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Naruto 608 Prediction : Speaking to the ones who know everything

Naruto 608 Prediction: Speaking to the ones who know everything
The battle reaches it's climax! What of Sasuke and Orochimaru?

Sasuke: So, the scroll was right all along...
Opening panel shows the 4 coffins of the dead Hokages and Orochimaru standing behind them.
Orochimaru: They cannot be opened, or could never be opened due to each and everyone of them being sealed in the Death god's belly however, I've figured managed to bypass that rule in the ninja arts. I have fooled the death god!
Suigetsu: isn't that a bad thing?
Orochimaru: No Suigetsu, without a vessel, the shinigami has no means of reaching this world. And since all 3 users are dead, there is nothing to fear...well, I guess one of them is still "alive."
Sasuke: Enough talk, I want to get this over with.
Orochimaru: Very well, I'll summon them for you--
Sasuke immediately stops Orochimaru's hand signs.
Orochimaru: !?
Sasuke: I don't think so, I'll summon them myself.
Orochimaru: You still don't trust me, very well.
Juugo: You can use the edo tensei jutsu?
Sasuke: When Itachi forced Kabuto to create the signs, I copied them with my sharingan. I've also already made a contract with this shinigami back when I was with Orochimaru.
Orochimaru walks behind a coffin.
Sasuke created the hand seals.
Hashirama,Tobirama,Hiruzen and Minato appear.
Hashirama: Brought back with your jutsu yet again brother...
Tobirama: Didn't Sarutobi seal us? How is this possible...
Hiruzen: Orochimaru...and...
Minato: You must be...
Sasuke: My name is Uchiha Sasuke, I'm here only to talk.
Hiruzen: Seeing you must mean time has surely gone by, Sasuke why are you with Orochimaru?
Minato: He betrayed the leaf to gain revenge for his clan, he killed Uchiha Itachi and joined the Akatsuki.
Sasuke: !?
Tobirama: !?
Sasuke: how do you know all of that?
Minato: I was able to see everything through my sons eyes, up until recently.
Sasuke: *So..that's Naruto's dad*
Hiruzen: I see..I guess I failed to keep that from happening back there....
Tobirama: Uchiha massacre?
Hiruzen: Danzo took action and believed the Uchiha were going to start another war.
Sasuke: Second Hokage, why did you create the police force, why did it only consist of Uchiha's?
Tobirama: Being an Uchiha you should come to this realization. Uchiha's are emotional. That emotion is what powers their sharingan. Just the smallest incident can change an uchiha. By creating the police force, I was able to calm that emotion, and use their skills for the good.
Sasuke: Then explain Madara! Explain the Tobi, the masked man!
Minato: Masked man...
Orochimaru: I believe he's speaking about Obito.
Minato: !??
Sasuke: Obito?
Minato: That night? Obito?
Sasuke: What about Madara though!
Hashirama: You mean the man who created all this war and suffering? What would you like to know son.
Sasuke: First hokage, you fought him at the valley of the end, why?
Hashirama: If your wife had an affair with your best friend and hid their kid in another village, what would you do?
Orochimaru: *I see..Nagato.*
Sasuke: You mean...Madara....
Hashirama: His brother took the child and hid him somewhere, my men killed him after he returned oto the village. Madara of course, was furious.
Tobirama: That incident caused the Uchiha to believe Hashirama had killed their leader, causing them to always be on guard, and slowly our old enemy's had returned.
Sasuke: .....
Orochimaru: Have you heard what you needed to hear?
Sasuke: yea..
Orochimaru: So what is your answer...
Sasuke: I need to speak to Madara.
Sasuke: Suigetsu, Juugo, we're going.
Sasuke releases the jutsu
Sasuke: ... *sasuke looks back*
The coffins are still there.
Sasuke: Why aren't they dissapearing?
Orochimaru smiles
Orochimaru: These are my summonings!
Sasuke: !? How? * when he walked behind the coffin...he must have created the signs there*
Juugo: Uh oh.
Suigetsu: Uhm Sasuke...what now?
Sasuke: Suigetsu, Juugo, take Kabuto and Anko and get out of here.
Hiruzen: You should have known better Sasuke, to trust someone like Orochimaru.
Hashirama: It seems wherever we go, there is always war.
Orochimaru: This is it! Here and now I will take your body Sasuke!
Sasuke: Come and get it!
End panel shows Sasuke holding his sword with EMS activated.
Chapter End

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