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This Is About 40% Of The Story Completed So What Do You Think Of It

Part 1
Madara - Nine Tails Brat Give Up And Help Me Restore The Juubi Power
Naruto - No Kurama Is My Friend
Madara - Oh Well I'll Take You By Force
Madara Runs At Naruto Then Sakura And Hinata Jump In Front Naruto
Sakura - We Won't Let Take Naruto Or Kurama
Hinata - I Love Naruto You Can't Have Him
Madara - Have Your Way
Madara - Shinra Tensei
Sakura And Hinata Both Get Sent Fling Away
Kurama - Naruto I'm Completely Out Of Chakra I'm Sorry For Everything I've Ever Done To You Naruto I Guess This Is Good Bye
Sasuke - No Naruto Is Many To Kill Not you
Obito - Sasuke Your Fight Me
Sasuke - Amaterasu
Obito - Kamui
Kakashi - Naruto Forgive Me I'm Sorry
Madara Is About To Punch Naruto With His Susanoo Arm Ween A Mysterious Figure Stop The Susanoo Fist With His Bear Hand
??? - So You Were Going To Kill Him Just To Get More Power
Ino - Who Is That He's So Sexy He looks Like Naruto And Sasuke In One Person
Madara - Who Are You
??? - Syareoo
Madara - Well Brat Get Out Of My Way
Syareoo - Shut Up You Sick ****
Syareoo Crushs The Susanoo Arm With Little Trouble
Madara - Imposable None Is That Strong
Syareoo - Your To Weak Madara
Syareoo Appear Behide Madara
Madara - When Did You Get Behide Me
Syareoo Put His Hand Through Madara Stomach And Lifts Him Off The Ground And Rips Him In Half
Naruto - Wow
Sasuke - Narutooo!!!
Obito - I've Got You
Syareoo Kicks Obtio Dead In The Face And Him Fling Into A Mountain
Madara - You Think You Won
Madara Turn's On His Perfect Susanoo
Syareoo - Sya O Son Level 1
The End

Part 2
Obito - Why Didn't Kamui Work On Him
Madara - Die And Burn In Hell
Syareoo - Shut Your Mouth
Madara Swing His Susanoo Sword Down At Syareoo Who Then Stop It With His For Arm
Madara - What Your My Worst Nightmare
Syareoo Disappears And Reappear In Front Madara As He Punchs Through Madara Susanoo
Sasuke - Who Is This Guy His Power Is Above Bijuu Level
Kakashi - How Can That Be
Sasuke - But The Juubi Is Not Much Stronger Then Him
A Massive Explosion And Madara Falling Down To The Ground
Madara - Summoning Jutsu Juubi
Syareoo - This Is The Juubi Power
The Juubi Punchs Syareoo Into The Ground
Madara - Take That You Brat Now Would Was I
Syareoo - Sya O Son Level 2
A Massive Shock Wave Sents The Juubi And Madara Fling Away
Sasuke - Wow I Can't Beleave That His Power Massive 20 Times Bigger Then The Juubi's Power
Syareoo And The Juubi Start Fighting
Hinata - Naruto Kun You Ok
Naruto - Ya
Syareoo Beat the **** Out Of The Juubi
Syareoo - Aura Sphere
Syareoo Hits The Juubi With The Aura Sphere And A Explosion 2 Times Bigger Then Juubi
Syareoo Grabs The Juubi And Flys At Naruto And Begin To Seal The Juubi Into Kurama
Madara / Obito - NNNOOOO!!!
Syareoo - It's Done
Kurama - My Chakra Is Incredible
Naruto - I'll Finish Madara
Syareoo - Go Ahead
Naruto Enter Bijuu Mode Version 1 State
Naruto - Madara
Madara - **** There No Way I Can Those 2 In A Million Years It's Over
Obito - I'll Get Him
Naruto does The Same Thing The 4th Hokage Did To Obito When The Nine Tails Attack The Village
Obito - Not Again
Naruto - Mini Bijuu Dama
Madara Trys To Absorb The Mini Bijuu Dama But It Just Blows Himself Up
Naruto - Did We Doing
Syareoo - Ya He's Gone
The End

