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Naruto 608-610 Preictions: Power

Naruto 608-610 Preictions: Power
Kakashi is barely standing while facing Obito. *

Bee in Bijuu form is laid out.*

We see Gai trying to reach Kakashi but suddenly Obito appears and inflicts *genjutsu on him, causing him to fall to his knees and be in a trance.

Obito, " no interference, in your condition this won't take long. I have thought about taking that eye back from you when you die."

Kakashi is holding his side and coughs before speaking, "so again I must kill a comrade for the sake of good. I suppose that is my role in this world."

Obito, " what are you babbling about? Are you delirious from your wounds?"

Cut to Naruto and Madara, the wood dragon is trying to surround the Fo Aura but, it being pure chakra, it cannot.

Madara , " interesting, no matter. Hey boy, did you know that your 9 tails is not complete? It seems its missing the yin-yang combination. So if you know tell me where it is."

Naruto, {what is he talking about?}

Kurama, {other half of my yin-yang chakea is sealed inside your father, o am only half as powerful and that is why we do not have a flesh and bone transformation like Hacibi and Bee."

Naruto thinking back to past transformations, { but when u were at 8 tails you has flesh and bone?}

Kurama, { i was using yours, i was killing you Naruto!}

Naruto, " hey, i hear you and the 1st Hokage started the leaf village!"

Madara, "what of it?"

Naruto, "just kinda cool to meet one of the founders of my home. Even though your dead already, i have to stop you right now!"

He looks out the corner of his eye and makes a pair of clones. One is Sage mode the other regular.

We see Kakashi being held by his vest by Obito, "she was a secret spy, you jack ass. She made me do it! Next time you obsess over an event get all the facts!"

Obito punches Kakashi and tosses him off panel, " a spy? A double agent? Never, your lying and i'm going to kill you!"

He turns with his MS showing.

Voice from off panel, "you will not touch my Sensei, again!!"

It is the Naruto (base mode)clone, he is in front of *Kakashi.

Kakashi, "no, it is my fight Naruto..."

He barely makes it to his feet.

Obito, " still playing the cool guy i see. Such a loser."

Naruto in RS cloak instantly, " no, he is my sensei and you will not kill him..."

Kakashi, "Nar.."

Naruto, "life chakra Rasengan!!"

He is shown hitting Kakashi with a Rasengan in his chest.*

There *is a big *blast of energy.

Obito, "what, what.....did you do?!"

Naruto clone in base mode looking tired, " helped my Sensei, my friend."

He disperses.

Off panel, "well now, that is handy, caught me off guard though."

We see Kakashi healed, standing straight up ready to fight.

Voice,{Kakashi sensei, sorry i jumped in but i couldn't sit by and do nothing. }

inside Kakashi's mind, "what did you do, heal me?"

Naruto, {actually i did mire than that, i placed a seal on you. I gave you part of my chakra, its yours now. It' not alot, well for me but i think it should last you.}

Kakashi, "thank you, I already feel more chakra than i ever have in my body. One question.}

Naruto, {yeah Sensei?}

Kakashi, {your not gonna be in my head head permanently are you?}

Naruto, {no this is only a one time conversation, kick his ass Sensei!}

He disapears.

Kakashi, {whew thats a relief!}

Voice, {I heard that!}

We see Naruto vs Madara smiling.

Obito, " being healthy won't change the outcome of this fight."

Kakashi, " you know, they call me copy ninja now. You do know why, so I assume you also know my chakra limits. Especially with the MS now."

Obito, " your point?"

Kakashi, "i'll show you."

"lightning style:"

Suddenly he reaches behind him, then we cut to Obito's face in shock.

Obito, {that's...}

We see Kakashi *then..

Obito teleports then..

We see a sword shaped chidori pierce *Obito.*

Kakashi is behind him with his free hand we see that he caught a FTG kunai.

Obito, " ahhh , when...when did you...?!"

Kakashi, "he taught it to me, he was teaching it to me before i got the *sharinghan. Once I got it my chakea was too taxed to use it in a fight, with my style."

Obito, "dammit, that boy!"

He phases and goes underground.

Kakashi, "earth style: mole hunter jutsu! "

The *entire ground cracks and opens from an earth quake as he slams his hands down.

Below in a small canyon that opened.

*Obito, { dammit, he distracted me before and forced me to move where he wanted, not this time!}

Off panel, "fire style: river of flames!"

