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Naruto 608 Prediction: Running in between the tides

Naruto 608 Prediction: Running in between the tides
Madara's wood dragon continues to wrap its body around the Kyuubi. Naruto: Like that will be enough to stop me!
Naruto: Wind Release! Shuriken Blades! . While holding on to his grip against the Dragon the Kyuubi shoots out large shurikens that speed from his mouth slicing the body of the Dragon in many pieces. Kyuubi: DO YOU THINK I WOULD BE TAMED BY THAT CURSED DRAGON ONCE AGAIN?
 Madara: HMPH, it matters not. That was Hashirama's play thing not my own. For there is no being who can stand against my ultimate weapon. Kurama: Naruto you must be cautious of Madara's ultimate Susanoo form. It is as big as the sky and as strong as the Bijuu. Naruto:??! WHAT? Stronger than you? Kurama: I could of probably stood a chance if I was complete. Your father split my yin and yang chakras and sent the Yin into the belly of the Death God.

Kurama smiles, Kurama: Bold words won't work alone Naruto...but we will do whatever we can to send this bastard back to the afterlife. Madara: Well as much as I want to test out your capabilities, I just don't have time for you....Basho Ten'in! Naruto is being pulled toward Madara who forms a Susanoo arm with sickle in hand. Madara: Die like the rest of your clan! Madara goes to strike Naruto with his Susanoo sword but Naruto forms a huge chakra hand that blocks the attack directly. Naruto is knocked back to the earth and his feet slide across the dessert floor. Madara: Quick reflexes kid! Still not good enough! Susanoo comes from the ground up, Naruto notices the attack and jumps up in the sky. Naruto: Planetary Rasengan. Naruto slaps the Susanoo with multiple rasengans as they hurl him right behind Madara. Madara: Tcht....(sucking his teeth) Naruto stands near Hachibi. Naruto: Uncle Bee I need you to transform. You are too big of a target and we need to ration our chakras. Bee quickly transforms and lands beside Naruto. Naruto and Bee bump fists as they both seem more confident than ever. They both take off with speed toward the sinister Madara. Gai races to the aide and side of Kakashi who is facing off against the lost Obito. Naruto (whispering to Bee) Do you think you can do it? Bee: I got you son no stress, we will beat this bitch to death we da BEST! Naruto smiles and heads off in front of Bee. Naruto: Shadow clone Jutsu! Five clones burst through in front of the real Naruto. Naruto: Here goes nothing! He takes out a kunai and throws it directly at Madara. Without even moving, Madara simply allows the kunai to go past his cheek. Madara: Poor aim, you know these eyes can see everything.. You waste your motions coming at me head first. The Naruto clones all form larger than average Rasenshurikens. Madara: That jutsu from before..even if I am hit with it..I won't allow it! The clones all jump in the air and toss out their respective Rasenshurikens. As they swing around the sky racing towards Madara's location. Madara: Five of them..hmmmm I have to make it large enough to reflect the last few to get reflected away. Madara: Preta Path! Madara absorbs the first three RS's. As he switches to Shinra Tensei he is pushing the last two away. As Madara is extending his Shinra Tensei, Bee jumps in front of him. Bee: MY TURN! Eight legged Ink submission! Bee turns into a small ink form of the Hachibi, as he liquefies he jumps on Madara. Madara: INK??? The ink starts to harden like his seal jutsu. Madara: They aim to cease my movements??

Naruto: No we aim to cut you up in pieces! Naruto now stands before Madara. Naruto: Kyuubi sickles! Naruto forms nine chakra tails that pierce Madara all over. I will not allow you to use your hands Uchiha Madara. This is the end as Naruto has every limb secured by his tails. Naruto forms two hands from his shoulders. He quickly forms a mini Bijuudama, Naruto: Any last words?! Madara: I will see you in two minutes... Naruto lunges the dense chakra orb toward the shackled Madara. Obito notices the attack by the Jinks. Obito hesitates and remains in his place before Kakashi. Naruto looks on as the body and remains of Madara are no more. Naruto: Like hell, he can't be that easy to beat...Madara: You are right young Uzumaki. Madara rises from the ground about a hundred or so yards away from Naruto. Naruto: A wood clone? Madara: Correct, only I was able to see through Hashirama's tricks. With these eyes you cannot hide anything from me! Though if that was my real body...I would not boast so confidently.

