Monday, 14 January 2013

Naruto 616: A crippling blow

Naruto and hinata are holding hands when suddenly Hinata finds herself standing next to naruto in front of the kyubi. Hinata is terrified at first but then she

Naruto: "Its ok I have brought you into the mind link here with me and the kyubi. We need to make a plan to take down the juubi cause its obvious now we can't beat it with power so only strategy will allow us a victory."
Kyubi: "I do not have enough chakra yet to do a major attack so what ever we use must be without usage of a bijuu ball."
Hachibi: "If you need a bijuu ball you can leave that to us."
Naruto: "Are you two ok after that last attack?"
Bee: "It hurt but we got the job done. Yeah."
Naruto: "Well the reason I have brought hinata in here is I have a new strategy we can use, we deprive the juubi and obito of the chakra they need to carry out their plans."
Kyubi: "But you have seen what the juubi has done thus far. We can not afford to have another one of those attacks take place."
Naruto: "We are gonna need to use the full power of the byakugan to carry this plan out maybe even take it beyond that."
Hachibi: "If that is the case allow me to get us some additional assistance."

Suddenly several members of the hyuga clan all appeared at once.

Hyashi: "What is this place?"
Naruto: "You are inside the mind link with hinata, the hachibi, the kyubi, and myself."
Hyashi: "The hachibi said you had something to tell us. What is it?"
Naruto: "Im gonna need all of you for this but if it works we are about to deal a massive blow to the juubi."

Suddenly all of hyuga clan members gathered together with naruto and hinata. The hachibi moved in behind them.

Kakashi thinking: "Something must have just happened between them."
Naruto: "Everyone ready? NOW!"

All of them suddenly grab hands and instantly kyubi and hachibi chakra flows through all of them. Naruto summons several hundred shadow clones that charge towards the juubi.

Madara: "He really doesn't learn does he?"

Madara fires several fire blasts destroying clones when suddenly one of the clones transforms into a hyashi who immediately jumps up and hits the leg of the juubi with a massively over powered gentle fist attack that immediately staggers the juubi. The juubi lets a scream of rage and pain as the attacks from several hyuga members hit its body in multiple places. Madara repeatedly attacks at the clones with fire blasts but despite his efforts he can't seem to hit a single hyuga clan member or naruto.

Obito: "Damn it! These attacks are starting to make it harder to control the juubi. What ever they are doing we have to stop them right now."
Madara: "That's what Im trying to do."

Madara summons several wood clones that start fighting the clones. Suddenly a huge bijuu ball slams into the juubi from behind catching obito and madara by surprise.

Obito: "Damn it where did that come from?"

Madara turns around to see the hachibi behind them obviously exhausted. Obito turns around when suddenly he sees something in the corner of his eye and turn faceing forward to see naruto and hinata standing in front of him. Obito tries to strike naruto when suddenly hinata appears in front of him revealing the hinata next to naruto to be a shadow clone.

Hinata: "This is for NEJI!"

Hinata hits several dozen extremely fast gentle fist attacks into obito who screams in agony spitting out blood as hinata's strikes hit his whole upper torso. Obito staggers backward causing madara to turn around in surprise as he sees obito fall off the juubi and land on the ground.

Madara: "I see what you have done there. Clever but with obito who is gonna control the juubi."

Naruto tries to attack madara with a rasenshuriken but he flees off the juubi landing on the ground amongst his clones.

The juubi lets out a scream as it roars in anger and pain.

Kyubi: "Naruto I think we have just succeeded in taking control of the juubi out of the hands of obito but I think we just made the juubi very very angry."

The juubi lets out a massively loud roar as it causes tremors around the whole area.

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