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Naruto 606 prediction: Road to Hell

Naruto 606 prediction: Road to Hell

Rin and Kakashi are walking.

Kakashi, " Rin, where are we going? We only have a few hours before we have to meet Sensei."

Rin, " this wont take long, we are here. "

Suddenly they are surrounded by Mist Ninja.

Kakashi, " Rin get out of here, I will slow them down!"

Mist Ninja, "we will not harm the girl, if you cooperate then you may live as well."

Rin, " i am sorry Kakashi, but it was my mission."

Mist ninja(2), " you see this ninja was born and raised in the Mist Village. She was planted in the leaf with a fake family years ago."

Kakashi, "why, what was the reason for this?!"

Rin, "to discover the secrets of the Leaf village best ninja."

Mist ninja, " feel honored kid you just recently were added to that list."

Rin, " i have them, I have Minato Namikaze's formula for FTG, as well as Kushina Uzumaki's sealing techniques. I even manage to get the instructions for His new secret technique."

Kakashi puts his head down,{all those things could bring down the leaf village in the wrong hands, possible all the villages. An entire force of Yellow Flashes, that would be devastating?!} " Rin...what about Obito? What about us? Was all that false?"

Rin, " i do care for you Kakashi, but i was on a mission for my village. Speaking it Obito, it was briliant for him to give you the Sharinghan. Now my people can have someone that is familiar with it, better than just taking it out of his sockets."

Kakashi, " what? I am not *a mist ninja, I am Kakashi Hatake of the Hidden Leaf!"

Mist ninja(3), "well dead or alive that eye is coming with us. She was being nice bringing you here. Should have just taken it out."

Suddenly mist forms around them.

Kakashi, {there about to move in, I can do two chidori at my current level}

He raises his headband revealing the SG.

Rin, { is he really gonna take them all on?}

Kakashi, "Ninja will die here today [charges chidori] and they will die as Leaf ninja!"

He turns and stabs Rin, "Those that abandon their friends...are worse than scum."

Rin, " I understand...cough...guess I didnt..cough...learn anything from Obito....unlike you...cough..."

Obito arrives on the sideline.

Rin, "...Kakashi."

She falls.

Kakashi, "Rin." {now myself}

we see the MS appear.

Kakashi, {suddenly too}

He passes out.

Now(current flashback status)

Obito, " i am in hell, this is worse rhan life could ever be!"

He looks around seeing the dead mist ninja, Kakashi and then looks at .

" this is terrible, i am too late, if only i was here earlier..."

Zetsu, " sorry we could not reach her in time.."

Obito cuts him if as if ignoring it all together, "I could have helped Kakashi!"

Zetsu suit, {?!}

Obito continues while looking at his surroundings, " Kakashi risked his life to protect her he killed so many ninja, until he passed out. He couldn't do it. He couldn't protect Rin, he..he"

He looks at Rin, "no, that wrong, he could have done it. He was saving himself, he just let her die!"

Zetsu suit, "Obito? What is going on with you?"

He walks over to Kakashi, " you busy being so great, you let that Mist ninja stab her, kill her."

We see a fake flash back of a Mist ninja killing Rin while Kakashi chidoris a Mist ninja.

Obito, " i do not abandon my friends, i would be worse than scum, like you."

We see later Rin laying down in the cave, with Obito looking at her.


Kakashi is waking up, looking at Minato, "sensei....Fourth Hokage, how?"

Minato, " relax Kakashi, you have been through something that put a strain in your body and chakra. Where is Rin?"

Kakashi putting hus head down, "Rin, was a spy. I..i had to..."

Minato interrupts " i know, i discovered it a while ago. I didn't think she would make her move now though."

Kakashi, "you knew, but why didn't you say something?"

Minato, i truly was hoping to turn it to our advantage. She was here ti gather information so I gave her access, to what I wanted her to have."

Kakashi, " are you saying...?"

Minato, " yes, nothing he had was real. Si what village placed her? I guessed the Mist village. *They are the only ones nit busy with anything major at the moment."

Kakashi looking away, " you know Sensei, can we do this a bit later?"

Minato, "of course, but one question? How did you get back to the village *gate?"

Kakashi just looks up confused.

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