Friday, 18 January 2013

Naruto 617 [Masashi Kishimoto] Prediction :The truth about despair

Madara: So they think by distributing the chackra of the 9 tails will give them power over me?
Obito: what will you do?

Madara: I will show them the truth about despair
Obito: .....
*madara disconnects himself to the 10 tails and jump in the middle of the alliance*
Obito: with out the Susanoo??

-cut to sasuke and company-

Oro: what do you think sasuke-kun?
Sasuke: what do you mean by that?

Oro: that naruto kid has gotten strong being able to control the power of the 9 tails
Suigetsu: is that his Chackra!?!?!??!
Jugo: but they are still outmatched by the legenday uchiha madara
Sasuke: Hmmmmp

-back to madara vs SA-

*Madara is seen holding a cloud ninja in his neck and there are dead bodies all around with their body parts broken*

Guy: what a pure taijutsu
Lee: what raw power, the legendary Uchiha Madara this is Sasuke's ancestor

Naruto: !? so he is just really playing after all, he beats all of my clones and almost half of our force
*Madara looking at naruto then smirks*

Madara: You can come anytime kid
*Madara then breaks the neck of the cloud ninja then throw it to naruto*
*Naruto catches the cloud ninja*

Kurama: it's too late for that ninja kid
Naruto: grrrrr
*Naruto is so angry and looking furiously at madara*

Guy: can i just show of for a little while naruto?
Naruto: mountain eyebrow sensei?

Guy: i never seen a man like that so good in taijutsu how interesting and you kill one of my precious student
*Guy's face is really angry like really f*cking angry then activates 8 f*cking gates*

*Madara's smile breaks and his face turns into curiosity mode*


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