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Naruto 617 Prediction: Reversal

*Sasuke looks onto the old Uchiha abandoned street, and remembers the face of Itachi. Juugo and Suigetsu stand behind Sasuke in confusion about where Orochimaru is leading them. Orochimaru smirks with a stop as he turns to see Sasuke in a reminiscing daze*

Orochimaru: *smiling in interest* "Is everything alright?"
Sasuke: *Looking up towards the full moon* "I'm sure that Madara will carry on the moon's eye plan soon....How foolish....I would think he wouldn't be taking this long."

*Sasuke remembers sensing Naruto's chakra. Orochimaru, looks up at the moon as well*

Orochimaru: "Looks like they have Naruto to deal with....don't you think....Sasuke."
Sasuke: "...."
Suigetsu: "Oi, Sasuke?"
Sasuke: *acknowleging Suigetsu*
Suigetsu: "Juugo and I were held a while back ago, so we know the wearabouts of karin. We were thinking that we'd do you a favor and leave you and the snake freak to do your own bidding while we go get her..."
Sasuke: *turning back to Orochimaru* "It doesn't what you want"
Juugo: "..."
Suigetsu:*annoyed* "Humph! High and mighty I see...then again, you never really did show enthusiasm when it came to teamwork. *looks to juugo* "Alright, let's go."

*Sasuke walks ahead of Orochimaru at Suigetsu and Juugo's exit. Orochimaru stares towards the Uchiha with much praise and wide-eyed evil excitement*

Sasuke: *stopping* "Well, are you gonna lead the way or what?"
Orochimaru: *In his head* "Seems like the boy has grown quite a lot since I last laid these eyes on him."

*Big Panel of Sasuke revealing his new eyes in a cool calmness, but with strong fury all at the same time. Orochimaru's words at the side of the panel page*
^Orochimaru: "He is dead set on seeing them!!"

*Scene switches to Naruto who places the Kyuubi chakra onto Lee. The others stare in wait in anticipation for Naruto's next words*

Lee: "Naruto...I-"
Naruto: "Neji may be down for the count, but he still burns within your heart Lee."

*Lee wipes his eyes*

Naruto: "Besides, you two are rivals...don't let him outdue you while he's still connected within us. He watches you even now."
Lee: *Stands up straight* "Naruto is right!"
Gai: "Thats what I'm talking about! Way to go Lee!" *A flame burning in his eyes*
TenTen: *In thought as she looks to Naruto* "Amazing, who would have thought Lee could be swayed at a time like this...Is that....Is that really naruto?"

*Naruto looks over at the staring TenTen and smiles brightly. Naruto and the others are interrupted by Obito*

Obito: "You just don't get it do you...your all within range....I can make a reality far better than-"

*Obito stops mid-sentence with a worried grin on his face. Madara notices this*

Madara: *In thought of Obito's atittude* "Soon....very soon."

*Naruto looks towards Hinata who seems to smile back at him in reassurance. Naruto nods with a smile back, he then faces in Obito's direction once more to continue his words*

Naruto: "I don't know what kind of life you want to distort and engrave into our heads, but its not mine!! If I fail it'll be the end of shinobi!!"

Obito: "...."
Madara: "...."

*Naruto appears in super speed behind Kiba and Shino, and sends more kyuubi chakra into their bodies. Naruto finishes his speech in the process in a loud passionate voice of inspiration*

Naruto: "IF THIS IS OUR LAST SHOT TO REPRESENT SHINOBI WE'LL TAKE IT!!! BUT I REFUSE TO THINK EVEN THAT!...." *Naruto remember the old 3rd hokage when he was a Kid and continues speaking with a bang* THE WILL OF FIRE NEVER DIES OUT!!!"

*Suddenly Kiba and Akamaru transform in a quick, surprising speed into the two headed wolf. It grows much bigger with the Kyuubi chakra enhacement. Shino awaits for an opening*

Nara members holding Juubi with Shadow possessions: "Do as much damage as you can! It will make this strategy hold stronger."
Shikamaru: "Naruto be sure to be ready when the time comes to deliver the finishing blow to one of the two!"

Naruto walks over to Hinata and stands by her with a confident grin: "You got it Shikamaru!"