As the canyon fills with Fire Obito appears on the surface.

Kakashi is looking at Obito with his MS. {it can't be... Well that is interesting}

Obito,"you know using Kamui on me won't work. I will kill you."

Kakashi, " wasn't trying to, ice prison!"

Suddenly he jumps up and uses a familiar jutsu to surround them both.

Obito, "what are you doing? This won't stop me."

Kakashi throws a FTG shuriken at Obito and run towards him.

Obito, { he wants me to phase, but I'm not playing your game.}

he warps the kunai into his dimension.

Kakashi jumps back.

You can see the cold air around them.

Kakashi makes hand signs, " wind style: rising winds!"

Obito, " i am done with this..."

He tries to warp himself when...

In hi dimension we see Kakashi ready with a chidori. He quickly goes back.

Kakashi, "surprise."

Obito, "very well then, what?!"

Kakashi " you feeling a bit chilly?"

I noticed part of your body is bonded with the same wood jutsu based substance as those clones on the battlefield. That being said, plants don't like the cold."

Obito, "you son of a ....ahhhh!!!"

Kakashi from behind with a chidori, "i am your friend, even if your not mine."

He shocks Obito at an extremely powerful level.

Madara looks up at the ice sphere as it glows with lightning, " well, that was un expected."

Naruto is in his face with a, "rasengan!"

Naruto landing it on his chest, "pay attention! "

He sends Madara flying back, we see him getting up showing the 1st Hokage face again.*

Naruto, " hey you, dead guy you really liked the 1st Hokage didn't you?!"

Madara, " what?!"

Naruto, " i mean you went through alot of trouble to put his face on your body. You really admired him hug?"

Madara, " watch your worlds boy!!"

He creates several wood clones suddenly they create giant pillars around Naruto, similar to Yamato when he was in 3 tail form.

Naruto, " what?!"

Madara, " when i nullify the 9 tails effects will you be so bold?"

Over with Obito and Kakashi.

Suddenly a huge explosion of ice occurs and the sphere crashes down.

We see the zetsu half of Obito laying on the ground, appears to be ripped from him.

Kakashi is shown dirty, but fine. Some one approaches from behind.

Gai, "what did i miss?"

Kakashi turns, " it's not over."

We see Obito Bloody and his other side exposed it looks weak and small.

Obito, { the clone was gone, that attack must have taken everythin out of him.}

he is with the huge tree with Yamato attached to it.

He begins to reach out for it as he has dragged himself close enough.

A hand grabs his stopping him from touching it.

Kakashi and Guy are there.

Obito, "dammit, you tagged me with a seal?!"

Kakashi, "Guy get Yamato free, be careful."

Guy goes to free Yamato.

Obito collapses, "Kakashi...damn you for being... so cool. If your still my friend, then do me one favor."

Kakashi, "what is it "

He removes his SG and hand sit to Kakashi, " show me the future."

He dies.

Many tags around the huge plane begin to explode. Soon the cave starts collapsing.

Guy, " that big plant is causing this place to fall in on itself, let's go!"

Kakashi, "go, get Yamato out of here!"

Guy looks at him and turns and leaves with Yamato in his arms.

Moments later we see the cave entrance collapse with Guy standing outside with Yamato.*

Suddenly at Obito's grave sight, Kakashi appears he lays Obito down under his tombstone.

He reaches into his back pouch and pulls out folded goggles and a places them on Obito.

He turns and uses FTG to leave.

Wind blows a leaf and it lands on Obito's forehead.
We see Naruto on his knees in base form surrounded by those huge pillars.

Madara, " you are pretty quiet now, how do you feel?"

Naruto, "I feel... Bad."

Madara approaches, " that is to be predicted. Now that you have no access to the benefits of the fox."

Naruto looking up at him with Sgae eyes, " no, i feel bad... For you!"

Suddenly he grabs Madara and tosses him.*

Then disperses.

Before he lands a clone rasengans him in the back, then several clones come crashing down one after another with a rasengan.

Naruto is walking toward the crater Madara's body created.

Naruto, " wrong one."

Madara rises with his EMS, staring at Naruto,{he fooled me? That was the wrong one inside the technique!} "you fooled my eyes,this is impossible, no one alive now can do this! Who are you?!"

Naruto, " Naruto Uzumaki!"

Next: "final stage"

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