Thursday, 31 January 2013

Naruto 619: The Moment of Truth

(Scene shows the 4 hokage's reaction)

Hashirama: Is this Edo Tensei???.... again.... hmm...

Tobirama: Brother... didn't taught my own forbidden jutsu would be a threat for the future...

Hiruzen: Impossible!!! to be able to break the Seal of the Shiki Fuujin!!!!

Minato: 1st, 2nd, 3rd... even me... Orochimaru!!

Orochimaru: Its a pleasure to see you four...

Hiruzen: Why you!!! (Make sudden movements)

Orochimaru: Not so fast 3rd!... dont worry im no harm, in the meantime... This Uchiha brat with me have questions.

Sasuke: hmm... You four testifies the war and conflicts in the ninja world. I may have some questions but one...

Sasuke: What is the reason behind the execution of the Uchiha clan??

(Scene shows the Four Hokage, Orochimaru, Juugo & Suigetsu silenced)

Hashirama: Execution??

Tobirama: Uchiha Clan??

Hiruzen: hmmm..

Minato: hmm..

Sasuke: Seems the 3rd and 4th have something to say really.

Hashirama: With due respect to Uchiha Clan, my rival Uchiha Madara. He has principles that really would be a threat for the future

Tobirama: As the conflict with the Senju and Uchiha, I build the Police System at Konoha to repair the bonds with us.

Hiruzen: Its Madara! who cause the execution of the Uchihas

Minato: (eyes glares)

(Scene shows Orochimaru, Sasuke, glares)

Sasuke: Explain it to me 3rd... before I make the judgement in crushing the leaf!

Minato: Naruto....

Orochimaru: Minato, your brat is out there heading the whole ninja army in battling out Madara and its comrades.

Minato: What???

Sasuke: Naruto's father is the Yondaime???

Hiruzen: Its a top secret between konoha... hmm.... you orochimaru really caused trouble!!

Sasuke: So the truth??

Hiruzen: After the establishment of the Konoha Police (Uchiha Clan) Rumors about an estrange uchiha beginning a coup' de etat.

Minato: Coup???

Hiruzen: We Taught Madara is behind this, but we only settled the root of all this is your father Fugaku!!

Sasuke: My father???

Orochimaru: I think its the climax of the story...... so.... get on with it 3rd

Minato: May I interfere???

Hiruzen: wait 4th, Fugaku headed the Uchiha clan to take over Konoha by force.

Hiruzen: And madara brainwashed Fugaku....

(Scene shows Fugaku and Madara speaking)

Madara (Supposedly Tobi): Fugaku, I need your forces to take over Konoha and rebuild our clan's pride.

Fugaku: It will only result to another war,,,

Madara: Oh no you dont disagree, Sharringan!!!!

(Scene shows Fugaku is under genjutsu)

Fugaku: This Dream world of yours are incredible!!!! we can go with it as long as the senju dogs are the ruler of Konoha!!

Madara: So what's your plan???

(Scene shows back at the 4 hokage)

Minato: Fugaku is a good friend of mine, he's just brainwashed by madara!!!

Hiruzen: Hmm... but after that... your brother heard their meeting and come up with the sacrifice in exterminating them all except you...

Hiruzen: According to Itachi, the Uchiha Clan is planning to take over Konoha and willingly to help Madara in collecting the Bijuu's in reaching their Dream World...

Minato: I faught once the masked guy in my time that unleashed the 9 tails...

(Scene shows Orochimaru Stand up, from the floor as Juugo helds him)

Orochimaru: The Masked Guy is not Madara... Its Obito!

Minato: Obito??? Why??? alive?? no!!!

Orochimaru: I knew it from the time I absorbed my Chakra from Kabuto, also from extracting those Zetsu from Sasuke

Sasuke: Who is this Obito anyway???

Minato: He's my Student... we taught he died from that war....

Sasuke: So to know the total truth about this is to speak with that Madara, Obito and with this Kages!!

Orochimaru: I think it would be interesting and for sure the battle will stop just by seeing this powerful four!!

(Scene shows the 4 Kages, Oro, Sasuke, Juugo & Suigetsu is heading on the battlefield)


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