Thursday, 17 January 2013

Naruto 617 Prediction: Power Up

The Alliance are all covered in Kyuubi chakra

Madara: It seems Naruto gave them all nine tails chakra.

Obito is getting extremely aggravated

Naruto: Everyone ready??
Alliance: YES!
Kakashi: (My chakra...)
Kakashi: Naruto! Before we go i want to try something!

Naruto looks at Kakashi surprised

Naruto: Ok.

Kakashi activates Kamui and is targeting the Juubi. Everyone is stunned

Obito: With the nine tails chakra is Kamui power is increased!

The Juubi begins to rock violently, Obito and Madara are close to falling

Madara: This isnt good Obito! *Activates perfect susanoo* *Jumps off Juubi*

Madara's susanoo arms begin to latch onto the juubi to hold it in place

Kakashi: GUY NOW!

Guy appears a few metres away from Madara in the 7th gate

Guy: Afternoon Tiger!!!

Madara is pushed several hundred meters back. The Juubi begins to go crazy

618: Guy's Prevail

Obito: (If this continues the Juubi will be sucked into the other dimension and i wont be able to bring it back) *Looks at Kakashi* (hmm)

Obito starts activating Kamui on Kakashi

Kakashi: ?!
Shikamaru: Naruto quickly!

Naruto throws a Rasenshuriken at Obito, followed by hundreds of mini rasenshurikens

Obito: Theres no way i can dodge them all! *Goes intangible* *his connection to the Juubi severs*

Obito is thrown off the Juubi onto the ground

Obito: Ugh...

When the dust clears Obito is surrounded by the alliance. Bee and Naruto change into the Kyuubi and the Hachibi to restrain the Juubi

Naruto: Bee we wont be able to hold it much longer!
Bee: I know ya fool!
Guy: (Naruto and Bee need help. Kakashi is clearly unable to Kamui the Juubi away. I guess it is up to me...) *Opens 8th Gate*
Guy: Midnight Dragon!!!!!!
Alliance: !!!??
Kakashi: What?! GUY NO!!!!!

The Juubi is sent flying by the Midnight Dragon. Guy is seen falling from the sky. Naruto flashes to him and catches him before he hits the ground

Kakashi: Guy...

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