Monday, 21 January 2013

Naruto 617 Ones End

Naruto: no matter what as long as I have my true friends in my heart, there is no way im going to lose

Bee: and your friends keep you there too Naruto oh, yeaaa

Obito: friends in an illusion will not end in pain

Naruto: shut the hell up!, what do you know

Obito: nothing that Kakashi doesn't know

Naruto: Kakashi-sensie what is he talking about

Kakashi: Naruto, I didn't let Rin die... I... killed her

Naruto: why Kakashi-sensie??

Kakashi: she was a spy, I was on a secret mission to kill her secretly with ninja from the leaf

Obito: there you go spitting lies again, tell him the truth

Kakashi: Obito your the one that don't know the truth


Kakashi: the ninjas were in disguise, plotting to catch her giving away the important information of the village

Obito: they said don't let the bad guys get the body

Kakashi: they thought you were a mist ninja, OBITO

Obito: everything I did... all of it...

Madara: what does it matter we are this far now, don't give up on me now Obito

Naruto: Obito, peace is in our grasp, help us defeat Madara, and bring TRUE PEACE

Madara: Obito, you of all people should know the truth, THERE IS NO PEACE

Obito: it seems peace is a lot closer than the moon

Madara: ( this is not good, without him im not able to become the host for the Juubi)

Madara makes a hand sign

Obito: where am I

Madara: your in the mini project tysukyomi

Obito: what do you want from me

Madara: my life

outside of the genjutsu

Madara: Obito, preform the Rinne-Tensie and bring me back

Obito: yes... Madara

Kakashi: NO OBITO

Obito preforms the seals and his life energy is shown being extracted from him and it spirals on the ground as it raises Madara's edo body dissolves, Madara is now mortal

Madara: with this body, I can become the host, then I can become perfect

Madara kicks the deceased body of Obito to the ground

Naruto: you just made your mistake Madara, your not a zombie no more, and you will die....

Naruto points to his forehead protector

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