Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Naruto 617 PREDICTION Order of power

*Obito looks on visibly angry, his once cool demeanor has vanished*

MADARA:'re taking too long to crush them, hurry it up already. *tightening his Madara gloves*
OBITO: I said shut up! You would be nothing without me! I want them to suffere! Just like I did. I want to teach them desp-
*Naruto interrupts*
NARUTO: Despair, despair, blah blah blah, would you shut up already?
*He smirks*
*we see Kakashi, Guy, Darui and Hinata step forward, all cloaked in Kurama's chakra*
NARUTO: You nearly had me, but I can never forget my friends you-
*Obito interrupts, now raging in fury*
OBITO: You have no idea how the world works! I shall eradicate all of you, there will be no ninja world soon.
MADARA THINKS: The Juubi's chakra is overwhelming him... he's losing control of emotions...
*Obito rips the cord that connects him to the Juubi, his MS in glowing in the moonlight like cats eyes, he jumps down off the Juubi with his head tilted down, the Juubi's chakra is inside him and his sharingan begins to swirl*

*Naruto and the shinobi alliance gasp and are knocked back as they feel the potent chakra the combination of the sharingan, rinnegan and Juubi bring*
OBITO: You truly thought you had a chance?
*blood trickles down his right eye*
KAKASHI: Oh no! He can use Itachi's amaterasu too?
*Obito smirks*
*his sharingan spins wildly as his vortex range increases tenfold, searing black flames dance around the majority of the shinobi alliance, those around the edges get burned to a crisp, as the vortex narrows, Obito is knocked away by one of the Juubi hands*
OBITO: Grrrr
*Madara is shown flailing about on top of the Juubi, he can't hold the pull of the Juubi*
MADARA: Obito you fool!
*the tails whip wildly in random directions and Madara is forced to jump off*
MADARA: You've messed up Obito.
*glaring madly towards him*

*The scene switches back to Take and Orochimaru*
SASUKE: How much further?
OROCHIMARU: Patience young one, it appears someone is following us kukukuku *he lips his lips*
*Sasuke draws his sword*
SASUKE: I didn't even notice you, but that's what I would expect from a member of Taka.
*Karin steps from behind the bushes, she has stolen a Konoha chunin outfit and walks towards Sasuke*
SUIGETSU: Oh no not you!!
OROCHIMARU: Silence Suigetsu...Sasuke do you remember his street?
*Sasuke looks up to towards the electric cable tower in which Itachi once stood*
SASUKE: Yes I remember...


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