Thursday, 31 January 2013

Naruto 619 : "Conversations" part I

Hashirama and the other Kages stand before the abstract 4man team.

Hashi "it seems we are in a familiar situation again brother."

Tobirama, " yes it does. Hey Sarutobi, i thought you took care of this last time?"

Hurizen, " i sealed us into the death demon, i am sure of it!"

Minato, " i sealed myself as well. Looks as though all the Kage before are here. Only one answer."

Orochimaru steps forward, completely possessing the Zetsu form now.

Hurizen and the first two Kages look on.*

Minato "Orchimaru-sama, you have used the Uzumaki mask of the death God to undo this haven't you?"

Orochimaru, {4th Hokage, you really are a genius. With little information he figured it all out} "yes, *that is correct. "

Hashirama, "hmm so i guess you down on the end, your te fourth Hokage?"

Minato looking at him and bowing, " yes first Hokage -sama."

Hashirama, "now now were all Kage. Is this your pupil Sarutobi?"

Hurizen, "actually he is a student of my student, if you will."

Tobirama, " either way, a fine shinobi and Kage. Now why are we here?"

Hurizen, " what did you bring us forth to did Orochimaru, fight another battle for you?"

Tobirama, " if so, let's get it over with."

Minato, "i don't think so. By the way they are standing, there is distrust but no one is showing hostility to any other."

Sasuke stands forward, " i have questions that only you four can answer. After that i will have Orochimaru cancel this jutsu. I need you not to fight any of my battles."

Hurizen, " Sasuke Uchiha, is that you?"

Hashirama, "Sasuke, huh? Your name after a great Sarutobi clan ninja, did your parents tell you that?"

Sasuke, "my clan is dead."

Hashirama, Tobirama & Minato, "dead?!"

Hurizen just lowers his head, " what are your questions, Sasuke."

Sasuke looks at Hashirama, "first Hokage, founder of the Leaf, *leader of the Senju, revered as the strongest ninja known . What is a clan?"

Hashirama, " i see. Your eyes give you away. Your face is solid emotionless, but your eyes are full. Loneliness pain, anger, and but mostly confusion."

Sasuke goes EMS, " answer the question."

Hashirama, "Eternal Mangekyo Sharinghan, that has no effect on me and most Senju are very resilient. But i will answer your question, none the less."

Suigetsu, {i don't think provoking these guys is a good idea, *Edo Tensei *or not!}

Hashirama,"the Blood flowing through our veins shared with others is the base of a clan. You live and die for your clan, you keep the interest of the clan before your own."

Sasuke, " before yourself? What if you can't? What if you put something before the clam, before yourself?!"

Hashirama is quiet for a bit then, " well then if you put something before your clan. It must be very important or special to you just make sure it is worth it and the exactly what you want to do."

Juugo, " them you will be alone, like Sasuke."

Hashirama, "hmmm, why because the people with your name sake are no longer by your side? If your cause is just then you will have a new clan."

Sasuke, " a new clan?"

Hashirama, "exactly, for instance, all the Kage, everyone in the village and you... Are part of my clan. The Konoha village clan!"

He smiles and scratches the back of his head.

Hurizen, " Hashiram-sama, you are still as sentimental as ever."

Sasuke is quiet then looks at Tobirama, "what is family, what does it mean to be brothers?"

Tobirama, " I am not as long winded and delicate as my older brother. So i will say this, a brother is someone that will not only die for you and you for him he is someone that... Will live for you as well."

Sasuke, "live for you?"

Tobirama, "someone that will dedicate his life to help you even when you don't think you need it or even want it."
Sasuke thinking of naruto.

Flash back:

Sasuke, " why are you so fixated on me?!"

Naruto, " because your my friend."

Another flash of Naruto, " your the closes thing I got to a brother."


Tobirama, " clans, names, villages mean nothing when it comes to family and brothers. Eveyone in konoha is my brother or sister, even you little Sasuke, even you with so much hate in your heart."

Naruto inside Sasuke head, " i will take on that hate with you..."

Sasuke looks at the 3rd Hokage, " now I have two questions for you. One,what is a village? I want you to tell me this first...why did Itachi put the village before our clan, our family?!"

Hurizen is surprised.

Sasuke, "tell me!"

Next: "Conversations" part II

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