Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Naruto 619 Just Let Go

Orochimaru - Hashirama, Tobirama, Hiruzen, Minato The Ones Who Know Everything
Scene Change
Naruto - ???
Naruto Falls The In Pain
(Naruto's Mind)
(Naruto) - Kurama Whats Happen to me Your Giant Now
(Kurama) - Finally I'm A Full Power Again
(Naruto) - Huh Wha
(Kurama) - Your Father Sealed Half Of My Chakra In The Reaper Death Seal And The Seal Was Broken And Then Mean That Your Father Has Been Freed To
Scene Change
Orochimaru - Previous Hokages Welcome
Hashirama - Edo Tensei Again
Tobirama - Hmm
Hiruzen - Orochimaru What The Meaning Of This
Minato - ...
Sasuke - Previous Hokages I Want You 4 To Answers My Question
Hashirama - An A Uchiha
Tobirama - What Do You Want To Know Uchiha
Hiruzen - Sasuke You Want Destroy The Village
Sasuke - I Don't Know Right Now
Minato - Where's My Son
Sasuke - ?Son?
Minato - I'm The Father Of Naruto Uzumaki
Sasuke's Has A Shocked Look
Sasuke - Your Naruto's Father
Hiruzen - Sasuke Please Don't Killer Your Family Your Friend Your Home
Sasuke - If You Cared You Would Have Done Something To Stop The Slaughter Of The Uchiha !!!
Tobirama - What
Hashirama - Hiruzen What Happened
Hiruzen - Danzo Forced Itachi Sasuke's Older Brother To Slaughter The Uchiha Clan
Sasuke - I Killed Danzo (Crying)
Tobirama - You Did What Why You Little
Hashirama - Stop Tobirama The Uchiha Boy Is Right For What He Did
Hiruzen Hugs Sasuke
Hiruzen - Just Let It Out Sasuke
Minato - I Could Have Stop All Of This From Happening If I Didn't Ya The Reaper Death Seal It's Because The The Masked Man Who Called Himself Madara Uchiha
Hashirama - But I Killed Madara
Orochimaru - He Died After Your Fight And The Masked Man Name Is Tobi
A Flash And Something Lands Behide Jugo
Suigetsu - What The Hell Was That
Hashirama - That The Sage Of Six Paths
Sasuke - No That's Naruto

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