Part 3
Obito - Madara's Gone No God Damn It Aminal Path Bird Summoning
Sakura - Handsome Guy Look Out
Syareoo - Huh
Obito - Die Bastard
Syareoo - Really You Didn't Learn Anything From When I Fought You And Madara
Syareoo Appear In Front Of Obito And Cold Cocks Him In The Face
Kakashi - He Can Fly
Naruto - To Cool
Obito Hits The Ground And Cough Out Blood
Kakashi - Obito Goodbye Lightning Blade
Obito Disappear Before Kakashi Can Kill Obito
Ino - What Your Name
Syareoo - It's Syareoo
Ino - Well Syareoo Coming With Me
Sakura - No Ino Pig He's Mine
??? - No He's Mine Ladys
Syareoo - Shea Your Here
Shea - Of Course I'm Your Girl Friend
Ino / Sakura - WHAT!!!!
Naruto - She Beautiful
Syareoo - Thanks Naruto
Lee - Gai Sensei Is Dead NOOO!!!
Shea - Step Aside
Shea Revives Gai And Bee
Gai - Thanks
Bee - Let Me Hug You
Shea - No Get Away
Bee - Na Motha****a
Bee Hugs Shea And She Punch Him In The Face And Knocks Him Out
Everyone Beside Shea Is Laughing
Shea - Whats So Funny !!!
Everyone Shuts Up
Sakura - Shea
Shea - Yes Sakura
Sakura - How Are You So Good At Healing
Shea - I Can Thank Syareoo For That He Use To Get Hurt Alot Before He Got Smarter
Sakura - Was Just Like Naruto
Shea - Yes And No
Next Day
Naruto - We Will Be Back Soon
Everyone - By Take Care
The End

Part 4
Some Where Else In The Vast Universe
Goku - Come On Guys
Rukia - Where Here I Think
Yusuke - Ya
Syareoo's Group Appears In Front Of Goku's Grop
Vegeta - Finally
Sasuke - Why Did You Bring Me
Shea - Just Stop Your Bitching Where Here This Is Happening
Sakura - Please No Fighting
Syareoo - Ok Now We Need To Find Someone Named Luffy And Ace
Luffy - Aaaaaagh!!!
Ichigo - We Have To Help Them
Akainu - Time To Die Straw Hat Luffy Join Ace In Hell
Syareoo - Damn That Luffy And Ace
White Beard - Nooooo!!!
Akainu - So Long
Naruto - I Don't Think So
Naruto Hits Akainu With Mini Bijuu Dama But The Blast Only Blows Hit Arm Off Which He Regrows It
Shea Is Reviving Ace
Ace - R....A....V
Ace - Aaagh I'm Alive
Akainu - What Damn You Girl
Shea - Ace Luffy Stay Put
Ace & Luffy - Ok
WhiteBeard - Thank You Little Girl But Stand Aside Please
You All Know How WhiteBeard's And Akainu Fight When So You Know
??? - Black Hole
Sen Goku - BlackBeard
Same You All Know How WhiteBeard's And Black Beard Fight And Also Sen Goku And Black Beards Fight When When So You Know
Goku - Who Are You
??? - I'm Black Beard
Sasuke - Well Black Beard You Want To
Vegeta - Shut Your Mouth Kid And Let The Adults Talking
Sasuke - Amaterasu
BlackBeard Absorb The Amaterasu
Sasuke - What
BlackBeard Makes A Earth Quake
Goku & Vegeta & Sasuke - Aaaagh
BlackBeard - ? What Is That
The End

