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Naruto 607 Prediction: The Formation of the Akatsuki

Naruto 607 Prediction: The Formation of the Akatsuki
Scene starts with encounter the of Tobi and Nagato

Nagato: So you claim to be the legendary Uchiha Madara? My former Sensei told me you died a long time ago so whats this game you're playin here ,whoever you are?
Tobi: Nagato!!! I searched a long time for you. It wasn't easy to find you. So you don't believe me? You believe *Jiraiya the Hermit Sage of the Hidden Leaf... The murderer of your friend.. Yahiko was his name right?
Nagato: How do you know about what happened?
Zetsu: I know... I'm following you since your childhood dear Nagato. I've seen everything. They destroyed your home, killed your parents and and pushed your best friend to suicide.*
Tobi: So you still believe in Jiraiyas Words?*
Nagato: I only believe in Pain and the cycle of hatred that drives mankind into solutions others won't agree. What do you want, Uchiha Madara?
Tobi: I will create a world where no pain or sadness exists. My plan is to gather all the Bijuu from the Five countries Villages and awaken the Juubi to cast an Infinite Tsukiyomi on this world. A dream world with no hate and pain everything will be united with us and everyone will have his love ones with them in peace. As long as this shinobi world exists there will be no peace. You and me have shared a life of betrayal and loss of our friends and family. Let's make this change together. You will lead an Organization of strong shinobi that suffered the same way we did. Your eyes have an unbelievable power thats in need to rule the world. I'll show you the way to eternal peace.
Konan: Nagato, don't bel.... (she gets interrupted)
Nagato: So you say eternal peace....*
Im looking for that state but its not as easy as you explain. How will you stand against the five nations power? Also if we would have a chance*why would the legendary Uchiha Madara needs*the Akatsuki for fullfilling his plan?*
Tobi puts off his mask showing the old face of madara through spiral Zetsu.
Tobi: As you see I lost an eye during my fight with the First Hokage at the Valley of the End. Now I'm a shell of my former self and need the help of the new generation to get rid of this selfish and senseless Ninja System. With my knowledge and your*power we definetly stand a chance against them.
Nagato looks at Konan.*
Nagato: It's our last chance we can't receive peace the way we lost Yahiko. He would have agreed after what they did to him and our men.*
He turns to Tobi: It's settled we allow you to join the Akatsuki. There's just something. Before we unite the world under your illusion, I seek Vengeance. If we'll go for Konoha... It's my job.*
Tobi: I agree under one condition...
Nagato: And what would that be?
Tobi: You have a certain Jutsu that needs to be saved for our final step... The Gedo Rinne Tensei. Only you can perform it so you agree?
Nagato thinking: What? He knows about the Rinnegans Power. He must be saying the Truth about who he is.*
Nagato: Deal. Whats our next step? *
Tobi: Alright. First of Nagato, *theres a shinobi that I want you to recrute. His name is Sasori of the Hidden Sand.*
Konan: The Master of the Red Secret Technique. What about him?
Tobi: Tell him about our goals and let him decide. Hes wise enough to follow us. He kidnapped the Third Kazekage and made him his puppet. His hate about this ninja system that took his parents away choose his fate. Your the leader and only you and Konan, Black and White Zetsu and Hoshigake Kisame, one of the former Seven Swordsmen of Mist, knows about my existence. *I infiltrated the Mist Village years ago and kept the Mizukage and Jinchuriki of the Sanbi in my control but I lost him after a Jutsu the Fourth Hokage put on me that frees the Bijuu. So for now lets call me Tobi until plan gets to final stage.*
Nagato: So who's gonna join our organization
Tobi: After the four of you and me only in background, for now I have with Sasori two other forces in mind. Kakuzu from Takigakure and Orochimaru of the Hidden Leaf.
Konan: That snake??? Hes not loyal to anyone. How do you think he will join this organization?
Tobi: Because of his criminal actions he left the leaf but he is still guarded by Danzo for some unknown reason. His main goal is revenge on Sarutobi Hiruzen his former teacher and the village that never acknowledged and always feared him. Hes a skilled shinobi and as a former member of the root anbu he has a lot of knowledge about the five countries that may help us.*
Tobi in his swirl and zetsu disappearin through the ground. *Tobi: As I told you, gather those men and then we start with our mission. I'll keep you informed about the next steps. We are your only ally right now, I rely on your word but if you betray us... I'll kill you right away! (Glares at them with Mangekyou Sharingan) Good Luck.

Scene changes to a forest near Konohagakure years later. Danzo with his root Hounds and Orochimaru met for a little chat. Danzo: It's about to get done. As soon as we get rid of the Uchiha scum I deliver you the sharingan to store them into my arm. Uchiha Itachi will come to find your men and you'll get what you always wanted and I will give you further protection from the Hokages Forces. As long as you keep your ass out the village.*
Orochimaru: Danzo, I don't expect you to held some big trust in me. We know all know that. But I made my preparations to be betrayed by you. You know were you'll find me when the jobs done.*
He rushes of with the Shunshin no Jutsu and meets Sasori in some meters behind.
Sasori: So your jobs done? I didn't expect a snake to bow down to some scum like Danzo.*
Orochimaru: Hehehe... You know its business I have his health and life in my hands and he gives me protection and time to discover a certain jutsu in to let them know how the snake strikes back. ( evil grin)

Scene changes to a place hours after the Uchiha Massacre.

Itachi: Mission accomplished, Danzo sama.
Danzo: So you really did it, Itachi. Who helped you against them? You don't want to tell me? Or don't you want to betray your new comrades like you did to your clan. You know you only join the so called Akatsuki to keep them away from the village.
Itachi: Thats none of your business. I'll make sure to protect the leaf. But if you lay a finger on Sasuke I'll deliver all information about the village to the other nations.*

Scene chnage to the Akatsuki Hideout years later.*

Pain: We are finally complete. With Deidara from Iwagakures Blast squad our force is strong enough to stop relying on the missions of the stone and the mist.*
Kakuzu: I'll gathered enough money to supply our guerilla tactics. Whats the next step Pain?
Pain: Sasori! After Orochimaru left the Akatsuki your new partner is Deidara. Make your preparations. In two years you go for the Ichibi of the Sunagakure!!!!


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