Thursday, 25 October 2012

Naruto 608 Prediction: Obito Wrath

Naruto 608 Prediction: Obito Wrath
Obito : I'll avenge Rins..
Kakashi : Rins?? Wait!!

(Obito ignore Kakashi speech. he launch an attacks, fire release : Great fireball Tech)

Kakashi blocked the fire using Water elements : Water Dragon Bullet technique

Obito emerged from below and stand behind kakashi

Obito : Too slow!
Obito : Received your judgement Kakashi!!!

Obito launch a mokuton elements..Sashiki : Piercing Branch..

kakashi stunned and unable to moved.. guy cames to save kakashi with his Konoha senpu..

guy : Kakashi.. Wake up!!! Its not the time to put your guard down..
Kakashi : guy, leave this to me... U go and helps Naruto..

Guy turns and moves to Naruto.

Obito emerged and warped guy....
Obito : Now, just two of us.. lets finish this!

(scene changes to Naruto and Madara)

Madara : You really are something to crushed the Dragon.

Naruto BM crushed the madara dragon woods.. and rushed forwards to attacks Madara

Naruto : just drop and Vanished !!!

Naruto BM strike with a few blow, Madara uses the Mokuton to blocked.

Naruto : There's more..
A new jutsu :- tsunami blade .. the wind begin to spiral from the madara beneath .. madara was lift up .. the wind sliced madara heavily...

Madara ; how pathetic! U didn't learn anything do you?
( madara body was recovery from that attacks)

suddenly, a Madara mokuton clones appears and grap naruto from behind.. 

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