Part 5
Naruto Is In Bijuu Mode Version 2 State And Fired A Massive Bijuu Dama At BlackBeard
BlackBeard Send Out A Earth Quake But It Does Nothing
BlackBeard - Fine I'll Absorb It
Goku - Everyone Run
The Bijuu Dama Hit BlackBeard And A Massive Explosion
Naruto - His Chakra Is Gone
Syareoo - Nice Job Naruto
Shea - Were You Going To Help Him
Syareoo - If Thing Got Bad
Sen Goku - Boy Thank You So Much
Naruto - Your Welcome
Naruto - One Thing
Sen Goku - What
Naruto - Where Take Luffy And Ace
Luffy - Ow That Hurts
Sakura - Stop Your Whining
Ace - I Can't Go
Shea - Your Going Or I'll Drag You
Ace - Ok
Ace / Thought Bubble - She's Scary
Syareoo - Ok There's The Ship
Shea - Everyone On
The Ship Begin's To Fly Away
Shea - Syareoo Ion Plasma Thrust Are Now Online
Syareoo - Everyone Brace Yourselfs
The Ship Go From Only 200 Mph To 2500 Mph
??? - Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh / Girl Scream
Naruto - Who's Screaming
Sasuke - Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh / Girl Scream
Naruto - You Screamed Like A Girl Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
Sasuke - Shut Up
Some Where Else In The Vast Universe
BlackBeard - Where Am I
Madara - Your Finally Awake
??? - Ya We Will Get Are Revenge
Obito - Ya That Bastard Syareoo
??? - You All Will Have Your Revenge Trust In Me And My Power
Back To Are Hero's
Everyone Is Asleep Besides Syareoo
Syareoo - Only 2 More Hours Till Me Reach Plant Vigon
Shea - Syareoo Let Me Drive Get Some Sleep
Syareoo - Ok Good Night

Part 6
Shea - Everyone Up
Syareoo - Wow That Was Quick
Naruto ( Yawn ) - Aaaagh Hinata Chun
Hinata - Nnnnnnnn ( Faint )
Sakura - You Baka
Sakura Hits Naruto
Goku - Ouch
Vegeta - Ha Young Love
Hour Later
Syareoo - A Hot Spring
Shea - Yes Lets Go
Girls Side Bath Area
Shea - So Nice
Rukia - Yes Very Nice
Shea - So Hinata You Love Naruto
Hinata - Aaaaaaaagh Love Naruto Kun
Sakura - Hinata It's Easy To Tell That You Do
Hinata - Easy I See
Boa Hancock - Don't Be Sad
Boy Side Bath Area
Syareoo - Hey Naruto
Naruto - Ya
Syareoo - Do You Know Hinata Loves You
Naruto - Ya But I
Sasuke - Why Do You Even Try
Syareoo - Stay Out Of This Sasuke
Syareoo - Do You Love Hinata Because She Does
Naruto - Rrrr Just Shut Up
Syareoo - Naruto Are You Crying
Naruto - I Love Her But I Don't Know What To Do (Crying)
Sasuke - Oh Stop Your Crying You Baby
Syareoo - Sasuke Shut Up You Emo Friend Zone Loser
Sasuke - Well Your Just The Most ****ing ****ys Match Maker I've Ever Seen
Yusuke - Oh God
Ichigo - Oh ****
Syareoo - What Did You Just Say
Naruto - Oh No
Syareoo Punch Sasuke In The Face
Sasuke - Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!!
Girls Side Bath Area
Hinata - That Was Sasuke
Shea - Syareoo And Naruto Must Be Just Having A Little Talk And He Must Of Butted In
Sakura - If He Hurt My Sasuke I Will
Shea - You Will Do Nothing
Hinata - I Hope Hes Ok
1 Hour Later After Dinner
Naruto - Hinata Chun
Hinata - Naruto Kun
Naruto - I Wanted To Know If Yo... mmmf
Hinata Kisses Naruto
Hinata ( Flash Back )
Shea - Hinata If You Want To Really Want To Get Him Grab His Wiener
Hinata - Hum Wha
Sakura - What
Shea - Sex
Hinata - Sex Sssss Sex ( Faint )
Naruto ( Flash Back )
Naruto - Ok What Should Do If She Wants Me
Syareoo - If Hinata Does Anything To You Don't Fight It
Back To The Real World
Hinata - "Panting" Naruto Kun "Panting"
Naruto - "Panting" Hinata Chun "Panting"
Syareoo And Shea's Room
Syareoo - Wow Listen To Those Two
Shea - This Is Your Fault
Syareoo - It's Both Of Are Fault That They Are Doing It
Back To NaruHina
Naruto - Aaa ( Panting ) Aaa ( Panting ) Oh Hinata Chun !!!
Hinata - Oaa ( Panting ) Aaaaagh ( Scream ) Naurto Kun !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( Yell )