*Suddenly Kakashi walks over and nudges Naruto's side. Naruto looks at him, amazed, but senses what his Sensei desired. Naruto nods at Kakashi's gesture*

*Obito grows angrier. Madara looks over towards the two-Headed wolf without any sign of amazment on his face*

Madara: "Seems as if your words meant nothing. He is as confident as ever....well, obi-"
Obito: "Shut your mouth....don't forget, your at my mercy."
Madara: "......" *In thought as he looks at Obito's uncertain face* "It's only a matter of time before his resolve shatters at the mercy of Naruto.....thats where I'll make a move. You don't know it but your at my mercy....Obito"

*Suddenly the two headed wolf moves forward and strikes the juubi in the arm near the head with its fangs. The juubi gives out a horrifying shriek. It stresses the Nara clan to hold it down with accuracy. the juubi pushes the two headed wolf out of the way. It shoots a large bijuu bomb straight at the two headed wolf's face. The Jutsu gets undone as Kiba and Akamaru come out in plain sight falling fast. Blood falls fast along with them. Hinata manages to grab Akamaru and Sai manages to grab Kiba both in the air*

Obito: "You underestimate the power of the Juubi!!!"

*The Juubi begins to shake, suddenly a big hole blows open close towards the Juubi's thigh. Giant beetles mixed with small ones begin to fly out of it in various directions. This makes the Juubi screech loudly. Obito and Madara are aroused in confusion. Shino steps out with the Kyuubi's chakra surrounding him. He fixes his glasses*

Shino: "And you understimate Shinobi"
The Aburame clan: *smiling* "Good job there shino, nice thinking..."
Madara: "I see....that two headed wolf was meant to get this close to us, giving the aburame kid a great opening to enter the juubi without anyone noticing it. And the Juubi was focused too much from the pain of the fangs on his arms to do anything about it, giving a wide opening easily taken for an inner attack.*

*The juubi stops its screech and seems to be little affected by the hard blow within him. Shino jumps off and lands on the ground a safe distance away*

Obito: "Is that all you've got! Is this all Shinobi are capable of! You've all barely laid a scratch on my resolve! It's pointless! I have a better reality to enstill upon this world! Just give up!!!"

*Suddenly Kakashi appears with the kyuubi cloak around him. He confronts Obito in a super fast speed. Kakashi looks into Obito's sharingan, as Obito (with no other choice from the sudden speed) looks into Kakashi's sharingan with his sharingan as well*

*Obito appears in a vision at the sight of the sharingan. The vision shows Obito taking the place of every part of the life Naruto led. He see's himself talking the Chunin exams, training with jiraiya, talking to the Kyuubi, fighting pain, and finally standing before an evil man who wished to take this world away and enstill a new reality as he was now trying to do himself*

Kakashi's voice during the vision: "You could have been just like could have been the voice of true peace....You could have been......Naruto"

Obito talking during the vision: "I gave up on that sort of peace a long time ago, and I won't go back. Rin died for the sake of that peace...your so called peace is an illusion."
Kakashi's voice during the vision: "Are you sure you want to take this can choose what is right. Here and now...we can see Rin again together."

*Obito's voice in the vision thinks for a second, but then, begins to answer*

Obito's voice in the vision: "I will not change...I refuse...."

*Kakashi sighs, and begins to answer as the vision slowly dissipates*

Kakashi:"I understand....that is why..."

*Obito opens his eyes and appears back in reality with Kakashi nowhere in sight. Naruto appears up in the air with a Rasengan in hand. Obito and Madara look up unamazed*

Obito: *shaking Kakashi's words* "JUST GIVE UP!!!*
Naruto: *with a smirk in the sky, rasengan ready* "If I give up the story will change!! The Tale of Me will never change! SO.....GIVE UP ON ME GIVING UP!!! NOW KAKASHI!!!!"

*Kakashi grabs onto Obito in a surprised shock, and conters Obito's Kamui with his own so that he won't disappear. Naruto moves at full force for the strike*

Obito: "!!?"
Kakashi: *Kakashi finishes his previous statement from the vision* "I will see a better future for you since your eyes have fallen to folly, luckily mine haven't!!!"

Naruto: "RASENGAN!!!"

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