Naruto: Hah, the imfamous Uchiha Madara having to hide from some monsters like us. Madara: Too bad kid, I am starting to like your rather rude impudence. Naruto: Don't go getting all mushy on me...let's go! Madara flickers toward Naruto who is racing around him. Madara extends his fans tip outward, Madara: Flame Fan! Fire erupts from the fan and runs down on the ground. As Naruto flickers about the fire seems to be homing right on his tail. Naruto: What in the hell is up with this jutsu? The faster I go the faster it goes..Naruto attempts to slow down and notices the fire catching up to him. Naruto: The moment I stop I am done for! Suddenly the fire turns pitch black. Kurama: Amaterasu! Naruto this won't work. The wind speed you have created has turned Madara's fire trail into a suction cup for his Amaterasu. No matter what speed you go this jutsu has its own inertia. It will consume you and you will perish. We need to throw it off your trail. Naruto: How? Oh I got it! Shadow clone jutsu! Eight clones jump our from the smoke. Naruto allows his clones to speed by him. They being to race in a circled motion. We see the black flame spin and spin as it is being lifted up. Madara: Humm smart brat! Naruto jumps from the center of their circular track and allows the clones to disperse which allows for the fire to be sucked up into the atmosphere.

Bee (thinking to himself) Madara seems to be still having fun, is he taking us serious or is it tan day under the sun? Madara Unfolds his arms, he quickly eyes both Bee and Naruto. Madara: Yin Release, Vicinity genjutsu! Bee and Naruto spot Madara approaching them, they quickly evade his jutsu. Madara: Mirrored Fire ball Jutsu. A mirror rises from the ground and shoots out two fireballs going out the opposite sides of the Mirror. Bee as well as Naruto attempt to cancel out the jutsu. Naruto: Bijuu wind cry! Naruto creates a large Kurama mouth that lets out a huge bellow of screeching winds. Bee: Grand Ink window! A pool of black goo rises from under Bee's feet vertically. As it spreads out in time to catch the fire we see the fireball continue to head pass the ink defense toward Bee. Naruto is also shocked when his Wind blade phases right through the fireball. Naruto: What the hell.....Kurama and Hachibi: This is a grand scale genjutsu. Without touch or eyeball contact Madara has placed you two by your senses. The Bijuu quickly activate their chakra awakening both Bee and Naruto just as the real fireball threat is about to smash them. Kakashi: Water Release Twin Tidal Waves!

Kakashi's jutsu quickly slams against the approaching fireballs. Naruto turns to Kakashi and puts his thumb up. Kakashi: DON'T LET YOUR GUARD DOWN NARUTO..REMEMBER YOU ARE FACING SOMEONE WHO HAS SEEN IT ALL! YOU ARE OUR MOST UNPREDICTABLE NUMBER ONE KNUCKLEHEAD, DON'T FORGET IT! (panting heavily) Obito: Should you really be this concerned over your comrades...I am the man you are facing...too bad Minato Sensei was too kind to realize just who he was fighting against..Kakashi is seen to be bothered by Obito's choice words. Kakashi reaches for his pouch and pulls out a kunai. He tosses the Kunai up as it lands point down in front of Obito. Obito's eyes widen...Obito: It has been some time since I have seen one of those.....Sensei's special Kunai. They both eye one another...Kakashi: It's something I have held on to...the only thing I have been able to. He pulls out one last item, a piece of paper. Kakashi: Chakra seal release! From the small piece of paper we see large colorful chakras being sent into Kakashi's body.

Obito:??? What is your aim Kakashi?
Kakashi: Well as you may know I don't have a large chakra pool. With the Sharingan, it is even smaller. I have been known as the copy cat Ninja. Not one time have I been called a parasite of the dead. Obito:?? Kakashi: You don't see it do you? I bet Madara taught you all jutsus, but I bet he couldn't and didn't teach you some forbidden techniques from the Uzumaki clan. You forget just who our Hokage is. Obito: She taught you a Uzumaki kinjutsu that is similar to her own Creation Rebirth technique. Kakashi: Yes a forbidden jutsu that allows me to steal and seal the chakras of any foe I have defeated. Obito:!!! Kakashi: It is time I show you my resolve and end this little exchange. You were once my best friend and a comrade, now you stand before me as a foe. By your own choice..let us finish this Obito. Kakashi has a similar aura pumping around him like Gai when he is in his gates mode. Obito: Kakashi is this really you? Kakashi is healed and he lifts up the covering around his Sharingan. Kakashi: Mangekyo Sharingan! Gai: OH YEAH! THAT IS MY ETERNAL RIVAL! BUT I CAN'T LET YOU HAVE ALL THE FUN! Gai goes six gates! They both swim in a pool of visual determination.

Scene switch
Naruto and Bee watch as Madara smirks and walks slowly toward them. Madara: Well this has all been great! To be brought back within your generation....I will crush this reality and end all your hopes and dreams. Come, show me your last efforts. For I will not hold back anymore. Witness despair! Madara: Ultimate Susanoo!
Bee and Naruto watch in fear as the towering threat fixates.

Madara looks on at Naruto....



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