Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Naruto 616: Naruto vs TheEnemy

Naruto: ok lets do this... kagebunshino jutsu
(Naruto makes 4 kagebunshins, 2 of which start to gather natural energy whereas the others go bijuu mode and the original naruto goes full bijuu mode along with hinata within his chakra shell)
original naruto: ok lets protect them while they are trying to gather natural energy...
bunshin narutos: ok we' re on it...
madara: that kid is onto something i can feel it, i think we should try to stop whatever he is trying to do.
obito fire those moktun at those fools...
obito: im already on it without you whinning about...
(obito fires the moktuns at naruto, but bijuu mode naruto deflect every single one of them)
shikamaru(speaking through ino): naruto we have a plan but we need some time, do you think you buy us some time...
keep both the jubbi and those uchhihas from focusing on the alliance...
Naruto: im already on it...
are you two ready yet...??
bunshins: yeah we are ready to roll...!!
Naruto: ok, lets do this... smoke bombs.
(bunshins throw some smoke on the ground and a sage naruto bunshin comes charging through the other side of the smoke)
madara: what does he think he is doing charging like that towards the jubbi??
obito: obviously hes got some sort of...
(BAAAM GOES MADARA FLYING TOWARDS THE GROUND, hit by sage naruto which is thrown by BM naruto up in the sky)
obito: so that bunshin heading towards the jubbi was just a distraction...
madara: he used his BM to maximize his speed and slip through the smoke and get behind me and used his sage mode to deliver the punch to maximize the damage, it would have been a good plan had i not been immortal and edo, if that was the case then i might have had some difficulties....
(sage mode naruto goes charging towards madara)
madara: his brute force in that mode is quite good so i better be careful...
(madara activates his perfect susanoo and blocks sm narutos punches)
scene changes to other sage mode naruto charging towards the jubbi.
(sage mode naruto at few meters distance from the jubii starts hitting the ground with all his might)
obito: he is trying to make jubbi lose his balance and force him to hit on the ground, i better stop him...
(obito once again uses moktuns flying towrds sm naruto, which are stopped by another BM naruto)
scene changes to madara and naruto.
madara: do you seriously think you are going to break through my susanoo with such puny brute force.
(as madara was speaking one of the BM naruto slips through susanoo with rasenshuriken and heads towards madara but in the midway both naruto and rasenshurinken explodes)
madara: how did he get inside, it seems like he just slipped through susanoo, almost like obito coming from nowhere...
original naruto: kuruma how did you do that..??
kuruma: lets keep that discussion for some othr time..
more importantly what happened to your jutsu and that clone, they seem to have been blasted in mid air
naruto: how would i know that...??
(as smoke clears edo is seen blown apart and slowly regenerating)
madara: i cant believe that twerp broke through my susanoo
kuruma: hey naruto look at marara, he seems to be blown to pieces
naruto: yeah how did that happen, i dont think i made contact with my shuriken
kuruma: it seems like madara wasnt the one who blew your jutsu in midair
madara: i hope, since he can slip through my susanoo, he hasnt figured out its weakness
kuruma: i think whevever any foreign object besides its user gets past susanoo then it creates an explosion
naruto: what!!
kuruma: i dont know for sure its just my guess. hey kid use yoour other BM bunshin to slip thrrough his susanoo again.
naruto: ok
madara: dont mistake luck for strength, this time im gona break your neck.
(there is no point in fighting these bunshins, i should juust break that originals neck)

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