Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Naruto 618 Prediction

Naruto: Never underestimate our power! The power that is far greater then yours!
Madara: It appears they are stronger then we estimated.. Well, Mr. I'm taking control, what's your plan now?
Obito: The juubi is still brainless. It will wreck random havoc on the people of the allied forces. We have to fight everyone here until we get connected back to the juubi.
-kakashi lands-
Kakashi: Everyone, don't forget shikaku's plan!
Ninja: Right!
-kakashi uses kamui to suck obito in to the next dimension-
Madara: Oh, my... That foolish boy let his guard down.
-Lee and Gai are above madara, ready to attack-
Madara: Wood Release: Structural Binding..
-wood appears from beneath the ground and binds lee and gai-
Obito: What's the point of you dragging me into my dimension?
Kakashi: To drag you away from the battlefield. All apart of the plan. Let's settle this here, obito.
Obito: Alright with me.. Your sharingan abilities are pointless since we are in this dimension.. as well as mine. I want to see you suffer, kakashi. And I will do anything to get there. Round 2? One was cut short by that brat with yellow hair..
-obito and kakashi leap at eachother-
Kakashi: Raikiri!
-obito grabs kakashi's wrist and shifts the attack away from him-
-a clone of wood appears behind kakashi and holds him and kakashi melts into water-
Kakashi: It won't be that easy.. Fire Release:
Obito: Great Fireball Jutsu!
Kakashi: (He predicted my attack..!)
-obito shoots a fireball before kakashi, and the attack makes kakashi jump back, landing on the ground-
Kakashi: (That was close.. I can't survive against obito in my current state long.. at this rate, he'll just warp back and leave me here to die.. I have to make another attempt) Kage Bunshin No Jutsu!
-another kakashi appears-
Obito: Resorting to cloning, kakashi?
-they run at obito in a line-
Obito: Hmph..
-obito pushes the first one down to the ground and has him in a neckhold to find out that's the actual kakashi-
Obito: Wait a minute.. a Bait?
-the clone pierces the side of obito with raikiri-
Obito: Bastard...
-obito jumps back, breathing heavily-
Kakashi: The cells of the first hokage..
Obito: Your plan.. what is it? Why drag me here, to prevent my prescense on the battlefield? I thought you knew my weakness..
Kakashi: Exactly. Madara is getting teamed on, while the juubi has no minds controlling it. A simple tactic.
Obito: Tch.
Suigetsu: Who are these people?
Orochimaru: Long time no see..
Sasuke: I'm going to ask some questions of you. And you are going to answer them.

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