Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Naruto 605 Prediction: Why Kakashi?

Naruto  605 Prediction: Why Kakashi?
Chapter starts off with Obito staring in shock

Kakashi looks up in shock and sees Obito: Who are you???

Obito: Looks like my BEST FRIEND can't even remember me!

Kakashi: Obito....?! I thought you were dead???

(Obito looks down at Rin)

Rin: at...least... i.... got... to see.... my loved one.... one.... last- *coughs up blood* time....... *dies*


Kakashi: It's not what it looks like Obito! I was controlled!

Obito: (close up on his Mangekyou Sharingan) I will kill you! I will also make you forget this meeting! *activates genjutsu*

Kakashi: GAH *shows Rin getting pierced by Kakashi's Chidori over and over again*

Kakashi (wakes up from the genjutsu in the hospital bed and shoots up): MINATO SENSEI! Where's Rin?! I had this horrible dream she died, I made a promise to Obito I'll protect her with my life!

Minato: You killed her, you were controlled...

Kakashi: NOOOO! *close up on Kakashi's Mangekyou Sharingan on the right crying and Obito's on the left crying*

(Cuts to Obito and Madara)

Obito (through sobs): Old Man... I will help you with your plan, and kill Kakashi!

Madara: You can call me Madara, and I see you have the Kamui Mangekyou Sharingan *shows a hole in the wall*

Obito: You can call me Tobi... Actually, you can call me anything... I have no name, nothing matters anymore

Madara: Alright Tobi now I will reiterate the plan...

Obito:... alright... sensei *close up on his mangekyou sharingan*


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