Sunday, 20 January 2013

Naruto 617-The Spirit of the Alliance

*Obito surprised*
Obito: *Thinks* Erasing the real ones..
Madara: *With a smirk* You grow soft, Obito.
*Juuibi grows more arms through his original huge arm's fingers and attack*
Kakashi: Did you hear that, Obito!
*Naruto releases the Kyubi chakra around him in the form of Kurama releasing multi chakra arms that are as large his original arms holding all the small arms away*
*The chakra arms made by Naruto get absorbed inside the juubi's making them grow larger as they proceed*
Naruto: ****..
*Temari and her team unleach a strong wind current which cut some of the arms off. While Hinato make a gigantic rotation, kiba preforms a huge getsuga and Lee activates the third gate after taking some of Naruto's chakra charging through the arms and destroying more arms than anyone*
Lee: This is the Alliance no Jutsu!
*As Lee lands between the cracked arms one large arm catches him from underground*
Madara: Alliance, huh, this is a lie you tell yourself to selfishly increase your chances of survival! This is a lie! You will all die one after another and none of you will come to rescue one another.
*The arm starts to squeeze against Lee as Naruto and Gai(with the third gate opened try to save him but tens of Juubi arms lunch at them from underground*
*They all stare miserably at Lee in that instant thinking that they won't be able to save him*
Sakura: *Screams* Lee!!
*The Juubi arm holding Lee suddenly gets wide opened, leaving Lee to fall*
Madara: * Surprisingly stare at Obito* Obito!
*Obito punches Madara in the face sending him flying*
The end.

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