Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Orochimaru : Sasuke-kun this is the place, an ancient place known
by Senju and Uchiha alike
Sasuke : why both of them? those Senju scum have no right to enter this place.
Orochimaru : They will tell you the whole story
Orochimaru : Ino , sari , tora, mi ,saru , ne , uma, mi : ancient seal release!
Sasuke : !

Back to the battlefield.

Madara : This is interesting.
Shikamaru : Taijutsu users focus on Madara, Kakashi , Naruto
go after Obito en help the others with Madara when you can.
Kakashi : right.
Lee is running toward Madara
Madara : He thinks he can hit me again? Susanoo ribcage appears
Lee kicks the susanoo ribcage only a crack on the bones
Madara : Not bad.
Lee gives madara 50 kicks in 3 seconds and each kick
gives the Susanoo a crack.
Madara : What ..... arrogance
Susanoo arms appears and catch lee
Madara : I am gonna crush you like leaf.........
Naruto : Fuuton Rasenshuriken!!!
Naruto cut the arm of the Susanoo
Obito : Naruto you can beter focus on me . KATON GOKAKYUO NO JUTSU

Madara : hmph ....... this is really annoying........oh well
The real Madara jumped to the head of the Juubi to watch the show.
40 Madara's have appeard.
Madara let's see you deal with this
all Madara clones entered Susanoo

Naruto : damn Madara is to strong i can't let the taijutsu people like
lee and eye brow sensei do it alone.

Naruto : Wait ! Kage bushin No jutsu
50 normal Naruto's came

Kurama : why 50 normal Bunshin , i can't make more than 6 clones
of the Bijuu mode. but these clones can enter Sage mode
and aid them with Frog kumite and support them with attacks.

all the taijutsu shinobi had one Sage Naruto clone to back them up

Lee : thanks Naruto.
Naruto : Kakashi can you and guy take of Obito. if i can damage Madara in some way
the clones will disappear.

Kakashi : Fine
Guy : Show him the power of youth
Naruto : yeah
Madara : Naruto you are starting to ruin my entertainment.....

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