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Naruto 606 Prediction: Path to peace

Naruto 606 Prediction: Path to peace
(Obito is shown standing in the pool of blood)
Obito : I'm in .....hell!(looks at rin) you heard me Rin, we both are in hell. (kneels down and feels her) you are so cold!! ...... Good, you relieved from this hell.(remembers his happy days with Rin)
Obito : He was right. (remembers madara's words - this living world is hell)
(obito's tears makes its path through the blood surrounding his eye)
(the pattern formed by the last wood style attack shears and falls on one side)
Obito : ?!!! (coughs blood) arrgghhh!!!!
SZ : ?!!! What happened obito? (separates out from obito) ?!!!
(obito's right side shrinks)
SZ : You overused your mokuton powers in anger and now its showing its side effects. I must take you to madara.
Obito : ......... (looks at kakashi and then rin) (remembers madara's words - someone got saved because you were hurt) {why did you do that to Rin, Kakashi?} zetsu....... take me to him.
SZ : Are you sure? What about your friend?
Obito : I don't have any friend left. They both died when...(remembers Rin stabbed by Kakashi's chidori) (faints away)
(Obito opens his eyes and found himself in front of madara)
Madara : You awake? I got to know..... What happened there through zetsu (Spiral Zetsu- SZ) Its painful to lose someone you loved the most. The way I lost my brother.
Obito : ........This world is a living hell!!!!
Madara : You won't recognise this world as hell until you witness it yourself. I understand that you lost your loved ones but what made you to come back here? You said you won't come back.
Obito : ......... Yes!! I said it..... But...... There's nothing left in this world to whom I belong!! And now..... There are no ties exist between me and this world now. I'm no longer a ninja.... a friend..... Nor a comrade!!! I'm NO ONE!!!
Madara : So like me you don't belong to this hell either.
Obito : (looks around) Where is SZ? I must thank him for what he did to help me to save Rin from the Mist Ninjas atleast her corpse.
Madara : He will now always remain with you.
Obito : Then where is he now?
Madara : He is with you now...... attached to your body!!!
Obito : Attached to my body? (looks at his right side. His whole body below the neck is covered with Spiral Zetsu's body) ?!! But why did you used him now?
Madara : He was a special one. He was purely made of Hashirama's cells unlike other zetsu....
Obito : means?
Madara : They contain a part of me. They are not too strong. Since i'm alive due to his cells. That zetsu (SZ) was made before i clinged to this mazo. To continue my aim i required someone who would follow my steps, who will help to revive me in future......... Using my eyes which are transplanted to Uzumaki Nagato of the hidden rain village.
Obito : But still, why did you chose me for your dream?
Madara : (points at obito) Because of your eye. That day, one of the zetsu was patrolling outside the hideout. He witnessed everything happened to you. Now I don't care about anyone not even the uchihas. So i was waiting for you to die and get your sharingan.
Obito : Then why didn't you killed me that day and take away my sharingan.
Madara : Because of your strong will. You were still alive even after getting crushed by a huge rock. So i decided to save you using Hashirama's artificial body.
Obito : .............
Madara : After your operation I noticed that your body readily adapted to Senju cells and started healing your body. With this, I hoped to ask you for my proposal.And according to your answer I had to do the further preparations. But you refused it just in the hope that you will return to the village.
Obito : ..........
Madara : I see that you awakened the Mangekyo Sharingan without killing your best friend.
Obito : ?!!
Madara : From what all information SZ gave me, Maybe your Mangekyo Sharingan awakened because your own best friend, Kakashi, killed your another friend, Rin.
Obito : What do you mean?!!
Madara : Its written on the Uchiha Tablet that to obtain the Mangekyo Sharingan, an Uchiha must kill his best friend. But it seems to be another way. That is, the loss of someone close to your heart awakens the Mangekyo Sharingan. Now you have obtained the MS, your body will be more compatible with the Spiral Zetsu and it won't discharge away, the way the artificial body discharged after using some wood style attacks.
Obito : (looks at his right hand. Wood comes out of his arm according to his will)?!!!
Madara : I once again ask you Obito!!! What do you think about this world? Do you want to change this world completely free of hatred? Will you follow my dream of peace? Or Return to Konoha
(Obito looks at Madara with a determined expression)
(Which path will Obito choose)

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