Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Naruto 618 : THE PLACE

(The moon light falls on the ruined buildings from the Pain's attack.)
OROCHIMARU : Yes this is the place, Sasuke. After all...
(Suigetsu stares at the ruined place hearing what the snake hissing in the ear)
(Juugo and Sasuke remain unmoved)
OROCHIMARU : ...this is your birthplace, isn't it? It seems they don't bother to reconstruct this.
SASUKE : (filled with same flashbacks of the day of the Uchiha massacre - from going to academy till Itachi's tears rolling down while leaving Sasuke helpless)..... (looks at a wall with cracks on which the Uchiha fan symbol is present and suddenly rock falls taking away half the symbol with it.)
(The sound of every hit of the fallen stone on the pile of rocks is clearly echo-ed in Sasuke's ears as it falls on the ground until the surrounding turns silent again)
(Most of Orochimaru's words falls on his deaf ears.)
SUIGETSU : You mean, this is where Sasuke lived?
SUIGETSU : But the whole place is ruined, what are we going to get here?
SASUKE : Lets go ahead.
SUIGETSU : (looks at others angrily) [I wonder, what lies ahead in these ruins.]
(Everyone goes deep in)
(As they are away, a white snake sneaks out from the hole in the cracked wall of the Uchiha symbol where it had made its home)
----------SCENE CHANGE----------
(A shadow is seen running in the dim light of the street lights)
???? : [What the hell? I really sensed that bastard here. Maybe I am wrong. How can he be here.]
(Some voices of the shinobis are heard by the person and the person stops waiting for them to leave)
SHINOBI 1 : I wonder what must be going out there. I really wanted to fight..... and die as a hero.
SHINOBI 2 : Hehehe.... Your hopes are too high. Don't push your luck.
SHINOBI 1 : I guess. Well have a good night. Its too late for my duty. I have been ordered to patrol at the Main gate.
SHINOBI 2 : You must hurry then.
(Both the Shinobis leave)
KARIN : I'll have to leave the village soon. These Konoha dogs will be searching for me soon.
(She reaches near the Main gate without being noticed and hiding for an opening to leave the village)
KARIN : [...I'll just make out of the villa-?!!! (turns around) What is that chakra I just felt? All of them are here in the village? And that other chakra? (her hand shivers as she adjusts her glasses)... Orochimaru.]
----------SCENE CHANGE----------
OBITO : You are still mumbling those petty words.
KAKASHI : It was you who made me the way I am and what Naruto is till this day.
OBITO : .....
MADARA : (regenarating) Its amazing about the Kyuubi's chakra, isn't it?
NARUTO : What would most amaze me, will be that smirk on your face getting vanished along with your borrowed body.
MADARA : Are you enthusiastic? You can try.
KAKASHI : Don't get mocked by him Naruto.
NARUTO : He can try whatever he want Sensei. His arrogance will kick his ass.
OBITO : They are on the Juubi. We must deal with them.
MADARA : You take care of that one eyed once friend of yours. Its perfect for me. I'l handle them all.
OBITO : Are you sure?
MADARA : I'm still immortal. (makes a handseal) Tajuuu Mokuton Bunshin no Jutsu!!!
(Several wooden clones emerges out of the Juubi even among the Shinobis standing around.)
MADARA : It's still not enough to defeat me!! (Random clones goes in Susano'o while some uses their Rinnegan)
MADARA CLONES : Katon:Goukamekkyaku!! (Fire Style : Great Fireball of Destruction!!)
(releases a huge wall of fire through the forces)
MADARA CLONES : Bansho Tennin!!
(attracts the fireball with great speed so as to reduce the time of counterattack)
MADARA CLONES : Shinra Tensei!!
(repels the shinobis towards the fireball)
(A huge explosion occurs over the Juubi's head)
(Obito dashes towards Kakashi to stab him with a wooden branch)
KAKASHI : (activates Raikiri and dashes forward) Raikiri!!
(As they both approaches near, Obito phases through him and slams his hand on the ground)
(Suddenly Kakashi and several shinobis nearby are pierced by a bunch of wooden spikes emerging out of the Juubi)
(Kakashi poofs away)
OBITO : A clone? (turns back)
(Kakashi leaps back and dashes through the smoke of the destroyed clone devastating the bunch and thrusting the Raikiri into Obito but again phases through the attack and then Obito leaps back and attacks with Taijutsu)
(Both of them attempts a series of Taijutsu techniques)
(The smoke from the explosion clears out and the shinobis are shown covered in a blue sphere)
MADARA CLONE : Water Prison Jutsu! Impressive to act quickl-
(The clone gets a leaf Hurricane kick from Gai and is smashed into logs of wood)
SAKURA : Chaaaaa!!
LEE : This is for Neji!!!
(Sakura, Lee and Gai moves with destorying the clones nearby with a one hit kill plan)
(Some shinobis are using ninjutsus for defense as well as offense)
(Kakashi blocks Obito's hand)
OBITO : ?!!
KAKASHI : You think I let Rin die. But the trut-
OBITO : (hits directly on Kakashi's face) Didn't I told you to shut your mouth?
KAKASHI : Yeah. But I have to make this clear before one of us die with the burden of the truth or the lie.
(Kakashi trying to speak the truth)
(Will Obito hear him out?)

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