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Naruto 606 Prediction: NEW MENTOR

Naruto 606 Prediction: NEW MENTOR
(Scene shows Obito looking at Rin's body)

Obito: Its all my fault.... If I could go back sooner....

Obito: I guess its too late to tell how I really feel... goodbye Rin!!!

Zetsu: What are we going to do now?? your love one is dead and her murderer is still alive. should we????

Obito: No!!! I need to know his reasons..... its too early for his death and sufferings

Zetsu: We should go back to Madara before any Mist Ninjas come here..

Obito: Right.. but before.... bring kakashi and Rin's body hidden somewhere...

Zetsu: But...

Obito: Now go!!! you stupid androids!!!

Zetsu: On it!!! (hrrrr.... commanding me like that you bastard)

(Scene shows Zetsu brought Rin's body and Kakashi in a cave near a shore)

(Scene shows Obito with Zetsu going back at Madara's hideout)

Madara: Little Uchiha Im surprise that you came back!! What happened...

Obito: Hell Happens!!... There something I want to tell you..

Madara: Hmm... It seems your frustrated, I can tell that by looking to your eyes..

Obito: Train me.... and I'll kill Hatake Kakashi!!! and get revenge to Konoha....

Madara: You fool!! if you want your revenge to that kakashi of yours, you should have killed him before..

Obito: Ive got a plan... He got my Sharingann,, I have a full of questions to be answered by him before his grave

Zetsu: What Plan... Plan A.... Plan B....

Obito: Do I need to laugh??? you idiot!!! (Sharinggan Mangekyou Activated) hrr!!!

Zetsu: Ahahaha.... your short-tempered you know?! (Whats that eye?? is that the Mangekyou Sharinggan)

Madara: (hmmm This boy is quite, It should be that incident awakening his Mangekyou) Ok. Whats the plan??

Obito: After my Full recovery, I need to train and please help me.. As I progress I promise to help your plan as well.

Madara: Hmm a bright offer...

(Scene Shows Kakashi with Rin)

Kakashi: Ugh,, what happened i thought its the end for us??


(Scene Shows Minato arrives with Flying Thunder God at Kakashis special kunai given by Minato)

Minato: Am I too late?? what happened??..

(Scene Shows Minato and Kakashi talking while on the cave)

Minato: I guess its been hard for you to decide which is which... Im sorry Kakashi... My mission to stop Kumogakure
in infiltrating Konoha is too much.. Ive fought two powerful shinobi.... We should treat your wounds soon.. lets head back to konoha

Kakashi: (Sharinggan Activated Mangekyou) No! Sensei... its all my fault I killed Rin with my own hands just to make sure the enemy will not get any intel from us since its a suicidal attempt of mine... but look im alive.. i should be dead like Rin right now..

Minato: (Is that the mangekyou sharringan??) No your alive for a reason..

Kakashi: (Glares to Minato)

Minato: Your Two comrades sacrificed their lives for this teamwork. I know its been hard for you, Rin and Obito are both Ninja that saved your life. Rin, by taking care of your wounds, and Obito saving you last time you fought with Stone Ninjas.

Minato: Dont forget their sacrifices for you to live... Well I guess its enough talking we should go back..

(Scene shows Minato carrying Kakashi and Rin in both of his shoulders)

(Scene back to Madara's hide out)

Obito: Old Hag.. I think Im adapted and cured 100% by this artificial body.. Lets commence with the training..

Madara: No... Im about to die soon... like ive said before.. there is something i want you to do that will benefit me in the future.. But dont worry Ive found you a new mentor

Obito: huh??

(Scene shows Konoha puts Rin to her grave)

(Scene shows flash backs for kakashi)

(Scene back at Konoha)

Minato: Are you alright Kakashi??

Kakashi: Yes im fine. but....

Minato: Im pulling you out of Team Ninja Missions

Minato: I guess its better to condition your emotions first...

Kakashi: what?? you said i should continue!!! what about the sacrifices...

Minato: No... You dont have to down yourself because of that... (You need to enhance your Mangekyou)

Minato: Im putting you on ANBU Squad!! Your directly reporting to me...

Kakashi: What??......

Minato: But first ive got here your new trainor... (Its better of him to help Kakashi in developing his eye jutsu)

(Scene Shows Trainer for Kakashi)

Trainer 1: Im from the Uchiha Clan... Im also Head of the ANBU SQUAD......

(Scene Shows shadowed person with Sharinggan activated)

(Scene Shows Trainer for Obito)

Trainer 2: Is your hatred enough to be strong?? Do you already feel pain?? As long as the Ninja World Exist there will be pain!!!!!

(Scene shows shadowed person with Rinnegan eyes)


Who is the new trainers for the Hero of the Sharringans???

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