Who was that Sasuke?

Sasuke: .... I felt nothing special. Lets keep on going.
I need to know everything i need to meet them fast.

Suddenly Karin walks out of the corner of an ally.

Karin: This beautifull perfect chakra i am feeling. Is nothing other more then Uzumaki Naruto's!
Sasuke: Karin... I thought you were.. (Karin interrupts) Dead right?
Sasuke: ...
Karin: i dont love you anymore sasuke.. Im angrier more then ever.. I want to kill you..
Sasuke: I understand Karin. Revenge... right?
Karin: But.. I met this naruto boy.. I saw your friends...
Sasuke: You think i care? They are nothing more then thrash to me.
Karin: thanks to him i can forgive myself against the will to have the power of revenge! You get nothing from it. Only emptyness.. Believe me.

Orochimaru: hmm.. Nice speach woman. Well we i have another compagnion i see? Lets go sasuke.
Sasuke:... Im sorry Karin.
Karin: (hmmmmm) i forgive you xxzzssxx.

Suigetsu: Not this again.. Sasuke does she really has to come with us?

Suigetsu: Hmm..........
Juugo: Haha!
Juugo: I just have a really nostalgic feeling...

Ending of chapter 617.

End of madara??? Who are the ones who knows everything???! Next Chapter!

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