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Naruto 617: Cries of rage...The juubi is unleashed.

The juubi roars in anger striking around at random attacking shadow clones. Naruto looks at the juubi in obvious surprise but then starts to smile.

Hyashi: "Do you see it?"
Naruto: "Yeah. Obito must no longer have control over the juubi as its now just a beast striking randomly at targets it can't hit."
Hyashi: "All squadrons focus your attacks on the juubi now. Its chakra supply is still there but thanks to our strikes it can not do another bijuu ball for quite some time!"
Shikimaru: "All forces follow my lead!"

The ninja alliance all focuses on the juubi while naruto turns to face madara who is now focusing entirely on naruto.

Madara: "Im gonna make you pay for doing this!"

Madara charges in headlong to strike naruto when suddenly his fist nearly passes through naruto's head. Madara jumps back in surprise as naruto looks equally as surprised.

Madara thinking: "Damn it! The edo tensei is slowly fading from this body. Even though I freed myself from its control it still needs chakra fed into it from the summoner in order to stay in the land of the living. Without it Im slowly fading away."
Naruto: "?!!"
Madara thinking: "If I can't survive any more in this body than I will have to transfer my chakra to another body and merge with it."
Naruto: "Your chakra must be fading away. I guess very soon you won't be a serious threat any more."
Madara: "I still have one move left I can play."

Madara suddenly hits naruto with tsukyama. Instantly naruto finds himself in darkness chained to the ground in a sitting position.

Naruto: "What the!? Where am I?"

Madara comes out of the darkness with a sinister smile on his face.

Madara: "I have decided that my current body will soon no longer support my needs and yours will be my new host."
Naruto: "Over my dead body!"
Madara: "Unnecessary. Once my chakra transference is complete your mind will be simply erased from existence."
Kirama: "I will not allow that to happen!"

Madara turns to face the kyubi which has emerged from the darkness.

Madara: "Stubborn as ever. You will see things my way soon but for now I will just silence you."

Madara hits the kyubi with tsukyama and turns to face naruto. Madara spreads his hands out and a beam of grey chakra moves towards naruto and strikes him. As it strikes him naruto's hair starts to slowly turn black.

Madara: "Soon you and I will be one."
Minato Namikaze: "Not if I have anything to say about it!"

Minato Namikaze strikes madara causing him to stop the transference while Kushina appears and stands in the way between madara and naruto.

Madara: "Hmm So I..."
Minato Namikaze: "Madara Uchiha I challenge you to a duel to the death."
Madara: "And who are you to make such a challenge to one such as myself."
Minato Namikaze: "I am Minato Namikaze! The fourth hokage of the hidden leaf village and naruto's father!"
Madara: "I accept."

Suddenly Madara and Minato Namikaze vanish leaving Kushina alone with Naruto. Minato Namikaze appears inside konoha during the kyubi attack on the leaf village.

Minato Namikaze: "How is this possible? Im back in the leaf village."

Madara appears along with several hidden leaf ninjas who seem to be all looking at Minato Namikaze as if he were the enemy.

Madara: "Lets begin."

Kushina is struggling to wake up naruto but naruto is still unconscious. Kushina tries to pull free one of the chains but it won't budge. Kushina turns around in surprise as she hears footsteps of someone approaching.

Kushina: "Where are you Madara?! What have you done to naruto!"
Voice: "You can't help him by removing those chains. They will never budge."
Kushina: "Show yourself. I know by your voice you are not Madara."
Voice: "You are right and I think its time I helped you free naruto."

Shisui Uchiha slowly walks out of the darkness as Kushina is shocked to see Shisui with sharingan eyes.

618: Power struggle

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