Monday, 28 January 2013

Naruto 620 - Ultimate battle of eyes !

I would like to write next predictions, about what would happen until 625 chapter I think.

620 - It could be intruduction to Sasuke and Shikano(Elder hyuuga) fight, warm up (elemental jutsu's, byakugan and three tomoe sharingan, in the end Sasuke want to test his EMS, while Shikano is not worried and reveal evolution of byakuugan)

621 - Sasuke vs Shikano, EMS vs Perfect Ying yang byakugan(new awesome moves + some updated ones), Amaterasu, Tsyukomii and Sussano as used. In the end Sasuke activate Perfect Sussano for few moments, killing Hyuuga elder.

622 - Sasuke read Uchiha tablet, use scroll and along with Orochimaru comes in Older son of sage six paths tomb, while Juugo and Suigetsu are forced to fight Konoha shinobi who spoted them as Sasuke unleashed Perfect Sussano for moment in fight against Shikano. Orochimaru gives Sasuke Senjuu DNA, as he implant in it special kind of poison, which could control Sasuke body when he was worn out. It should finish with Sasuke and Orochimaru reviving Older Son with temporary ressurection.

623 - Sasuke and Orochimaru talks with Older Son of Sage of six paths, while secret of Scroll is revealed to marks people souls to be eaten by Death god without dying and exchange their souls for dead ones being in Death god stomach. Older Son of Sage of six paths tell him his story, everything he knows as he train Sasuke.

624 - Sasuke is still training as Orochimaru uses scroll and prepared dead people in exchange for releasing his all dead Hokages from Shinigami stomach. Orochimaru restores his hands as well as Ninjutsu, as Sasuke is still training. Juugo and Suigetsu met with Karin, who sense them. Karin try to convince them that Sasuke is murder now.

625 - Sasuke talks with Edo Tensei hokages, as he create his resolve. Orochimaru get used to his arms slowly.
Sasuke almost formed his resolve, but he asks orochimaru to Edo Tensei his parents so they can talk

626 - Naruto and Shinobi Alliance vs Madara and Obito continuation

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