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Naruto 608 Prediction: What's Ours is Ours

Naruto 608 Prediction: What's Ours is Ours
Cover page containts Obito (middle), Madara (left), and Sasuke (right)

Sidenote: Three men were robbed of the things they valued the most... they comeback for revenge to get back what's rightfully theirs... one way or another

First Scene: Kakashi and Obito fighting

Obito: Kakashi, you know what the problem with you is? You were never really the type who values the people who love you.

Kakashi: Heh... says the one who turns people into mere pawns for selfish dreams...

Obito: At least I'm working for a greater good. What have you done in the past decade? Oh yeah... not being able to do anything to save your father (Sakumo), your mentor (Minato), your teammate (Rin), your student (Sasuke), your colleague (Asuma), your leader (Hiruzen).

Kakashi: You don't know anything. I've taken the brunt of all the misery one can get. You have no right because you are not around. Uchiha Obito, the dreamer of being a Hokage, wasn't there for Konoha.

Obito: Konoha... Konoha is a hopeless case. That village is built on lies and deceit. You can have your Konoha. The Senju can have it... oh wait they're gone already. Konoha can rot in hell.

Kakashi: The Senju... the Senju are still alive in Konoha... in spirit... it's the village they founded.

Obito: Yeah it never was the Uchiha's, I know. You should just accept history though, old friend. It's written in stone. We all know that the Senju clan doesn't really have the same bloodlines.

Kakashi stares, fatigued.

Obito: There is the main line, the true Senju, where the First, Second, and Fifth Hokages came from. Then there's the branch lines, where many other clans belong. Before the era of the villages, clans like the Nara, Inuzuka, Yamanaka, and Sarutobi, they were all integrated to boost Senju ranks. When the Uchiha and Senju founded Konoha, the branch clans were given freedom to split away Then independent clans like the Hyuuga, the Aburame, and the Akimichi were welcomed by the Senju, to boost Konoha ranks. Even though there are different clans, they all became Senju's dogs. That's what Madara feared what the Uchiha may become, and they did.

Kakashi: Is this what Madara taught you, Obito? You are a lost cause. The Senju never ruled over the clans. They wanted equality.

Obito: Oh tell that to the Second Hokage and the Elders! The Uchihas saw through their work. The other clans became tame dogs and the Uchiha are the only ones who sees the truth. But no one will listen. The damage has already been done. It's useless, just like this chitchat. Those who won't open their minds will need to get lost. But before that, I need you to return something that I own. My eye!

Kakashi: Try me, Obito. This maybe yours but if your possession of this tool would cause the destruction of the world, then you have to fight me first.

Obito: Tool? Is that all what Sharingan is to you? Heh of course it is. You're not an Uchiha. You people only look at Uchihas as war assets.

Kakashi: You're a lunatic. With that kind of mind, I can't let this eye fall into your hands. I'll use this to defeat you.

Obito: You actually think you can beat me with my own eye? Heh... Wood Release - Feast of Thorn Forest!!!

Branching spiked tendrils rise from the ground! Kakashi flees and dodges... he gets wounded on his right thigh and got strangled by one wood tendril.

Obito: So... is this the fight you're going to give me? No wonder you pick on people who won't fight you. You have nothing, Kakashi. Now I'll give you the chance to hit me with the best shot my Sharingan can give.

Kakashi is stunned... panel focuses on Kakashi's MS. Then Obito's body becomes shocked by a lightning cloak and gets fried.

Kakashi: Lightning Tunnel!!

A huge chunk of obito's torso gets obliterated!

Obito: What???!!!

Scene changes to Madara and Naruto

Naruto: Heh... show me what you got, old man. I am not only destined to be Hokage but also destined to surpass all Hokage's.

Edo Madara: You? Heh surpass Hashirama? You gotta be kidding me. Don't lift your hopes up, boy. What you show right now... that's not even an eighth of my battle with Hashirama.

Naruto: Who says I'm done! I'mma haven't shown you anything yet!

Edo Madara: Heh really now? I have to commend you though, the NineTails does really like you that it fights with you... unlike when he was under my genjutsu. But well, past is past. I clearly underestimated the will of the 9Tails. I have come to take my servant beast back! Three Wooden Dragon Shackles!

Three wood dragons strangles Naruto but attempts to break out.

Edo Madara: Susanooh: arm!

A Susanoo arm appears. Chains sprout out of it and strangles Naruto

Edo Madara: Uchiha Leech Imprisonment

Kyuubi: Naruto! My chakra... it's plummeting down!

Naruto: What's happening? I feel so weakened...

Edo Madara: You're bond ain't as strong now, is it?

Kyuubi: The chains! I remember these chains...

Edo Madara: You're mine!

Susanooh's arm pulls out Kyuubi's cloak from BM Naruto and absorbs it!

Scene back to Obito and Kakashi

Kakashi: I used my most powerful lightning to fry your body. The Kamui is merely a supplementary jutsu. The Kamui enhances the destruction of your body and sucks it to oblivion. Even though you can go to the place where it goes, it's already fried by then.

Obito falls down... and curses Kakashi. Kakashi unrestrains himself using Raikiri. He goes to Obito then suddenly a wood stake skewers Kakashi from left to right of his torso.

Kakashi: What???

It's Obito behind Kakashi!

Obito: Nice job on frying my wooden clone. Now as I was saying... I'll get back what 's mine.

Shadow shows Obito pulling out Kakashi's MS!

To be continued

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