Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Naruto 619 Prediction 3

Oro: Here they are! The previous hokages.
(thinking): And i got all my jutsu´s back, wonderfull


Tobirama: Edo Tensei, again!...(Looks around, see oro)...
Tobirama: This guy, again ... He also brought us back last time ...(thinking: what´s the meaning of this?!)

Hashirama: Yeah, you´re right brother..(.looks to minato and sarutobi)
Saru! who is the man on your left side?! Do you know him

Sarutobi: He´s is my successor, yondaime hokage Minato Namikaze, Konoha´s Yellow flash

Tobirama: Why yellow flash?!

Minato: I will answer this question! ...Due to my space/time justu, which based on your s/t-justu ..i jsut improved it to
a higher level

Tobirama: I see...very well...(thinking: he looks somehow familiar)
Hiruzen: Who is know hokage?! Jiraiya?!

Orochimaru: (flashback to the fight with tsunade and jiraiya)(turns to shodaime) it´s your granddaughter, tsunade

Hiruzen: (thinking: Tsunade! why not Jiraiya?! What happened with him??! maybe he is to busy with his perverted
works, as usual!)
Orochimaru, what is the meaning of this, why did you free us, how?!

Minato: He must found the scroll in the uzumaki shrine how to free the souls from the shinigami

Oro: you could say so, but the other questions you should ask sasuke

Hiruzen: Sasuke grown a lot..but.....i sense a dark aura in you..and also confusion....

Hashirama: Hiruzen is rigth, this kind of darkness i´ve sensed only once (thinking of madara)

Suddenly the earth is shaking


Hashirama: What´s going on?!

Orochimaru: There is a war going out there, your old friend uchiha madara is fighting against the 5 Nations and he is a lot stronger tahn he was in your time, ...he possess the rinnegan and your dna now!!!

4 Kages: !!!!

Hashirama:Madara!!!!! How he can be alive, that´s not possible
Tobirama: I fought you killed him??!!
Hashirama: Apparently not! In case he survived, how could he be alive after so many years

Orochimaru: My appriantece brought him via edo tensei back and know he is fighting with uchiha obito together
(looking to yondaime)

Minato: Obito!!! no way, i thought he was dead...(thinking: is the massacer after kakashi killed rin somehow

Oro: he is still alive and also possess the rinnegan, they succeeded to revive the juubi...

Hashirama: my most terrible nightmare became reallity........

Tobirama: Edo Tensei, I shouldn´t have invented such a terrible jutsu, It is all my fault

Hashirama: We must do something, i alone dont stand a chance in beeting him, after he has rikodous power and the
juubi, but all hokages together might have a chance?

Sasuke: You are going nowhere! First answer my question and besides you are under control of edo tensei, don´t
forget that

Tobirama: (thinking: it seems he doesn´t know that the connection could be bypassed )

Hashirama: Ask your question young uchiha, we have business to do!

Orochimaruthinking: he serious?! nevermind they are all under my control, they can´t escape)

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