Part 7
The Bad Guys Area
Madara - We Need The Juubi
Obito - Yes The Eye of the Moon Plan Infinite Tsukuyomi
Madara - Will You Shut Up
Madara Hits Obito In The Head
??? - The Juubi Of Course You Mean Deidarabotchi
Madara - You Know The Juubi
??? - I'm One Of The 16 Titan's Just Like Deidarabotchi The Juubi
Madara / Obito - ? What
??? - I'll Take Care Of This Juubi
Obito - Who Are You
Madara - Come Into The Light
Madara / Obito - ( Shocked Look ) - Whats Your Name
??? - My Name Is Cell
BlackBeard - HaHa Haaa HaaHaaaaa
??? - Cell Whats The Plan
Cell - That Boy With This Juubi And That Girl
Obito - Hmm...
Cell - I'll Absorb The Girl And The Boy Will Come To Save Her But
Madara - But ... But What
Cell - You Get The Boy And I Keep The Girl Inside Of Me
Back To NaruHina
Hinata - Good Morning My Love Naruto Kun
Naruto - Great Morning Hinata Chun
After Breakfast
Syareoo - They Happy Together
Ichigo - Ya Very Happy
Goku - Ya But It Won't Last
Syareoo - Shut Up Let Them Play
Naruto & Hinata Are Running Through The Woods
Cell - Special Beam Cannon
Naruto - Wha..???
Cell - Got You
Hinata - Aaaaagh!!!
Cell Tail Extens And Open And Plunges Hinata
Hinata - Mmmmaaaaaaagh ( Scream )
Naruto - Hinataaaa !!!!
Cell - Ha Haa Haaaa
Hinata - Mmmagh Mmmm Mmmmmgh ( Noooooo Naruto Kun Help Meee Please )
Hinata Moving Through Cell's Tail
Naruto - You Bastard
Naruto Jumps A Cell And Cell Punchs Naruto And Sents Naruto Through A Tree
Hinata - Mmmmmmagh Mmm....
Hinata Has Entered Cells Body
Naruto - Rrrragh I'll Kill You
Cell - If You Keep Yacking Your Girl Friend Will Be Liquefied And She Will Become Part Me
Cell - So Come With Me And Give The Juubi To Madara Or She Will Die In 10 Minutes
Naruto Enter Bijuu Mode Version 2
Cell - What ???
Naruto - I'll Rip Her Out Of You
Hinata ( Inside Cell ) - It Hurts It Burns Naruto Kun Help
Naruto Hits Cell And Sents Him Fling
Cell - Imposable He To ****ing Strong
Naruto Appear Above Cell
Cell - Wha...
Naruto Punch Cell In The Stomach And Breaks The Ground
Cell - Ggggaagh
Naruto - NOW GIVE HINATA BACKKK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Naruto Grab Cell And Naruto Forces His Hand Cell And Pull Hinata Out
Naruto Teleport Back To The Other With Hinata
Syareoo - What Happen
Shea & Sakura Are Heal Hinata
Goku - His Name Is Cell
Vegeta - What He's Dead
Syareoo - Naruto You Ok
Naruto - Cell Said He Want To Give The Juubi Madara
Syareoo - What Did You Say
The Bad Guys Area
Cell - Ha Haa Haaa I Failed
??? - Cell I'm Supressed Your Alive
Cell - What
Madara - The Juubi Power Is Getting Stronger
Obito - Can We Get The Juubi
??? - Stop Calling It The Juubi His Name Is Deidarabotchi
The End

