Sunday, 20 January 2013

Naruto 617 Prediction

Kakashi: It seems that Naruto picked up the importance of friendship

Obito: Naruto having friends only leads to loneliness when they die

Naruto: I don't care like I said I'll carry the weight of the curse

Madara: you talk strongly about this curse Naruto, when you don't know how far back it goes

Naruto: It don't matter, I'll stop it no matter what

Obito: Naruto you were not able to even stop me, what makes you think anything has changed now

Naruto: Because I have my friends!!!!

Madara and Obito have a shocked face

Madara: such a fool as usual

Obito: Madara, they are still holding on the hope

Madara: hmmm, nothing that cant be destroyed

Madara's eyes are the Rinnegan, and he makes a sign

Madara: meteorite devastation

1000s of meteorites come flying down from the atmosphere but they are mini, they crush many shinobi

Naruto: Uncle Bee we have to stop this

Bee: agreed fool ya fool

Bee and Naruto go into Host Transformation

Naruto/Bee: continuous Bijuu Bombs

Naruto and Bee start to destroy the meteorites

Hinata: Ino-kun tell you clan to continuous send their minds towards them

Ino: ????... if one of us can only stay in a second whats the point

Hinata: but with many, that one second can become many

Ino: right (mind transfer to other members of the clan on the battlefield) Everyone use our power to hold them off

all of the clan start shooting towards Madara and Obito, and a member goes inside of their minds

Madara: release

the person is ripped from his body but only to be replaced by another over and over

Obito: seems they found a way to keep us under this mind transfer

Madara: that Hyuga bitch needs to be put in her place

Madara fighting the mind transfer


Hinata: thanks Naruto.............

Hinata is stabbed multiple times by the black rods, and Naruto's eyes widen

Naruto: HINATA!!!!!

Naruto runs to catch the falling Hinata

Hinata: Naruto-kun


Hinata places a hand on his cheek

Hinata: its ok Naruto, these rods hit too many vital spots for me to make it

Naruto: let me give you some of my chakra it heals better than the medics

Kurama: Naruto its pointless, shes too far gone, you would be giving your chakra to the dead

Hinata: Naruto I'm glad I was able to fight for the one that I loved

Naruto: Hinata...

Hinata: good bye Naruto

Naruto leans in a kisses her on her forehead


what will be his reaction

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