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Naruto manga 618 - Mysterious Passage prediciton

Sasuke finally arrives at his destination !

Sasuke: Is it here ?

Orochimaru(smirks): Yeah.

Sasuke stand before entrance to mysterious passage, as he looks into entrance of passage, there is only darkness. Suigetsu looks into passage as well with unpleased expression on his face. Juugo looks forward as his face expression don't change at all. Orochimaru smirks then he turns to Sasuke.

Orochimaru: Sasuke, Could you use your fire jutsu to fire all derivatives inside passage ?

Sasuke: oh yeah.

Sasuke: Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique !

Sasuke goes through Rat,Tiger, Dog, Ox, Rabbit, Tiger handseals takes deep breath then he release from his mouth volley of many fire balls flying toward into passage. Suigetsu has bored look as Juugo sit down in rock. After Sasuke stop releasing small fire balls, only little smoke is comming from his mouth as Orochimaru watches as small sources of light appear in passage, growing in numbers expand light so much to lighten up all passage.

Orochimaru(lick his lips): Amazing, you didn't miss even one derivatives .

Suigetsu: oh jeez, Showing off as always eh, Sasuke.

Juugo(little widden eyes): you become even more powerfull Sasuke.

Sasuke: Hmpf, Let's lead us, Orochimaru

Orochimaru(turns to Sasuke, smirks then turn forward): Ok, let's continue.

Sasuke, Orochimaru are shown walking forward before Suigetsu and Juugo, who follows them as they look around on walls, seeing dust almost everywhere. Sasuke keep walking while being silent.

Suigetsu: this place is weird, it seems like no human has been there for long time...

Juugo: It reminds me place where I lived before Kimmimaro found me.

Orochimaru: You are right Suigetsu, this passage I was not be here for long time.

Sasuke(become interested): What do you mean, you have not been here for long time.

Orochimaru(sighs): This passage was orginally created by Uzumaki clan long time ago. Uzumaki clan represented evil part of body power, Senjuu was their enemy. That is reson why Uzumaki created special passage which lead to...

Sasuke(widden eyes): It can't be ...

Suigetsu: Where are we ?

Juugo: This is ...

Orochimaru: exactly

Sasuke along with Orochimaru come out of passage as they notice many ruins of buildings laying around. Suigetsu and Juugo follows them as they come out too.

Sasuke: so many ruins, it can't be

Suigetsu: ?!

Juugo: That symbol...

Orochimaru: brings memories, don't it ?, Sasuke

Sasuke: Uchiha..., my homeplace....

Sasuke, Orochimaru, Suigetsu and Juugo are shown comming off under passge near bridge under which rivers flows. As they come further and then turn right they found themselves standing before partialy destroyed Temple of Uchiha, as two walls on its sides are still intact. Sasuke recognizes Uchiha symbol on one of walls.

Sasuke(reminds of Itachi): brother, it was long time when I was there...

Sasuke: to think I wanted to kill you all my life, Konoha will pay for treating you as double agent.

Suigetsu: What did Sasuke talk about ?

Juugo: Itachi, his brother...

Orochimaru(smirks): *looks like he know the truth of Itachi already*

Orochimaru: Time to go Sasuke, ?!

Orochimaru turns around as notices Sasuke is turned back to him as he looks forwards on his Uchiha homeplace.

Sasuke: my homeplace, many memories come back as arrive here

Flashback begin

Sasuke reminds himself as he was child, his casual happy life, where his mother and father was alive. Sasuke remembers all good times spent with his big brother Itachi. Sasuke begin to smile when everything begin to fade away in darkness, his father, mother and Itachi who are replaced by Happy citizens of Konoha village. he watches as they enjoy their lives, laughing many times didn't know anything what did happen to Uchiha clan.

Flashback end

Sasuke is shown still standing as he doesn't move. As he watches citizens and ninja of Konoha laughing through their life, he begin to become angry as he clench his fists more, and more. Orochimaru watches Sasuke monologue a little concerned, While Juugo and Suigetsu are remain silent.

Sasuke: * I can't forgive them, forgive me Itachi... *

Sasuke: I will kill all of them, burn Konoha village to ashes and then will find way to revives you.

Orochimaru: Sasuke, we should come

Sasuke(wake up from his thinking): Yeah, Let's go then

Sasuke, Orochimaru, Juugo and Suigetsu enter Uchiha Temple known as Naka Shrine. Sasuke keep walking silent as he watches familliar walls covered now in dust, as he reminds his younger years, then he stop thinking as he ask Orochimaru.

Sasuke: Orochimaru...

Orochimaru: yes, Sasuke...

Sasuke: you was telling me story of this secret passage, but you didn't finish it. I would like to know, what happen to Uzumaki clan ?

Orochimaru: I see you want to know more about your rival Naruto Uzumaki. he become really powerfull these days, kukuku.

Sasuke(ignores Orochimaru mocking him): I want to know secret passage all story that all.

Orochimaru: well, as I said Senju and Uzumaki were enemies, as Hyuuga and Uchiha...

Sasuke: so Hyuuga represent good power of eyes, as Uchiha represent evil power of eyes, with Senjuu being good and Uzumaki being bad but in powers of body.

Orochimaru: Exactly, Uzumaki coperated with Uchiha to destroy Senjuu clan, and then Hyuuga comming next, but First Hokage discovered Uzumaki alliance with Uchiha and forced them to choose, coperate with Senjuu clan or die...

Sasuke: what ?!

Orochimaru: as young child, you couldn't know many dark secrets of Ninja World. As Uzumaki betrayed Uchiha clan, most of them were killed in one night as their homeplace Coutry of Whirpool was badly destroyed.

Sasuke: They got what they deserved.

Orochimaru: Exactly...

Sasuke: but what about Hyu ?!

Orochimaru: ?!

Juugo: ?!

Suigetsu: ?!

Sasuke and Orochimaru stops moving with Suigetsu and Juugo doing same as they notice flash of light reflecting on Uchiha walls. Sasuke take few step forwards with Orochimaru cooming behind him as beofre their sight Uchiha tablet is shown, but then they notice a man standing before Uchiha tablet..., which is lighten up from derivatives.

Sasuke: you !

Orochimaru: *who know this place too ?*

????: ?!

Mysterious man turns around as he face off Sasuke and Orochimaru, revaling his face to them.

????: I expected you, Uchiha Sasuke ...

Sasuke: he is ?!

Orochimaru(widden eyes): Hyuuga


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