Part 8
Syareoo - This Isn't Good
Naruto - We Didn't Kill Them
Hinata - Naruto Kun
Naruto - Hinata Chun Are You Ok This Is All My Fault
Hinata - Naruto Kun It's Not Your Fau.. ???
Ichigo - Are You Crying
Luffy - What A Wimp
Ace Punchs Luffy In The Face
Naruto - I Won't Let Anyone Hurt You Anymore
Sasuke - Oh Stop Crying My Disspear Is Great Then Your's Loser
Naruto Strike Sasuke With A Wind Blade
Sasuke Cough Out Blood
Naruto - Shut Up Sasuke Just Shut The **** Up
Sakura - Naruto What Are You Doing
Naruto - Teaching Sasuke A Leason
Syareoo Walk Away
Shea - Syareoo Stop This
Syareoo - No This Is Naruto Job Not Mine Shea
Syareoo - Naruto You Have 2 Paths Light And Darkness Make The Right Choice
Naruto - Thanks For Understand Syareoo
Shea - But
Syareoo - Everyone In Now Now
Everyone Besides Naruto And Sasuke Leaves
Sakura - Syareoo Why Did You Do That
Syareoo - Words Alone Will Not Help Sasuke So Naruto Going Show Him
Hinata - Well Then Stop Him
Syareoo - I Can't Without Killing Them Both Sasuke Has Push Naruto Into The Fire Of Rage
Goku - Man I Feel Bad For Naruto
Syareoo - Me To
Sakura - What About Sasuke
Hinata - **** Him He The One Who Started All This
Sasuke - Lets End This
Naruto - ...
Naruto Hits Sasuke With Rasengan
Sasuke Turn Into A Log
Sasuke - Ha It That All Got
Naruto - Sasuke I'm A 1000 Time Stronger Then You Now So Give Up Now Or I'll Kill You
Syareoo - ?
Goku - What Is It
Syareoo / Thought Bubble - Naruto's Energy And Chakra Is Getting Darker
Syareoo - Naruto Is Getting Darker
Hinata - What No
Syareoo - But It's Not Like Sasuke Naruto Energy Is Dark Blue And Sasuke's Is Pitch Black
Hinata - Will Naruto Kun Been Ok
Syareoo - Ya He Should Be After This Is Over
Hinata / Thought Bubble - Oh Naruto Kun Why Am I Even Scared You Will Be Fine
The End

Part 9
Naruto Makes A Shadow Clone To Store Up On Natural Energy
Sasuke - What Are You Doing
Naruto - Using Any Of Are Bijuu Mode Is A Waste Of Chakra And Time
Inside Naruto Mind
Kurama - Naruto It's Not A Waste Of Chakra And Time My Chakra Is A 1000 Times Bigger
Naruto - I Know I Just Don't Want To Kill Sasuke
Kurama - Really You Are Still Sasuke's Bun Buddy
Naruto - I Know I Just Want Save Him From This Darkness
Kurama - I See If You Need Some Extra Power Just Ask
( Flash Back )
Syareoo - What Are You Planning
Naruto - I Just Want Save Him From This Darkness In His Heart
Syareoo - Oh So You Want To Free Him From That Darkness In His Heart
Naruto - I Don't Know How To
Syareoo - Pull It Out
Naruto - What Do You Mean
Shea - We Will Use A Seal Technique Called ( Kurai Doku Chushutsu / Dark Poison Extraction )
( Real World )
Naruto Release The Shadow Clone To Store Up On Natural Energy
Sasuke - What Are You Doing
Naruto Opening His Eyes To Show The Rinnegan Fused With Sharingan
Sasuke - ??? What Your Eyes
Naruto - It's Called The Sharinnegan I Can Use All Rinnegan & Sharingan Technique
Sasuke - ??? What No Damn It
Bad Guys Area
Cell - Just Shut Up
??? - Why Should I
??? - Grimmjow Quite
Grimmjow - Ulquiorra Stay Out Of This
Ulquiorra - Very Well
??? - Will You All Shut Up Or I'll Kill You All
Every Shuts Up
Back To Syareoo
Syareoo - That The Plan
Sakura - Good Plan
Hinata - Yes
Back To Naruto And Sasuke
Sasuke - H..a ( Panting )
Naruto - This Is Over Come With Me
Syareoo - Where Going To Pull The Darkness Out Of You Sasuke
Sasuke - ??? Wha..
The End

