Friday, 26 October 2012

Naruto 608 prediction: Those who abond their comrades

Naruto 608 prediction: Those who abond their comrades
kakahsi: o...obito

flash back

Obito: i'll surpass you the moment i awken this sharingan!...

obito: kakashi take my sharingan and we'll see the future together....

obito: those who break the rules and regulation are trash but those who abdon their comrades are worse then trash!...


kakashi: * tears coming from eye* how did it come to this?

obito: i no longer care for you this life or anything anymore tahts why i invaded konoha 16 years ago, thats why i joined madara thats why i started this war. thats all i have to say to you.

kakashi: you... did that? you killed minato sensei!

obito: as i said i no longer cared i don't expect you to under stand, as angato would say you don't know my pain!

obito slams his hand on the ground large periceing branchs raise kakashi uses raikiri to break though each piece of wood. turning to obito he makes a lighting shadow clone and they rush at him kakashis face looks troubled kakashi reachs obito raikiri in hand. flash back...

Kakashi is infront of the stones obito was crushed at.

Kakashi: obito i'm sorry i couldn't protect rin!...

kakashi: hey guys!

sakura: sensei your late again!

kakashi ( kid obito your late what time did you thing we were meeting?

kakashi: heh.

sakura: huh?

kakashi: those who break the rules are trash...
obito( flash back talking along side kakashi) : but those who abond their comrades are worse then trash...


kakashi goes right though obito and the clone goes though obito aswell obito uses fire style and makes teh clone disppear but kakashi really tel ported teh fire and teh clone with kamui and pulls a string with a shuirken attached obito phaes though it and gains a burn on his body it heals.

kakashi: obito you've been alive all this time, yet you abonded your comrades your worse then trash! i never expected you to turn this way!

obito:!!! (my own words used agaisnt me) hm that no longer matters to me why won't you shut up? you have no right to talk!

kakashi: by trying to take over the word you've abonded me sensei and rin what would rinsay if she knew you did this you abonded her belief teh belief she died for!

obito: !!! i never did find out why, did you kill her?

kakashi: because she didn't want to abond her comrades she choose me and the village over her own life!

obito: O_O

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