Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Naruto 619 Prediction 4

Orochimaru: Greetings, hokages.
Hokages: !!!
Hiruzen: This is ?!?!?
Minato: This is not the afterworld, sandaime.
Tobirama: This is, no mistake. The my edo tensei jutsu, we have been summoned back from the afterworld.
Hashirama: which means...
Orochimaru: We brought you back (With a glaring face)

Hashirama stares at sasuke for a moment: *think* Young Madara?
Hiruzen: Orochimaru! What is the meaning of this? I remembered that i sealed your hands, shodai & nidai-sama with the shiki fuuin jutsu.
Hashirama: Can someone do explain what is the meaning of this? We're were too far ahead of you.
Tobirama: hmph, yeah right. To imagine that we were summoned back by edo tensei twice.

Sasuke turns to orochimaru: hurry up, i dont have time to waste here.
Hiruzen: Sasuke? my... you've grown.
Sasuke: Im not just big as you see, and we didnt bring you back just to see how much i've grown.
Minato: Sasuke... So this is sasuke, i havn't met this kid before, but your name was spoken by naruto lots of time. You must be important to him.
Sasuke: So youre Naruto's father? no wonder u looked familiar. Hmmph, like i care.. I have no interest in befriending your child, but if he's in my way, i will kill him.
Tobirama: quite an attitude you there boy.
Hashirama: He remind me of Uchiha Madara.
Minato: We are in time of war now, right?
Juugo: !!
Suigetsu: how did you know that!?
Minato *cross his arms* : We are elite ninjas, hokages. Our souls are all the hands of shinigami when we died. A simple edo tensei jutsu wont be able to bring us back that easily. But yet, you found a way to summon the 4 of us back together. You're planning to put us on the battlefield, don't you?
Sasuke: hah, youre much more clever than Naruto indeed.
Minato: And we are in Konoha right?
Sasuke: ...
1st,2nd,3rd: !!!!!!
Hashirama: Konoha? this wretched place is konoha? Yondaime, how did you even managed my village?
Hiruzen: calm down, shodai-sama.. He was dead before me, saving the village from kyuubi's rampage, sealing the kyuubi's chakra into his right own child, Uzumaki Naruto.
Hashirama: Uzumaki..... *thoughts* Mito......
Orochimaru: you're right, yondaime. We are in the ruins of Uchiha.
Tobirama: I never knew the uchiha's build this in konoha.
Hashirama: Young Uchiha, a war, u'll say?
Hiruzen: You've summoned us back for questions. We have more questions from you either.
Minato: That's right, so now...

Tell me....

Where's Naruto? - End

Thats basically it. We have no absolute idea how to story goes, but im pretty sure on chapter 619 will be alot of talking. As you can see there's no end of asking each other things. Who knows Hashirama sensed Madara's appearance. Or Naruto sensed Minato's appearance. That could be interesting. This will be a 3 way battle now.

Naruto VS Tobi Vs Sasuke

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