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Naruto 606 Prediction: Questions - Uchiha Usman

Naruto 606 Prediction: Questions - Uchiha Usman
{Sasuke, Orochimaru, are travelling through dense forest, Juugo and Suigetsu are slightly behind}
{Orochimaru looks at Sasuke while they are both skipping through the forest}

Orochimaru - (To think he is increased this much in such a short space of time.......The Uchiha are indeed elite, and Sasuke is a rare genius among those elite)

Sasuke to Orochimaru - Why havent you attempted to use this scroll?

{Orochimaru seems a bit startled by the question}

Sasuke - It is not beyond you to seek power through any means necessary, so why?

Orochimaru - kukukukuku , Sasuke we are alike in that aspect it seems Sasuke

Sasuke - ...........

Orochimaru - Beyond my talents and the knowledge i have acquired there is still a barrier between me and that scroll and its jutsu. That barrier is you Sasuke-kun......or more specifically that special body of yours

Suigetsu - (Tsk, this guy)

{Sasuke looks back straight on}

Sasuke - So.....only an Uchiha can perform this?

Orochimaru - Only a shinobi, who possesses powerful chakra and has acquired the Eternal Mangekyou sharingan like yourself.

Sasuke - ( think he deciphered the tablet to even know that much of these eyes)

Orochimaru - ....... {And once this is performed i will have my chance again}

{They suddenly stop travelling}

Juugo - Sasuke..

Sasuke - We are here

Suigetsu - Jeez What happened here ? What is this place ?

Orochimaru - Hmmm

Sasuke - Konoha.....I see

Orochimaru - Sasuke only you and i are to proceed further

Suigetsu- Bullshit!! Sasuke don't listen to him, he only wants your body, he said it himself!

{Orochimaru Looks at Suigetsu, who immediately takes a couple steps back}

Sasuke - Juugo.....Suigetsu wait here!

Suigetsu - Sasuke dont underestimate him!

Juugo - Suigetsu stop. Sasuke is well aware of what he is doing

Suigetsu - Why are you not saying anything, you know better than most what he is capable of?!

Sasuke - Suigetsu, do not underestimate me!

{Sasuke activates his EMS}

{Orochimaru smiles}

Orochimaru - (wonderful)

Suigetsu - tsk.....

{Sasuke jumps off into Konoha quickly followed by Orochimaru}

Juugo - Suigetsu......

Suigetsu - what?

Juugo - We are in no place but to judge or influence Sasuke. Sasuke's will is no longer Kimmimaro's will.

Suigetsu - Then why do w-

Juugo - However, we are indebted to Sasuke so for now we will wait.

{Suigetsu drops on the floor and pulls out a drink of water}

Suigetsu - Man, these guys....

{Scene switches to Sasuke and Orochimaru who are standing infront of a Building}

Orochimaru - To think the Village would leave themselves so exposed like this. But then again an allied shinobi force is something i would have never imagined.

Sasuke - Lets go..

{Sasuke walks into the building}

{Orochimaru smiles then licks his lips}

Orochimaru - (To think, i will be alone with him at the Naka shrine as he performs that jutsu kukukukuku wonderful)

{Orochimaru follows Sasuke into the secret Naka Shrine}

{Sasuke throws the scroll at Orochimaru}

Sasuke - Only you can prepare this jutsu

Orochimaru - Kukukukuku it seems your insight has progressed enough to read further Sasuke-kun

Sasuke - dont waste my time and allow me to see!

{Orochimaru performs unique handsels followed by a summoning , however nothing is summoned but a circled seal on the floor}

Sasuke - .......

Orochimaru - I have done what it is needed, the rest is on you.

Sasuke - A Clan, A Village, A Shinobi........Itachi...

{Sasuke performs the same jutsu however this time his hand stems a line joining that seal}

{A bright light encompasses the whole room, once it fades, Orochimaru stands shocked}

Orochimaru - summoned them first?

Voice 1 - What is this?
Voice 2 - It seems we have been released from Hiruzen's Jutsu
Voice 3 - Amazing to think i would have the honour of standing with you all
Voice 4 - I see......

Orochimaru - (what is Sasuke planning ?, nevertheless i can be patient)

Sasuke to them ?? - Hokage's

{All four men - Hashirama Senju, Tobirama Senju, Hiruzen Sarutobi, Minato Namikaze - face Sasuke}

Sasuke - Before i undo this jutsu, there are some things i need to ask you all

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