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NARUTO 574 Prediction: Nothing But Darkness

NARUTO 574 Prediction: Nothing But Darkness

Side Text: Sasuke stares emptily behind, seeing nothing but his own tracks.

*Sasuke stares behind him a little more then turns his head back around and begins to walk again*

*Scene changes to Tobi, Naruto, and the others*
Tobi: Let's begin shall we...
*Tobi jumps off Gedo Mazou, who runs towards Naruto and the others, Killerbee jumps in front and holds it back. Naruto, Kakashi, and Guy run pass them to attack Tobi*
Tobi: As expected...
*Tobi pulls out his fan thing and does some attack, pushing Naruto and the others back. Tobi lands on the ground*
Tobi: You've pushed yourself to the edge Naruto, you can't fight me as you are now. You two aren't even worth my time.
Kakashi: ...
Guy: Rgh!
Tobi: This battle is mine.
Naruto: Heh!
Tobi: !?
Naruto: You think you won do you...
Tobi: I know I've won...
Naruto: Well think again!
Tobi: !?
*Naruto uses a Shadow Clone and makes a regular Rasegan, he charges forward*
Tobi: ...Fool.
*Tobi uses his fan to blow Naruto back, only for him to be caught by Guy who's in 7th gate*
Tobi: !
*Guy throws Naruto back at Tobi*
Tobi: It's pointless! Shinra Tensei!
*Naruto gets pushed back again, but this time Kakashi goes to strike Tobi from behind with Raikiri*
Tobi: !
*Kakashi phases through Tobi, Tobi then grabs Kakashi, but then Naruto comes and goes to hit Tobi with Rasegan*
Tobi: !?
*Tobi gets hit by Rasegan in the mask, he drops Kakashi*
Kakashi: What was that about us not being worth your time?
Guy: Never underestimate the power of youth!
*Tobi recovers from the attack, his mask breaks a little around his Sharingan eye*
Tobi(Thinking): Unbelievable...I wont allow that to happen again!

*Scene changes to the divisions joining up*
Kitsuchi: From the coordinates we received we'll be there soon.
Darui: Yah...we'll combine our forces and completely overwhelm Madara.
Mifune: As the generals it's our duty to lead everyone into battle, we are the ones who were chosen to lead the divisions, we must at all costs lead our side to victory...for the sake of the world.
*Omoi joins up with Karui*
Omoi: Karui!
Karui: Omoi!
Omoi: I thought you might have got lost and...
Karui: ?
Omoi: I...I'm glad your safe.
Karui: Heh, I thought you were going to start over thinking again.
Omoi: No...I learned from this war. Did you see Samui anywhere?
Karui: No, I was hoping you did.
Darui: ...She along with her brother; Atsui, were sealed in the Benihisago and taken by the enemy...
Karui: !
Omoi: !
Darui: But I will find a way to free them, don't you two worry.
Omoi: Darui...
Karui: ...We know you'll find a way, we have faith in you.
Omoi: ...That's right, we aren't worried at all.
Darui: !
*Shi joins up*
Shi: Sounds like they've grown haven't they?
Darui: I think we've all grown from this war.
*Kurotsuchi and Akatsuchi meet up*
Kurotsuchi: You ready for what's coming Akatsuchi?
Akatsuchi: I'm worried about Gramps...
Kurotsuchi: Come on, he's the Tsuchikage, he can hold his own, he's got the Hokage, Kamikage, Raikage, and Mizukage to back him up as well.
Kitsuchi(Thinking): Kurotsuchi...
Kurotsuchi: Let's focus on what's ahead, and don't worry I'll protect you, you're my brother after all.
Akatsuchi: Thanks Kurotsuchi, but I'll protect you!
Kitsuchi: Kurotsuchi...Akatsuchi...I'm proud of you both.
Akatsuchi: Thanks dad!
Kurotsuchi: Dad...
Kurotsuchi(Thinking): I've always wanted to hear those words from him.
*Akamaru and Haimaru(s)(Hana's(Kiba's sister) Dogs, she has three of them but we only seen one in the war so far) begins to whine*
Kiba: ...What's wrong Akamaru?
Hana: Animals can sense danger.
Shino: My Bugs are acting up as well...we'll be facing something big around the corner...
Kiba: Don't worry boy, I'll protect you(Talking to Akamaru).
Neji: Are you ready for this Hinata?
Hinata: Yes...I'll do whatever I have to help Naruto and help save this world.
Neji: I'm glad to hear that Hinata, I shall do what I can as well.
*Neji smiles*
Neji(Thinking): Thank you Naruto...if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have grown. None of us would have...
*Suddenly Kirin is struck down at the Alliance, a bunch of screams are made*
Omoi: AHHH!!
Karui: OMOI!!!!
Darui: ARGH!!!
Shi: DARUI NO!!!
Kurotsuchi: GAH!!!
Kitsuchi: KUROTSUCHI!!!
Kiba: Akamaru...AKAMARU!!!
Hinata: Neji...
Neji: Hinata...I believe in you...
Hinata: NEJI!!!
*Standing on a cliff is Sasuke, smiling down at the Alliance*
Sasuke: This sound be fun.

End text: Sasuke strikes, he sees nothing but amusement.

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