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Naruto 575 Prediction: Konoha's Destruction

Naruto 575 Prediction: Konoha's Destruction

Homura: Based on Ibiki's report, he has the ability to counter a Genjutsu and return its effect to its caster.
Koharu: That's Itachi's Kyou Tenchi-ten.
Homura: Right. Could it be he absorbed Itachi's powers? I fear that this is somehow like Uchiha Madara's eye.
Koharu: Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. Whatever, he's just a little brat!
Sasuke: You know a lot about the Uchiha.
Koharu: Of course, as elders we know a lot.
Sasuke: And very powerful, to even order to wipe our clan!
Homura: Revenge I see..
Sasuke: Now die!

Sasuke uses Amaterasu. Black flames start to form in front of Koharu and Homura. Both of them look unfazed.
Koharu: You said we knew a lot about Uchiha, yet you haven't thought that staple Uchiha abilities are in our knowledge huh?
Amaterasu stops forming.
Homura: We devised a seal to counter Mangekyou techniques. Our comrade Uchiha Kagami taught us to counter those.
Koharu: See, even your clanmates feared the techniques of the Mangekyou. Achieving Mangekyou Sharingan means diving towards darkness.
Sasuke: You don't know anything!
Koharu: We know more than you are! You act like the hero of the Uchiha yet they think of you as a worthless criminal!
Sasuke: STOP!!!

Sasuke forms a handseal and prepares for an attack.
Sasuke: Fire Release: Grand Fireball Technique!
The house is burned. Suddenly multiple Kunais approach Sasuke.
Sasuke: Susano'o!
Susano'o's bones started to form around Sasuke and blocks the Kunais.

Homura: Susano'o. Don't you think we're not prepared for that.
Koharu: And you're using Tsukiyomi on me. What a persistent brat.
Sasuke (thinking): They knew a lot about my technique.
Koharu: Sorry about that but you should research on your enemies well before battling them.
Homura: You disposed of those 3 techniques hastily. But to tell you, the seal that we used on Amaterasu is a special seal to block Mangekyou techniques and disable them for a certain time.
Sasuke: What!
Koharu: Don't you think we are weaker than Danzo. We just don't want the Hokage position like he was. And we spent a lot of time in the real world that he was.
Homura: Danzo is careless to be defeated by a brat like you. We are once a member of an elite team with the Third Hokage so don't underestimate us.
Koharu: Let's begin this! (Swings her chain.)

Sasuke dodges the chain but is approached by Homura. Homura tries to slice Sasuke with a kunai but Sasuke quickly dodges.
Koharu: Earth Release: Earth Spikes!
Spikes form on the ground to where Sasuke was supposed to land. Sasuke managed to step on a slope in one of the spike but is weakly injured on the knee.
Homura throws multiple kunais with explosives. It hits Sasukes position.
Sasuke appears with a black hawk blocking the explosion. The black hawk collapses.
Koharu: A summon as a shield. How cruel.
Sasuke: Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique!

The elders dodged but Sasuke approached Koharu from behind.
Sasuke: One down! (Strikes Koharu with Chidori)
Koharu (fake) falls to the ground.

Koharu (appearing on the ground): I see your not used to your new eye. That's Madara's problem before.
Homura: When you're into something new, you must test it. And I guess you want to test it on us?
Koharu: You're really underestimating us.

Homura swings his scrolls as many different kunais appeared in it aimed at Sasuke.
Sasuke (thinking): Shit! It's fast that even my Sharingan could not keep up with it!
Sasuke releases Chidori Stream to block the kunais but some still get past and wound him.
Koharu swings her chain with multiple kunais attached to it. The kunais wound Sasuke.
Koharu: That's for you brat!
Koharu continuously whip Sasuke with the chained kunais and Homura releases another set of kunais.
Sasuke appears badly wounded.

Homura: Of course we're not sadistic as you think so we will do this for you.
Homura and Koharu get near Sasuke who is paralyzed by the wounds. Homura wrap his scroll to Sasuke and both of them proceed to do the sealing.
Homura: An easy fight somehow.
Koharu: Uchihas are nothing without their eye techniques!
Homura wrapped up the whole scroll and proceed to reverse summon it.

The group of Aoba, Akatsuchi, and Karin are going to the elders' place.
Aoba: You're really useful.
Karin: We must be quick! I think he will attack the elders.
Aoba: Really? Why the elders?
Karin: Sasuke wants to avenge for his clan. The only way for it is to kill the mastermind for his clan's wipeout. The Konoha elders.
Aoba: So that explains why he killed Danzo.
Karin: This is his first motive. But he changed a lot, I feel that he will not be satisfied by this.
Akatsuchi: Look!
Black flames are forming on the elders' place.
Aoba: This can't be!

Homura is starting to be burned with black flames while Koharu watches in terror.
Koharu: Impossible! How did you escaped it?!
Sasuke: You who lives in the past think high of yourselves. Yes, you know a lot about the past..
Koharu: ?!
Sasuke: But still you can't predict the future!
Koharu: But escaping a sealing jutsu?!
Sasuke: Your experience led you to counter and block Mangekyou techniques. But you still haven't seen to yourself the true power of the Sharingan! The Eternal Mangekyou!
Koharu prepares to attack Sasuke with the chain. But it is sliced with Sasuke's Chidori sword.

Sasuke: For my clan.
Sasuke activates Susano'o and stabs Koharu. Koharu burns as well as Homura.

Sasuke: You, who discriminated my clan, shall burn with my black flames!
Sasuke turns his head to a different direction.
Sasuke: And now, for the final part.

Amaterasu starts to burn Konoha.

Chapter end.

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