Part 10
Syareoo - Ok Sasuke Just Relax
Shea - Everyone Channel Your Energy
Energy Tentacles Come Out Of The Pot Of Sealing
Sasuke - So Tired
The Tentacles Hit Sasuke
Sasuke - Aggggaaaaaaaghaaack
Sakura - Saasuuke!!!
Ichigo - Keep Your Mind On The Your Energy Control
The Darkness Is Being Pulled Out Of Sasuke
Syareoo / Shea - 25% Extracted
Sasuke - Uuuuaagh!!!
Naruto / Thought Bubble - Sasuke Stay Alive
The Dark Being Extracted Is Starting To Take On Human Form
Syareoo / Shea - 40% Extracted
Yusuke - Rrrrrr!!! So Hard To Keep This Energy Control Up
The Darkness Is Starting To Look Like Sasuke
Sasuke - I ...'t This Any....more It Hu...rts To M..uc..h
Syareoo / Shea - 65% Extracted
Hinata - Sasuke
Shadow Sasuke - Aaagh Noooo
Syareoo - Damn It
Shea - This Is Bad
Goku / Naruto - What
Syareoo - Not Only Has It Take On Sasuke's Form And It Has His Darkest Thoughts And Desires
Shadow Sasuke Is Tiring To Get Back Inside Sasuke
Sasuke - Get This Thing OUT OF MMEEE!!!!
Shadow Sasuke - Noooo Iiii'mm Yoouu
Sasuke - Nooo Your Just The Darkness That Has Blined To The True Stay Away
Syareoo / Shea - 90% Extracted
Shadow Sasuke - Remember Itachi And What Konoha Did
Sasuke - I Care About Revenge Anymore
Shadow Sasuke - What Did You Say
Syareoo / Shea - 100% Extracted
Shadow Sasuke - Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!
Syareoo - Seal Now
Shadow Sasuke Is Sealed Inside The Pot Of Sealing
Sasuke - Aaa Uuun Aaaa Th..ha..nk Y..o..u
Naruto - Sasuke Give Me Your Hand
Sasuke - Ok
Naruto Grabs Sasukes Hand And Transfers Some Of Juubi Kurama Chakra To Sasuke
Sasuke - Aaagh Ha What What's Happening My Chakra Is Changing
Naruto - It's Ok Sasuke Just Rest Sasuke
Sakura - Sasuke
Naruto - He's Going To Be Ok He Just Needs Rest
4 Hours Later
( Sasuke Awakening )
Sasuke - ....
Sasuke - ... Noo Nooo
Sasuke - Aaaagh
Sakura Come Running In
Sakura - Sasuke You Ok
Sasuke - Ya Just A Nightmare
Sakura - Do You Need Anything
Sasuke - Yes Will You
Sakura - What Do You Need
Sasuke - Will You Sleep With Me
Sakura - ???
Sasuke - I Understand I'm Been A Grade A *******
Sakura - Yes I Will
Sakura Kisses Sasuke They Are Crying
The End

