Thursday, 31 January 2013


Sasuke: Hokages of the past… tell me, what is a clan, what is a village?

The pages look at one another quizzically. "What the fuck?" Tobirama asks the others. "This kid serious?" Hashirama ponders, staring at the ceiling. Hiruzen sighs. "Sasuke, right? And Orochimaru. Seems you found out about the death God…"

"How very astute," Orochimaru responds. "Now answer his questions."

They all get glazed looks in their eyes and obey.

Hiruzen: "A village… is a place where people live."
Hashirama: "Pretty much."
Tobirama: "Yup."
Minato: "…"

"And what's a clan?" Sasuke repeats.

Hiruzen: "I'll let you answer that, Hashirama-dono."
Hashirama: "A clan is a group of people who are blood relatives."
Tobirama: "Yup."
Minato: "…"
Hiruzen: "Very complicated stuff."

Sasuke just looks at them. "Stop fucking around. Answer the questions!"

The Kages all look bored. Hiruzen decides to take the lead.

"Sasuke, what is this really about?"
"I… found out about Itachi, and what you and the elders made him do!"

Hiruzen looks worried, but responds with a loving expression on his face.

"Then… I understand."
"A clan… is a group of blood relatives that love one another and band together, facing dangers together, always being there for their loved ones, always sacrificing themselves for the good of the clan."
"But… your confusion comes from Itachi's decisions."
"Itachi… chose the village over his clan."
"A village is like a clan, except within a village you aren't necessarily bound by blood. There are no honorifics, customs and expectations. Whatever someone does for another fellow Konoha nin, he does for the sake of the bigger picture; the greater good. Selfless acts with nothing in return."

The other Kages listen intently to Hiruzen. Hashirama takes over.

"Back in my younger days… clans were all we had. Most clans competed in the art of war. Chaos and agony were daily occurrences."
"When we founded Konoha, we decided to put the village on a higher pedestal than our clans. Unite the clans, combine our power, combine our ambitions."

Tobirama finishes the explanation. "This new hierarchy wasn't for everyone. The Uchiha clan, mostly Uchiha Madara and his loyalists, were the ones against this merger of clans. They could never accept another person on equal footing."

Hashirama: "… well, most just simply weren't on equal footing with them."

Tobirama: "Madara left. Nobody stopped him, it was his choice."
"You need to understand that choosing the village over your clan is choosing peace over infinite war and chaos."
"There used to be a plan… Hiruzen…?"

Hiruzen finishes the story to Sasuke. "When Itachi chose Konoha, he didn't choose against his clan. He chose the path that was by far the hardest for him. But a path that resulted in the least amount of casualties. He decimated his clan to save the village. And… to save you…"

Sasuke looks unfazed at the remarks, but is in deep thought and contemplation.

Minato looks behind himself and notices something. "Do you all…"
Hashirama: "Yes… the Kyuubi and Madara…"
Minato: "No…"

"It's the combined assault of all villages, led by Naruto, fighting against an Edo Tensei of Madara." Juugo simply explains.

Sasuke: "…"
Orochimaru: "Right. Now it's our time."
Orochimaru: "Gentlemen…"

The kages look at Orochimaru obediently.

"We're going to finish off Madara… and take the Juubi captive."
"Minato, if you will…"

"Yes," Minato responds. He forms seals and a circle appears on the ground below all of them. "Hiraishin no-jutsu."

Back to where Naruto is fighting.

Naruto is still standing in front of Madara and Tobi. "And I hope my friends won't abandon me!" is repeated from the last chapter.

Suddenly, all around Naruto appear Hashirama, Tobirama, Hiruzen, Minato, Orochimaru, Sasuke, Juugo, and Suigetsu.

"What..! Hashir--!!" Madara begins, but immediately he is impaled by gigantic amounts of the most potent mokuton jutsu. A level that not even he can answer.

Shock spreads throughout the alliance. Madara manages to split himself off using a Mokuton clone, and forms seals to summon his perfect Susanoo. Sasuke looks him in the eyes and simply blocks it with his Mangekyou genjutsu.

"Sasuke…" Naruto stammers.

Sasuke looks at Naruto. "Let's do this… together."

They stand side by side. Sasuke uses a partial Susanoo to block an attack from the Juubi on Naruto. Naruto, in Kyuubi's world, reacts to Kurama wondering what the fuck is going on. "I sense he is changed…" Naruto simply states.

In the real world again. Naruto places his hand on Sasuke's shoulder. He is immediately powered by Kyuubi's chakra.

"Let's go."

Full frontal shot of Sasuke and Naruto standing side-by-side, both using their power to protect the other. Sakura and Kakashi are far behind them, with the alliance, all equally shocked at these developments.

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