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Naruto 575 Prediction: Brother vs Brother

Naruto 575 Prediction: Brother vs Brother


sasuke take's his sword out completely and jumps into the forest a evil grin crosses his face. scene swicths to suigetsu and juugo.

juugo: oh my head hurts, sorry about that suigetsu.

suigetsu: don't feel bad its thanks to you we found this.

suigetsu holds teh scroll up.

juugo: what is that?

suigetsu: its a scroll that holds orochimarus back up plan.

juugo: back up plan?...

scene swicths back to itachi who is jumping though teh forest.

Itachi: Kabuto should be just up ahead, then we can end this edo tensei jutsu. ( Naruto Sasuke is yours.)

Itachis eyes widen he stops and closes his eyes.

Itachi: Sasuke....

Sasuke: Nii san...

Itachi turns around and looks sauske dead in the eye the rain pours harder.

Sasuke: why didn't you tell me the truth? WHY DID YOU BETRAY OUR CLAN FOR THE VILLAGE!?

Itachi: it was for peace had our clan gone though with the plan to destroy the leaf many innocents would have died. ( his eyes they are full of hate he has been twisted by madara )

sasuke: they didn't deserve it the villagers were only blaming the uciha they had no proof that an uchiha was behind that attack!

Itachi: in the end it didn't matter the uchiha were going to over throw the village.

Sasuke: you dare take the side of those who forced you to destroy our clan and force you into a life as a runaway criminal? well i didn't i choose revenge in fact not that long ago i killed danzo and soon enough i will do the same to naruto and every villager that dares to enjoy the peace gained threw your sacerfice!

Itachi: Sasuke you just don't understand.

Sasuke: no nii san your the one who doesn't understand! the hell i had to go through, i had nothing i spent my days in darkness and lived to kill you, and once i do i find out the whole time you cared about me and the only reason you and my clan died and put me into such a hell was because of your peace.

sasuke's incomplete ssusaon'o forms. the arm goes forward in an attempt to hit itachi, itachi jumps into the air and makes hand seals.

Itachi: fire style fire phoenix.

Itachi blows out a large amount of fire into the air above him it takes teh form of a phoenix and goes charging into sasuke, sauske appears behind itachi ( no susano'o) with his sword out he stabs itachi threw teh chest and kicks him down to the ground.

itachi: you've gotten faster since we last fought.

sasuke; !!! now that i think about it why are you here you should be dead, and if you revived that should have just killed you ( i guess this isn't some trick from madara after all this is really itachi?)

itachi: i am being bound by kabutos edo tensei however i broke free, and before you showed up i was on my way to stop this jutsu.

sasuke: kabuto is useing you as a puppet? he to shall feel my wrath when i'm done with him.

itachi: stop throwing your hatred left and right sasuke you'll become obsessed
with it, i know i was the one who told you to life only to get revenge but you have to let go of your hate or your hatred will destroy you entirely. i was hoping that you'd make friends in the leaf and return done with hate after my death. i see i was wrong it has only made things worse.

sasuke: shut up! its your fault in the beginning you made me life for revenge traive for revenge life to kill you!

itachi: sauske... i see i guess i had tried to do to much on my own in the end this is my fault...

a tear flows down itachis face.

Itachi: i guess i will have to correct my mistake, Sasuke i had hoped this would never happen i thought i had done all i could but i failed.

Sasuke: are you gonna kill me?

itachi: if only you'd have gained the love for teh village that i had...

itachi appears behind sauske and releases a fireball sauske back flips and is in mid air upside down in front of itachi face he lands behind itachi and makes a chidori sharp spear itachi jumps backwards another sauske apperas behind itachi and uses chidori sending it right threw his chest itachi becomes a bunch of crows and appears infront of the otehr sauske.

itachi: Amaterasu

the sasuke holding the chidori sharp spear poofs as its hit by the black flames. sasuke forms his final susano'o and shoots a bunch of black flame disks at itachi, itachi forms his incomplete susano'o and blocks teh fire with the shield of yata.

itachi: Amaterasu.

sauske: enton Amaterasu!

sauske Amaterasu fly's over itachis forms into a bunch of black flame spikes which ram into itachis shield.

itachi: he has great control over the black flames he's even more skilled then i am with it.

sasuke: your still not trying nii san i thought you were gonna kill me.

itachi: no i promised naruto i'd leave you to him i won't kill you but i will beat the sense back into you.

sauske: come at me bro ( pun intended )

sasuke fires off a bunch of black flame arrows itachi takes out the sword of totsaka and seals all the black flames away. itachi dashs forward while deactiveateing his susano'o itachi makes appears over top of sauskes susano'o ( a clone not the one dashing at him) and uses teh fire ball jutsu, while the real itachi uses uses Amaterasu , the black flames hit as the fire ball does.

sauske; is that all my susano'o is unbreakable...

itachi; every thing has a weakness. susano'o, yasaka no magtama ( the jutsu he uses with naruto and bee to stop the chibaku tensei)

the tomoes hit the black and normal flames altogether the weight of the attacks break susano'o.


the clone jumps down and kicks sauske into itachi, itachi punchs sauske in the gut and into the ground. sauske uses chidori current and kicks itachi off of him sauske then jumps above itachi and uses chidoris he slams itachi into the ground and jumps backwards as he does a fire ball is heading towards him from the clone, sauske forms the rib cage of susano'o and defends from it.

sauske: he caught me off guard i guess the fire was only to heat up and melt the susano'o to make it weaker then that attack broke threw the weakened state of it.

itachi appears from under ground and upper cuts sauske sauske jumps back and swings his sword releasing a elect current from his sword itachi and his clone use Amaterasu sauske jumps up itachi jumps up and tries to punch him again sauske forms susano'o s arm and tries to hit itachi but so does itachi they both go flying into the ground.

itachi: ( we're almost even now he's gotten much stronger.)

itachis clone uses teh fire ball jutsu again followed up by the Amaterasu sauske appears behind the clone and kills it with black flames, at that moment itachi appears infront of sauske ms active and looks him in the eye.

itachi: tsuomi...

sasuke: my eyes can break any genjutsu even this one!

sauske knees itach in the gut and sweeps him itachi falls to the ground sauske throws his sword into itachis chest and it releases a elect current stoping itachis movements.

itachi: no one has ever broken out of that genjutsu unless i've allowed them to to it...

sasuke: its just as you said brother i've come back to fight you with your same eyes, i have become stronger then you!

itachi activates his final susano'o

itachi: i must finish my duty i have to stop this edo tensei jutsu...

sauske: not until we are done here.

itachi disappears into a flock of crows and reappears in the forest looking back behind him.

itachi: sauske...

itachi continues on to kabutos hideout.

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