Part 11
Sakura - Yawn
Sakura - Good Sweat Prince
Sakura Comes Out In A Bathrobe To See The Others
Hinata - Good Morning Sakura San
Sakura - Good Wheres Naruto
Shea - Him And Syareoo Left Last Night To Find Out Some Info On Are Enemys
Boa Hancock - Oh My God
Hinata Turns Around And Puts Her Hands Over Her Mouth
Syareoo Comes Walking With A Large Gash In His Right Arm A Gash I His Left Left Leg Holding Naruto Under His Left Arm
Syareoo - Naruto Is Hanging On By A Thread He Needs Help Now Or He'll Die
Shea And Sakura Begin Healing Naruto
Hinata - Syareoo San
Syareoo - Hinata
Hinata - What Happen
Syareoo - Well
( Flash Back )
Syareoo - Ready Naruto
Naruto - Ya
Madara - Really
Obito - Will Take The Juubi
Syareoo Punchs Obito In The Chest And Breaks All Of Obitos Ribs
Obito - Unnnuaaaaaagh
Madara - Wha ????
Naruto Punchs Madara In The Face Madara And Madara Flips Away
Obito Keep Spiting Out Blood
Ulquiorra - Cero Oscuras
The Cero Hits Syareoo
Grimmjow - You Got Him
Syareoo - Sya O Son Level 1
Syareoo Kick Both Grimmjow And Ulquiorra Into The Ground
Ulquiorra - Imposable I Hit Dead On
Grimmjow - He's To Fast
Syareoo - Lightning Wind Blade Dance
Cell - Solar Flare
Syareoo - Rrrrr My Eyes Can't See
Cell - Haa Haaaa Haaaaaa
Naruto - Rasengan
Naruto Hits Cell With His Rasengan Sending Him Flying Away
Syareoo - That's It
Syareoo Closes His Fist And Sends His Energy To His Fist
Syareoo - Kai Zay
The Beam Hits Cell And Blows Up Destroying 2 Miles
( Real World )
Syareoo - And Really I Don't Remebber To Much After That I Think I Hit My Head Uaaagh
Hinata - Syareoo What Wrong
Syareoo Passes Out From Blood Loss
Bad Guy Area
??? - You Dum Bastard
Obito - We Just Want The Juubi
Madara - Obito Shut Up
??? - You All Almost Died JUST FORGET ABOUT THE JUUBI !!!!!
Cell - Because Of That Syareoo If It Wasn't For Omega Shenron
We Would Have Died
??? - Just Leave And Treat Your Wounds
Back To The Good Guys
Syareoo - This Is My Fault
Hinata - It's Not Your Fault
Shea Comes In
Shea - Naruto Is Going To Be Fine

Part 12
Next Day
Hinata - Naruto Kun
Naruto - Hinata Chun
Hinata - I'm Glad Your Better
Naruto - Thanks Baby But What Happen Was An Anbush Plus I Really Don't Remebber To Much From It
Hinata - Same As Syareoo
Naruto - I See
( To Sasuke )
Sasuke - Is Naruto Ok
Shea - Ya
Sasuke - Thank God
( Bad Guys Area )
??? - Syareoo You Say
Madara - Ya How Do We Beat
??? - I'm Shocked That Your All Still Alive
Madara - What Do You Mean
??? - He Could Have Killed You All With No Trouble At All
Obito - He's That Strong
Madara - Well He Did Take The Juubi Down On His Own
??? - Yes I'm The Titan From His Quadrant In The Universe
Cell - Whats Your Name
??? - Huh
Ulquiorra - Yes Your Name
??? - My Name Is Taimukipa
Madara - Taimukipa
Taimukipa - Yes
( Back To NaruHina )
Hinata On Top Naruto Both Naked Having Sex
Sakura Walk In
Sakura - Hey Naruto How Are You Doin...
Sakura - Aaaaaaaaagh
Naruto - Agg Sakura Chun
Hinata - Sakura San
Sakura Faints
Sasuke - Sakura Why Did You Scea...
Sasuke Grabs Sakura And Leave
10 Minutes Latered
Syareoo - So Naruto You And Hinata Got Caught In The Act
Naruto - Hehehehehe Ya
Sakura - You Two Don't Even Seem To Be Worryed
Hinata - Sorry Sakura San
Sasuke - Hehehehehehe Hahahahahaha
Sakura - Sasuke How Can You Find This Funny
Sasuke - I Don't Know It Just Is
Shea - Me And Syareoo Have Been Caught In The Act Alot
Luffy - What Are They Talking About Ace
Ace / Shocked - How Stupid Are You
Someone Fall On To The Table
??? - Ow
Goku - Who Are You
??? - I'm Natsu
???/??? - Natsu !!!
Natsu - Gray Ersa
Gray - Your Just A Pain In The Ass
Natsu - You Want To Fight
Gray And Natsu Start Fighting
Syareoo Grabs Gray And Natsu And Smash There Head Together And Drops Them
Syareoo - Will You Stop Before I Beat The **** Out Of The Two Of You
Ersa / Thought Bubble - He Really Scary
The End

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