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Naruto 575 Prediction:The Prodigy, Avenger and Legend

Naruto 575 Prediction:The Prodigy, Avenger and Legend

 Scene starts with Madara brawling out A
A goes for punch but gets pushed away with Susano
Madara: You're slowing down raikage, having difficulties?
A: ...*I don't normally run out of chakra...but this is a never ending battle.*
Tsunade: Every time we have the opportunity to seal him, he hides in Susano and regenerates...we have to tire him out...
Onoki: With Sharingan blood and Hashirama's DNA, he won't get tired anytime soon....*if only I could use Jinton*
Gaara: !
Mei: What is it?
Gaara: I have an idea...but it may be risky.
A: Let's hear it!

Madara: !!!?
Kages: ?
Madara: What? Where was that power? Someone near by...that pressure. It's not doubt...the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan?
Tsunade: !? *Could it be*
Muu/Kabuto is hard pressing the jouinin who are in a circle guarding each others back.
Genma; This is pointless...we have no idea where he's going to stirke..
Dodai: There might be a way...(dodai's eye patch) Byakugan!
Genma: Wha..what? You have the byakugan?
Dodai: The cloud used to kidnap hyuuga from your village...I'm not proud of it but ever since I lost my eye, this was the only replacement. Forgive me.
Rock ninja: Hate to break it to you..but that won't work.
Dodai: What? Why not?
Rock ninja: Muu-sama can't be seen by any eyes, that's why he's feared amongst the kages!
Dodai: Then I hold that fear as well...

Madara: Kabuto! Come here.
Muu/Kabuto appear in front of Madara.
Tsunade: Did he just call him Kabuto?
Onoki: It seems Muu-sama is under control by someone..
Muu/Kabuto: What is it.
Madara: Someone just used the same eyes as me, who?
Muu/Kabuto: Kukuku...*seems like he's finally coming out to play*
Muu/Kabuto: His name is Sasuke Uchiha. The last Uchiha.
Madara: Last Uchiha?
Muu/Kabuto: Yes...his brother...Itachi Uchiha, who is actually on his way to see me, murdered your entire clan, orders from konoha.
A: !?
Mei: What?
Tsunade: Impossible....
A: Tsuande what's the meaning of this?
Tsunade: I don;t know....
Madara: Then I would like to have a word with him. Bring me there.
Muu/Kabuto: As you wish.
A: Wait! I'm not finished with you!
Madara:....I'll play with you children some other time.
Tsunade: !?? What?
Onoki: What is it Hokage?
Tsunade: Kakashi Hatake...said that the masked man said those exact words when he was leaving....
Gaara: So....I was right.
Kabuto/Muu Claps his hands and a coffin appears.
Right when the coffin is about to close Madara stops it.
Kabuto/Muu: What are you doing? Didnt you-
Madara: I have quicker means of transportation.
Madara uses his Eternal Mangekyou and teleports away, similar to Tobi.
Ononki: There's no doubt about it now...

Kabuto: ....
Madara appears near Kabuto.
Madara:'re Kabuto.
Kabuto: how did you know where I was.
Madara: My eyes allow me to track any Sharingan. I just teleported in between two of them.
Kabuto: !? Two?
Itachi lands in front of Madara and Kabuto
Madara: Judging by his form, this would be the one known as Itachi?
Itachi: I're the one behind this..
Madara: And the other....
Madara turns his head.
Sasuke walks out
Sasuke:What!? What is going on here?
Madara: Sasuke..Uchiha. This will be fun. Madara activates EMS
Chapter end.

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