Thursday, 4 October 2012

Naruto 605 Prediction: Broken Promise

Naruto 605 Prediction: Broken Promise 
Kakashi: ....shit!

Rin: Kakashi....

Rin's body collapses lifelessly onto the damp soil. The tears streaming down from Kakashi's face...

Obito: Kakashi! You bastard!

Spiral Zetsu: Wait. That isn't Kakashi. This is some kind of Suiton Technique that mirrors Kakashi.

Obito: Rin! I'm coming Rin!...

Kakashi: Another one?

Kakashi begins to melt into a puddle of water..

Obito: !!!

Spiral Guy: Behind you!

Obito's armor suddenly protrudes a barrage of spikes to impale the attacking Mist Shinobi from behind.

Mist: Guh! *coughs up blood* This guy... isn't human at all.

The Mist Ninja drops lifelessly onto the damp soil.

The spikes retreats into the armor and Obito goes over towards Rin.

Obito: Rin! What happened?!!!

Rin: your that you obit..?

Obito: yes! Where is Kakashi?!!!

Rin: We were seperated by the Hidden Mist technique. There are about 20 jounin along with the Mizukage. We were sent on an B-ranked mission to retrieve a stolen scroll with secrets. However, we were sent in a team of 3. Me, Kakashi and a Hyuuga guy...

Obito: A stupid scroll? Why?

Rin: It contains secret juts *cough* *cough*.. the third wanted it back...

Obito: Where is Minato sensei?

Rin: Minato went to push back the Cloud..

Obito: Rin. I always wanted to tell you.. that. I

Rin smiling

Rin: what?..

Obito: I love you.

Rin: I Rescue Kakashi....

-Scene switches to Kakashi-

Kakashi *summoning jutsu* Pakkun!
Kakashi: We need to find Rin.

Pakkun: Someone is approaching..

Hozuki Jounin: The Sharingan is ours....

Kakashi thinking. Obito promised me to save Rin. I'm not turning back..

- Scene switches to Obito -

Obito: Who the hell ARE YOU!

Mizukage: I am the kage of the hidden mist village. I am going to put an end to this war. That girl there fell victim to my jutsu.

Obito becomes enraged....

Spiral: Your body isn't ready yet.

Obito: I will kill you!

*Obito awakens the third tomoe*

-Scene switches-

*Kakashi awakens the third tomoe*

Kakashi: I can't break this promise!!

- Next time: Obito vs Mizukage!

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