Monday, 14 January 2013

Naruto 616: A new turn.

Naruto: Hinata how do you feel?

Hinata: I feel stronger than ever Naruto kun, how is this possible?

Naruto: The nine tails gives me the power to restore someone elses chakra completely.

Hinata: But there's something else too..

Naruto: What do you mean?


Kurama: She is right Naruto.
Naruto: ??

Kurama: Because the woman is a byakugan user, my chakra responds to that and gives her a other vision than any before. Her eyesight is quatrippled now if im correct. This didn't worked on kakashi his sharingan because he wasnt born as a real uchiha, cause else his eye sight would be back to normal again also after overusing his mangekyou.

Naruto: Great.. Hinata, your eyes are stronger than ever before now because of nine tails his chakra.

Hinata: Thank you Naruto.. And Kyuubi..
Naruto: Hehe.. You should call him Kurama. He is our teammate after all.

Hinata: Kuruma.. Nice name!

Kuruma: Hehe.. Lets go for the win now!

HInata/Naruto: LETS GO!!!!!

Scene changes/

Sasuke: So this is the place where you wanted to bring me.. The secret uchiha tablet place.

Orochimaru: Yes this is the first place. You should read the tablet again with your new eyes. you will discover many new secrets about this world.

Sasuke: {reading} ... So this is it... Icant believe it. Orochimaru, im ready to meet them now.

Next Chapter: The one who knows everything!

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