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Naruto 574 Prediction: True Power

Naruto 574 Prediction: True Power

Sasuke Uchiha, having turned around, analyzes his surroundings. He is met with absolute solitude.

Sasuke (smirks): I'll see you

He continues walking, the thunderstorm growing stronger yet.

The scene switches to Tobi. His piercing eyes look into the very depths of Naruto's soul.

Naruto: Whatever trick you try to use at this point, it isn't going to work! My power is coming from a source you can't understand!

Tobi says nothing.

Tobi: So that's what it was...that feeling had nothing to do with Naruto. It's him...he's setting out for the battlefield. And it looks like he'll end up...

Kakashi, meanwhile, realizes that all isn't as it seems.

Kakashi: Gai, haven't you noticed? Nothing is unnerving this guy. We defeated his Six Paths of Pain, Naruto gained a new power, and now we've got the advantage...he isn't showing the least amount of worry.

Gai: It's going to be nighttime soon...he's been waiting for this. He has a Rinnegan and Sharingan...the perfect eyes for fighting in the dark. And that intangibility jutsu of his makes him impossible to hit. Who knows what else he's hiding...?

Killer Bee: Muthafuckaz, we got to finish this masked punk here and now! There's nothing else we can allow!

Naruto: Tobi, Madara, whoever you ends here! I'm not alone this time!

Tobi makes a hand seal, and the rest of Gedo Mazo breaks free from its underground prison.

Tobi: True power...

Gedo Mazo executes an energy blast composed of lightning, and everyone is sent flying. Naruto, however, is anchored by the Kyuubi's nearly limitless chakra.

Naruto: Shadow Clone Technique!

Naruto creates 500 clones, and they are all in Bijuu Mode.

Kurama: The limit is slowly fading! We've got at least fifteen minutes now!

Naruto: Just what I need!

They all charge at Tobi, but he begins unleashing his own power in the process.

Gedo Mazo stomps its foot on the ground, creating a massive shockwave, dispersing about 30 of the clones.

About 40 clones from both sides attack Tobi with a Rasengan...

Tobi: Shinra Tensei!!

His Shinra Tensei is powerful enough to stave off the clones temporarily, but they come back.

Tobi: Not enough...

Suddenly, Tobi's body begins changing, and the group sees that his hands are turning into mechanical weapons.

Killer Bee: Muthafuckaz, this one is bad! That other Edo Tensei guy almost got me with it, so sad!

Tobi, using Demon Realm, fires off a massive missile. It heads directly into the heart of the clone army, killing at least 200.

Gai: Kakashi, we've got to help!


Tobi: Don't bother, Kakashi. Techniques like that have no effect on me...


Kakashi: Could he have been...lying?

Kakashi: I'm going to try and catch him when he's tangible...

Gai: How do you know that'll work?! We saw him restraining the Five-Tails while in that ghost mode of his!

Kakashi: That was a passive technique, though. In order to use the Rinnegan's jutsu, you need to exert chakra. That's the entire reason Nagato's central path was vulnerable during the five-second cool-down...he needed to gather chakra to use his repulsion again.

Gai: But he could just as easily turn intangible during the five-second period.

Kakashi: That's why I have to time the Kamui to the exact second...besides, it'll help me confirm something.

Tobi pulls out Pain's black rods, and begins stabbing the clones, one by one.

Tobi: These clones...they're extremely powerful. And to create 500 of them...I can't keep using the Rinnegan like this.

Suddenly, the remaining portion of Naruto's clones band together, and begin preparing a massive Futon: Rasenshuriken.

Kakashi (smiles): Smart...

Gai: What do you mean?

Kakashi: He connected Tobi's hesitation to use large scale jutsu with his possible inability to. There's no feasible way he can hope to dodge this, especially not the the latter is guaranteed to sustain severe damage. And if he tries to remain intangible, he loses the right to use active techniques, leaving him in a very uncomfortable place. Right when he solidifies, we can wipe him out with any technique of our choosing.

Gai: How do you know his intangibility has a time limit?

Kakashi: It's a hypothesis I've been working on ever since we first encountered him in the forest, looking for Itachi. I can safely tell you that he uses chakra to keep himself incorporeal...the mechanics I'm still working out, but if the technique requires chakra, then there must be a point where he runs out of usable energy to keep it running, and so must shut it down.

Kakashi: At this point, I would say the limit is roughly about five minutes.

Killer Bee: Muthafuckaz, I heard all that, and I'm impressed! I can't say anything more than the fact that I'm blessed!

Tobi: That technique will spell certain death if it hits me. But if I turn intangible, I won't be able to use jutsu...and there's a good chance they already know. Looks like there's only one option left...

The Futon: Rasenshuriken is ready. The clones maintain it.

Kakashi: I can see it with my Sharingan. He's gone intangible. Now we have to wait.

Kakashi shouts toward Naruto.

Kakashi: Naruto, don't launch it yet!

Naruto: I know!

Tobi: It's the only way...they'll find out everything, but I'll win. It won't matter.

Suddenly, Tobi turns tangible. Kakashi is confused, and notices the swift change.

Tobi: Have to be quick...

Tobi: Summoning Technique!

Tobi summons a Centipede, Crustacean, Rhinoceros, Ox, Panda, and Dog...Cerberus.

Kakashi: Naruto, fire that jutsu!

The amplified Rasenshuriken collides with the summoned animals, and ravages them instantaneously. The FRS decreases in power slightly, and Tobi intends to take it head on.

Tobi: It can't hit the statue...

Just as the FRS makes contact with Tobi's physical body, the scene switches...

...In a battlefield very far away from Naruto's struggle against Tobi and Gedo Mazo, the skies are dark, and it is raining profusely. Lightning rocks the landscape, and there is an eerie silence.

Two figures stand off against each other, but there are four next to one of them that are severely injured, and cannot get up.

One of them is panting, while the other does not show the slightest sign of fatigue.

The person breathing Tsunade. And ultimate incredulity colors her countenance. She is having trouble standing up, but has no intentions of giving up.

Madara, meanwhile, stands calmly. His Susanoo is not present, but that does not faze him.

Madara: I'm very impressed that you've managed to hold out for so long. I expected nothing less from Hashirama's progeny. But it's over...

Tsunade: did you defeat!

Madara: Peace has made you all foolish. Shinobi don't desire tranquility...they fight. That is their inner sense of serenity. In attempting to forget about war, you've weakened yourselves...and as a result, you lie here groveling before my feet.

In the distance, Mu's body can be seen, but it is permanently incapacitated, stuck under a rock. Madara walks up to it. Kabuto (through Mu) can be heard saying something faintly.

Mu: Finally...Madara, get rid of this rock.

Madara's ribcage Susanoo forms, and its chakra whips quickly disintegrate the rock.

Madara stands over Mu. He crouches, and extends his hand. He places it on top of Mu's head.

Kabuto: What the hell is he...they can't attack each other!

Madara: I just wanted to inform you, Kabuto...I broke free from your Impure World Resurrection the moment I destroyed that wooden coffin.

Kabuto: !!

Wasting not a second, Madara removes Mu's soul. His body turns into ash. He walks away, leaving Tsunade to fight for her life.

Tsunade: Where the hell do you think you're going?! I want a proper fight here and now!

Madara turns around, and points at the four unconscious Kage.

Madara: You already got it.

He continues walking, until his figure is nothing more than a silhouette. The rain cloaks him, and he is gone.

The scene switches to Kabuto.

He smiles devilishly.

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